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Xiaomi SmartMi PM 2.5 Anti-Haze Face Mask with Respirator Valve $6.99 Delivered @ Kogan / Dick Smith


The Xiaomi Smartmi PM 2.5 Face Mask possesses a KN95 high efficiency filtration rating, while also being rated for a filtration level effective against over 97%* of PM 2.5 pollutants.

  • Pressure-free design, non-reusable
  • 360° fully closed comfortable fit
  • 3D skeleton “light breathing” space
  • Respirator valve helps facilitate light and easy breathing
  • TPU elastic membrane for full comfort

* Please Note: respirators do not eliminate the risk of exposure, infection, illness or death.

Highly efficient anti-smog fashion statement

The Xiaomi Smartmi PM 2.5 Face Mask has been personalised for your own use, the 3D split-design vaulted skeleton can be easily dismantled, and its fashionable streamlined appearance and meticulous attention to detail give a modern feel while also protecting you against harmful smog.

Weightless as it rests on your face

With only 5.7g of weight, the 3D vaulted skeleton makes high-density PE materials a strong support, preventing folding and crumpling as seen in traditional masks and making better use of the filtration material, bringing you natural air to breath in.

Say bye bye to stuffiness

The mask is air-tight, protecting your breathing space and bringing cool, fresh comfort in an instant, allowing you to experience natural, easy breathing.

5-layered highly efficient filter purifies air layer by layer

The 5-layered high-efficiency filtration uses eco-friendly polyurethane foam materials to effectively filter dust, pollen, and other significant pollutants.

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  • +4 votes

    Aren't the valve masks no good?

    • +1 vote

      This is a filtration mask.

  • +7 votes
    • Respirator valve helps make this useless for Covid protection


    • +9 votes

      Description clearly states this if for pollutants, not viruses…

    • +1 vote

      Any kind of mask with a valve is useless then? I've been using P2V masks >.<

  • +2 votes

    single use ? if not how to wash ?

    • -3 votes

      Dry clean…


      Just checked the official website, suggested replacement time is every 10 hrs. So get a timer when putting it on.

    • +4 votes

      yeah, and support for B28 as well :)


        NFC would be cool but you would have to smash your face on the eft-post thing though. LOL


    non-reusable? Seems like a waste to throw it out after a single use, sheesh.

  • +3 votes

    Oh man i remember paying like 29 bucks at the same site for one when the Crossroads incident happened. Just to let everyone here know, 'Large' is not actually 'Large' its more like 'Asian Large', prolonged usage will see the ear loops cut into your ears and it is painful. And it is also a 'reusable single use', so not re-washable, it's use continually until the actual white mask inside becomes yellow or 'dirty'.

  • +1 vote

    Not going to support Kogan for shamelessly marking up their masks and sanitiser to an insane level and then promoting them "in stock" when they were actually waiting for their warehouse to be restocked.

    Also that TAXTIME code was appalling.


    $6.99 for a disposable mask that does not even offer protection against Covid?