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SodaStream Power Sparkling Water Maker $174.30 @ Myer with Free Standard Shipping


Solid deal on the top of the range Sodastream. Next cheapest is $199.95 @ Appliances Online

Black model also available: https://www.myer.com.au/p/source-power-silver-black-metal-ma...

Same offer is on Myer's eBay if you prefer.

If you've been considering a Sodastream or have one of the hand-pumped model I highly recommend grabbing a powered one as it pumps for you and intelligently carbonates eliminating the spillover mess from accidental overpumping.

Worth noting the Sodastream Spirit One Touch is identical in function in a less premium plastic housing, currently $139 (RRP $149) at Appliances Online https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/sodastream-10118... (out-of-stock for some regions but still available for preorder)

If you're really into your fizz, slash your ongoing carbonation costs by 4/5ths by ditching the proprietary CO2 canisters: grab a 2.6kg refillable tank from Kegland and this hose adapter for a combined cost of ~$120 shipped and you're laughing.

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  • Is it really worth a $100 more over the kmart one ?

    • As someone who uses it pretty much everyday, I find it much better. If you use it sporadically or have it in a cupboard or something then probs not

    • At the very least, the Spirit One Touch ($139) is worth the extra to have a powered model IMO. You just pop the bottle in (no fiddly screwing in, though not sure if the Kmart one is screw in or not), push one button, and it automatically carbonates for you. No manual effort, less risk of accidental spillover from overcarbonating.

    • Nah buy the sodaking kit for 29 dollars on sale buy a hose and connector for 50 ish and a cylinder between 40-80 , couple of extra bottles for 12 ..makes way more sense…3 bottles everyday over 6 months now with this set up and still way more to go or if you need for casual use just buy the soda king kit when on sale..spotlight/kmart/bigw… these machines just inject co2 into water..all of them do the same thing and it is a very simple mechanism

      • Yep. Got Sodaking for $27 just before Christmas. It works fine. I don't mind a bit of a screw.

  • Mind you I have a 6kg cylinder and screwing in a bottle and pushing a button does not really tax me too much but then again I do lift pretty heavy in the gym.. just as a side note

    • Pushing a manual bottle refill button is childs play when compared to lifting and inverting a full 6kg cylinder (which is around 21kg) as required for cylinder refills.

      • That is true 6kg of co2 is 20 kilos in a cylinder but I have no idea why you would want to invert it. I think you are thinking of refilling those useless gas capsules..My cylinder connects straight to the unit with the hose and connector but you do have to carry it to connect it to the machine, once every 8 months at my use rate of 3 bottles daily however you do get lower weight cylinders which are a fraction of the cost of a sodastream or even a soda king capsule which lasts 15 days.

        Moreover the 6kg cylinder is for users like me who use 3 -4 soda bottles a day and would like to reduce plastic wastage. A normal casual user will be fine with the tiny capsules sold at a higher price. But to promote a co2 injector for 100 plus is a joke. They all use plastic connectors and if you pay 29 dollars for the injector a gas capsule and a bottle you will not be worried about warranty. Unless of course pushing a button is hard or if you believe the soda will come out perfect because the machine has AI and knows your taste. But to each their own, if you like it buy it.

        • Need to invert if filling sodastream cylinders from the 6 kg cylinder. If 6kg cylinder not inverted sodastream cylinder will only half fill. Read the kegland instructions or watch their video.

          That is to transfer the liquid CO2 not the gaseous CO2.

  • Been wanting to have one! Just purchased a black model thank you. Now hunting for bottles 🤨 I’m excited.

  • I noticed the Crystal model is also on sale at Myer for the same price. https://www.myer.com.au/p/sodastream-crystal-sparkling-water...
    Crystal model requires no power so is the push style, I have one and love it. Also the Crystal comes with glass bottle not plastic, which was one of the features l liked. Not sure if the Power model uses glass or plastic bottle.

  • I’ve always been curious about sodastream.

    I currently am a huge fan of the mt Franklin flavoured sparkling water. I’m also drinking about 1L of Schweppes ginger ale in 2 days. I usually buy either for average $1.10 per 1L.

    Do people mainly use these just for sparkling or are they adding the flavours? For example the Pepsi flavour - is it that different to buying a standard bottle of Pepsi for <$2?

    Or is it just about reducing bottle wastage?

    • All the above.
      On demand soda water.
      Add in tiny bit of sugar, squeeze of lemon sometimes, but fizzy water on its own is great. Better for your health than bottles sugar syrup drinks.
      I find all soft drinks too sugary now.
      Gin and soda easy to make a well. All good

  • For all … I have a same one I. White but for some reason it just does not carbonate water . I see the process it pumps co2 and all but as soon as I take bottle out it's flat. As though nothing happened . Can you guys guide me what I am doing wrong . I am using soda king gas bottle on this one.. could that be issue. Does water bottle need to stay connected. Any insights

  • does the power really do anything?

  • Power would be nice to get a consistent amount of carbonation, but not going to replace my existing one at such an expense

  • Wish Sodastream would come out with a fancy version that allowed one to chose fizz level i.e. have a PSI indicator and knob to increase/decrease i.e. 20psi = low fizz, but increase to say 35psi for very fizzy.
    This way one would always have a constant preferred fizz level.

    For those that use a 2.6kg or 6kg Co2 cylinder and with the attachments, it can be done. I just fill an old 2ltr coke bottle with cold water (or favourite mix or juice) and gas it directly to 23psi (my preferred lvl). Ok requires shaking to bottle for 1 min to gas it but handy nonetheless.

  • I bought this as a Christmas gift. Filled the bottle to the line, but it would spew over, collect water in the top of the unit, then constantly drip.

    Took it back, thinking it was faulty. Read online reviews (seems it's a common problem). Exchanged it for another one (also at Myer), filled the supplied bottle 2cm below the line and it would still over-carbonate at level 2. Forget trying to get it to the 3rd level - it would probably explode. It did carbonate the water superbly, but spraying water and dripping, not super safe when it's plugged into power.

    Decided to give up on it and swap it for the Source Element. While it doesn't seem to carbonate as well (may require re-carbonation if you want it super fizzy), it doesn't leak, but still don't fill it to the line indicated on the SodaStream bottles.

    I'm wondering if anyone actually tested these machines.

    • My experience with the "Source" model: Keep the button down until it gets all 3 bars lit. Don't release the bottle/gas at that point, let is sit a few seconds until the lights go off. Then give it another blast until you hear the squonking noise. Again let it sit for a few secs for the gas to stablise. That should give you a mid level fizz. If you wanted super gassy, then repeat one extra time.
      Remember (tip), the colder the water the better the fizz retention.

      • Thanks for the tips. Yeah, cold water and re-carbonation seems the way to go. Unfortunately it doesn’t match the fizz or taste of what was made with the Power model but it’s useless having a machine that spits and leaks water at the end of each carbonation process.

        • Semi interested to know how taste would differ as both just use the same CO2. I can only think it might come down to how much CO2 is used and fizz level between the two.

          Other Tip: If possible don't drink it immediately, keep a spare in fridge for drinking. Reason: Gives the CO2 time to settle and (in my opinion) tastes better rather than straight from sodastream……..I find one can taste the CO2 if used immediately (tastes more acidic). Doesn't matter I suppose if using with cordial or as a mixer.

    • hey mate. GOt this for the mrs from black friday myer sales and the mrs fills to the line. No issues. Same with me, used one of the green/purple lid limited edition bottles, standard bottle comes with it and the spare ones from jb hi fi, and none of them when using the 3rd button (highest carbonation) seem to spill out.

      So i'm not sure what was wrong with yours? Maybe bad luck, but we've always used 3rd and it just pumps gas into it and it stirs around but never bubbles into the machine.

      Only thing I do wonder is if you use the 3rd level and another 1st level if you can get an even 'fizzier' carbonation. Mrs seems to think it actually feels less fizzy running it through again.

  • Got this on the black friday sale - not too bad for $125 back then for sure.

    Just out of curiousity, how safe is using this 2.6kg / 6kg gas cylinders - is everyone using the keg land one and an adapter? Is it fool proof for my mrs, if i get it for her is it pretty much you can leave it permanently attached in for whenever she wishes to use it (every few days) once setup?

    Is the pressure and carbonating exactly the same, no differential to a standard sodastream? And more importantly where does one goto get these 'refilled'?

    Wish the adapter was longer though. Our sodastream sits on the benchtop, and this cylinder would have to sit underneath on the ground as we have a stone top bench so definitely no drilling going to go on there (and she certainly doesn't want a gas tank sitting on our bench top). Presume no issues using the gas tank from lower than sodastream level?

  • Out of curiousity has anyone used the 3rd (highest) carbonation, and then followed up with another 1st or 2nd level to get it even fizzier? Mrs tried it when she first got it and has stopped - reckons it's more fizzy just doing the 3rd button once.

    Just wondering if the second time you do it again pushes out carbonation from the initial carbonation, hence why it won't get 'fizzier' by just pressing it a second time. Curious if anyone else has tried. I would have thought it'd just stack…

    • Makes no sense. I can't see how it would be possible to "De-carbonate" by adding more Co2. One would have to shake the water to release the bubbles OR if one let the water get warmer which would naturally release the Co2.
      The reason doing it a few times should give it more bubbles is that it just gives the water more time to absorb the CO2 under pressure.

      One thought: When followed up with another 1st or 2nd level, is it building up pressure. Perhaps it is just aerating at a lower pressure compared to Level3 and in fact releasing due to the water being moved around by the injecting gas.

      If you want fizzier, I would follow up with another blast to bring it back to the 3rd level. Reason: The higher the pressure in the bottle, the more gas gets into the water. Just a thought.

      • hmm i guess her thoughts were the second time you hit the lower level of carbonation that the stirring of water maybe releases the previous (highest level) of carbonation? Not my forte of skills so I kind of shrugged and left her to her devices presuming her tastebuds are a good enough indicator.

        Might need to try it for myself though. Frankly I haven't been carbonating it cold so maybe there will be a marked difference the next time i make my kombucha as to how fizzy it is.

        • What she notes may well be correct and is the same as my "One Thought" above.
          The colder the water the better the carbonation and the less gas required. Tap water or warm water although can be carbonated, it would go flat quickly.

          • @Borg: interesting. i've been (and she initially started off) using tap. Have now chucked a bottle into the fridge that i haven't yet carbonated (For kombucha). Once popping that in i hope your right and it's a lot more fizzier. I just couldn't feel the same sort of fizz you'd get out of opening a can/bottle of coke… just felt somewhat agitated but not really 'fizzy' like typical soft drink.

            • @SaberX: You should easily be able to get it fizzier than a canned drink if one wanted to BUT I find the bubbles are bigger so a different type of fizz and too gassy.

              • @Borg: i did try it with 2 x 3rd button (highest) fizz and it was a day and night difference. i'll try it with just one push of the button. This was cold water.. it was fizzier and as you mentioned different to the fizz in soft drink with the 2 x pushes… so will tone it down. That and I dont have that setup everyone tends to get from that kegland - so we're using the cannister. So it will run out faster at this rate doing double pushes, but goo dto know the cold water makes a big difference so far.