3 Business Shirts for $50 + Free Shipping over $100 @ Van Heusen


With COVID restrictions easing down throughout australia and most people will be intending to go to the offices sooner or later . Just found this deal for Van Heusen offering 3 business shirts @$50 plenty designs and style to chose from , Also free delivery over $100 and get $20 off with your next purchase in the sign up options . All the sizes are available to the best of my knowledge upon checking their site . Works out to be $17 each not bad for a reputated brand . Enjoy your weekend happy ozbargaining .

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Van Heusen
Van Heusen


  • With COVID restrictions easing down throughout australia

    Don’t be so sure this will last in Victoristan with all those Tennis people coming in & tennis events…

    • Fair enough mate , I am a queelander and things are preety well atm in Qld not sure about Victoria though ..simply pass on the deal if not interested and hope that make sense .

  • We may need the trousers aswell, as the Offices may open soon :)

  • Odd sizes and colours of these shirts have been on sale at amazon for the last week. I got a couple of shirts for $8 each. There's barely anything left now though and the cheapest seems to be $10 now.


  • Surely every OzBargainer would've stocked up on T.M. Lewin shirts by now? :P

    I know I have … and I'll probably get too fat for them before getting to wear them regularly lol

  • Do they have easy care / no iron shirts?

  • $19.30 each if you include shipping (for 3 shirts).
    Sizes seem pretty strange to me: BMI says I'm just overweight but I am quite out of shape - yet a so-called "slim fit" shirt with a 16" collar corresponds to a 41" waist measurement! That's 7" to spare for me. If I was in shape it would be 9" excess. I also need my arms to grow 2 inches.
    And the "Euro-tailored fit" has an even bigger waist! (But at least the sleeves are the right length).

  • Still waiting for Charles tyrwhitt shirts to be on sale

  • I wouldn't even buy this brand even if it's on sale.

    • Agree, last time I bought some of them I returned the lot, paper thin quality.

      • I can't believe this brand has its place in department stores! Wasted my money. Also, I can't believe this brand survived Covid! Haha

  • Got some of these for Xmas. They were 3 for 50. Said cotton polyester but after trying them they are like 65% polyester. Very hit and not nice in warm weather. Will have to keep for winter weather I think.

  • Anyone know how aligned they are to TM Lewin sizes? Really can't be bothered going through return process if it doesn't fit.

    • They are the same sizes pretty much. I have several Van Heusen and TM Lewin shirts, as long as you match the collar and sleeve size, you should be good. Although quality wise, I liked me TM Lewins much more than my Van Huesens so I wouldn't really recommend buying them.

  • I go for Oxford outlet. Yesterday I bought a couple of shirts for $37 and they are excellent quality with that 'luxury' cotton fabric which has texture and super soft feel.

    Depends on your fit at the end of the day.