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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 $44.09 (GOG), Control Ultimate Edition $19.19 (Steam), Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order $28.49 (Origin) @ CD Keys


Price continues to drop, now $20 cheaper than under a month ago.

Control Ultimate Edition

Looks like the first time it's gone under $20.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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    Control is a compulsory buy at this price if you haven't got it yet.

    • saw some walkthrough videos on youtube.

      Is it as good as Quantum Break?

      • +6

        Gameplay is better than Quantum Break but i like anything that has time travel so i prefer the story in Quatum Break more. I am probaly the biggest Quantum Break fanboy.

        • I'm a big fan of time travel too

    • which platform is it better suited to, pc or ps4? PC games i prefer to be point and click and not too keyboard heavy.

      • +5

        I don't use a keyboard on PC, only controllers

        • I should really try this as I’ve got a couple. Does ps4 controller work on PC?

          • +3

            @WhyAmICommenting: Yep, plug and play I believe. Steam supports them.

        • Have you played doom?

          • @oranglama: Yeah, not a fan tbh.

            • +6

              @DisabledUser8353: Wow, cant imagine playing doom with controller…

              • @oranglama: I can't imagine playing any games with kbm, each to their own. I only ever played consoles up to a decade ago and I just can't break the controller habit.

                • +5

                  @DisabledUser8353: Controller for third person platformers, top down dual stick shooters, racing games (or wheel), most 2d platformers, anything you benefit from the analog movement.

                  Third/first person shooters & rts use kbm, can't beat the speed and precision of a mouse for shooters.

                  • @Agret: I find the games I couldn’t stand controllers for were playable when using gyro assisted aiming. Except for RTS. Wish Xbox supported it and for devs to add it as an option for all console games.

      • +1

        I played it on pc with an xbox controller.

    • I own it, but dont want to play it without an RT supported card.

      • +4

        I did. Ray tracing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

        • I have a GTX 1080 and I have absolutely no idea. Though youtube videos gave me the feeling it was worth it.

    • In Control, are you playing as Jean Grey from X-Men?

    • It's Epic so may pay to wear an eyepatch

  • +1

    nice price on Control

    • +2
    • +6

      Waiting till cyberpunk is $20 and will have a lot more polish :)

      • +50

        will have a lot more polish

        It's made by CDPR, can't get more Polish than that.

        • Haha good one.
          Witcher 3 excellent.
          Cyberpunk 2077 below expectation.
          Why? Different staffs working at CDPR now?

          • +3

            @edfoo: Witcher 3 had some good staff working on it - but they burnt out from the constant crunch (and a lot of them left). The lost experience cannot be made up with new people imho - and thus, the result is what you see with cyberpunk.

            • @sangohan: can you please elaborate on "constant crunch"

              • +2

                @Homr: Staff were overworked to meet the unrealistic release deadline, and the end result certainly shows that, the game is far from a finished state.

                • @magic8ballgag: Overworked from making Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk?

                  I haven't played witcher 3 but that was the game of the year wasn't it?

                  • +2

                    @Homr: witcher 3 was also riddled with bugs and issues on release, it took them months to fix it. the same is happening with cyberpunk.

                    • +1

                      @Kozhutki: I get the impression CP is either worse (especially old consoles) or expectations are that after ~8 years it should have a certain level of quality on release.

                  • @Homr: You were speaking about compulsory buy of Control, and yet hasn't even played Witcher 3.

          • +3

            @edfoo: Apparently, Cyberpunk had over 500 staffs working on it. Making it very difficult to get organised thanks to Covid and so on.
            and also few core staffs who worked on Witcher 3 had left too.

            It just shows it becomes excessively difficult to manage a project and throwing more ppl doesn't result in a desired outcome…

    • +4

      Hilarious someone downvoted you for posting news about this game and helping people make an informed decision

    • +4

      Thanks for the article, just had a quick read.
      That is why I said never to pre-order games. People should have learnt for other mistake like the infamous No Man Sky pre-order and launch. Then many made the same mistake again with Fallout 76. Now this game. Too many idiots with too much money and no sense, should have waited after the launch and some reviews before buying. Having said that, No Many Sky and Fallout 76 have improved somewhat with patches and updates since then, hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 can do the same in the future.

      • +1

        I preordered and am quite enjoying it on PC to be honest. I did use the VPN hack, but I have no regrets.

        To be fair, most of the complaints have been performance issues and bugs (and mostly on consoles), not gameplay/features/storyline related (which in contrast, No Man's Sky was more the other way around).

      • Personally, I don't have a problem if people preorder Nintendo games as they have a pretty consistent track record with their quality control.
        That being said I am absolutely guilty of preordering collectors' editions when I know the stock is going to be limited.

  • +5

    I tried Control, like the story, world, and atmosphere, but the gunplay was weird so I refunded. Fallen Order is pretty good even if you're a so-so Star Wars fan, but I recommend getting it through EA Play unless you want to own a single-player game without much replayability forever

    • Might want to try it again some time, the gun play evolves and it plays second fiddle to your powers that also rapidly evolve.

  • +1

    Apparently ~$37AUD for Cyberpunk using a VPN (Russia) / Paying by PayPal in rubles. Equates to approx $37AUD directly from GOG

    • +2

      Spewing, should have dmor first. Payed full price through steam yesterday.

      • +4

        You can refund it on steam if played less than 2 hrs

  • Don't forget CDKeys has cashback as well :)

    • I logged in with twitter to get the first buyer 3.5%, also 2% off down to $18.81 for Control in exchange for a Facebook Like.

      Comes down to $18.15.

  • Control is well worth a go. I'm midway through it at the moment and it's a great game.

    The sense of power and how the characters powers are implemented is excellent.

  • If AC Unity is anything to go by, this has a long way to drop.

  • +1

    I don't understand how CP drops but overcooked 2 does not.
    I'm dying to play it on XBONE.

    • +1

      I suggest this is perhaps because one aged like a fine wine, whereas the other like clearance shelf blue cheese

  • Control UE for <$20 is a steal. Thanks!

  • Playing this on Psycho mode (Ultra high setting) on PC takes this game to a whole new level. Little bugs here and there but yet to crash.

  • Despite the controversy, I do feel that Cyberpunk is a game worth playing, but I absolutely respect anyone who does not wish to support CDPR because of the botched launch and misinformation.

    Even if it hasn't lived up to some peoples expectations I feel it will still be a lot of fun once the major issues get ironed out

    • Definitely worth playing. It was an ambitious game from the start and they've done a pretty solid job on the PC version (aside from a few bugs).

      I'm sure the console versions will be decent in a couple months time.

      • Yeh this game pushes the boundaries, it gives those overpriced gfx cards a reason to heat up. I have it for PC with ultrawide display. Fun just wandering around city as if walking simulator. Heaps of work has gone into the world building. Highly detailed textures and 3d buildings. It does crash for me a bit, but mostly it's okay. I don't mind a few rough edges when the game pushes graphics tech forward. One negative for me is the narrative feels forced and dialog hit and miss. Seems like the art of good "game screenplays" is still in infancy.

    • I've bought the game, but it's just gonna sit there until they've had enough time to iron some of the issues out. Surely it will eventually be good.

      • It's shallow right now, I've got it on PC and my rig is a beast. I just can't be bothered playing it again until they say the very least fix the bugs and enhance the AI twenty fold.

        • Decided against playing baldur's gate as well until they finish it. Treating them both as early access at the moment!

  • +1

    Control will be a part of the xbox game pass for PC this week. If you've already got a subscription just wait a couple of days and play it there.

    • You just saved me $20. Thanks mate.

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