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Canon R5 $5,359.59, Canon R6 $3,490.15, Canon RP $1,448.72 Delivered @ CameraClix


All Australian stock! A one day Canon sale, ending on midnight. Check out all the Canon sales here. Below are a few popular items.


Canon R5 Body $5,359.59

Canon R6 Body $3,490.15

Canon RP Body $1,448.72

Canon R Body $2,410.12

We only sell Australian stock at CameraClix. Everything comes with the standard Australian manufacturer warranties from Canon. All of these products are eligible for free shipping nationwide.

Drop a comment if you have any questions or contact us at CameraClix.

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    any reason why your prices in the title are different from the ones in the body for the R5 and R6?

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      Nope, I made a mistake, they are correct now. I got interrupted midway through posting this. Whoops.


    RP is 8c more from Amazon so likely better with cash back from SB/CR


      SB/CR? Can you elaborate a bit more pls?

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        You should hand in your Ozbargain licence if you can't recognise these acronyms!!!!



    how much can you do the R5 body and RF 28-70mm f/2L USM lens for?


      Feel free to contact our team through the links above. :)


        thanks - I have reached out however no response.