Men's ASICS Nimbus 23 - $169.95 Delivered ($250 RRP) @ Foot Locker


A lover of the Nimbus 22. I stand all day and was just about to purchase the latest version 23 in Athletes Foot for $249.99. At the POS I triple checked google and footlocker had them on sale today at $169.95. They refused to price match so they are on the way from Foot Locker.

They are rarely at this price especially when they are the latest version. Even the nimbus 22 are more than that currently. Yes they are an expensive shoe but imho they are worth it if you stand all day / have knee or ankle issues.

Plenty of sizes available still!


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  • Footlocker does not do 2e (extra wide) it seems… but a really good bargain indeed..

    Is it instore too ?

    • Unsure about instore. I have wide feet myself but I find these fit nicely. The toe box isn’t tight on these so they are a little more forgiving!

  • Plus 5.6% cash back using Cashrewards/Shopback

  • OP would you say this is true to size?

  • Cheers OP, been on the lookout for these!

  • That's a good price.

    I bought the Asics GEL Nimbus 22 from Rebel at $160 a couple of weeks ago with free delivery rrp $240

    I usually buy them at 30%-33% off RRP.
    If it's at 50% off RRP, they're clearing out stock with limited sizes.

    It's the most comfortable and supportive shoe for my (flat) feet.

  • Anyone had any luck getting a 4e for this price?

  • Iv'e had nimbus 9's, nimbus 15's and now nimbus 20's I walked away(pun intended) from the 22's to find the 20's as the former ASIC top shelf shoe had significant changes for worse. I'm unsre about the 23's but I noted the severe lack of Gel in the 22's and was very put off. If anyone can shed light on what happened would be much appreciate as these were my staple. I've had multiple discs removed in my lower spine and the Nimbus Gel was the only shoe outside some of the books that I coudl tolerate. I feel now Asics have lost thier way, just my input on owning multiple Nimbus models over the years

    • Check out their new models like the nimbus lite, kayano lite, novablast etc.

      • I'm more refering to the Gel nimbus having far less gel and an inferior build quality compared to earlier models. I'm not worried about pronation and shoe types as much as I've owned multiple Gel nimbus models in the past only to see the decline over all. I'm more after an explination as to why that is? Capitlism?

        • I don't have an explanation for you but I moved away from the Nimbus after many years for the same reason - the cushioning disappeared and the recent versions seemed to have the heft of the previous gens but nowhere near as much of the cushioning. I think my latest was the 21.

          I have since switched to Mizuno Sky Waveknit III and am not looking back.

          • @andresampras:

            I have since switched to Mizuno Sky Waveknit III and am not looking back.

            Love mizuno but they too change the design of their shoes alot where the difference from one year to the next can be very uncomfortable. Just a warning!

            • @serpserpserp: haha true their new 'wave' tech is very different from the old plastic wave plate, I've read.

              Never tried their old shoes but can vouch for the comfort level on my current shoes.
              it's a combo of nice (for me) cushioning, plus that snug cushioned upper that I used to be able to expect from Nimbus

  • Has anyone worn these as well as the Kayanos? Could you tell any difference?

    • I was told by the store rep:
      if you are a runner- Kayanos,
      if you are a walker- Nimbus,
      I trusted him and got Nimbus.

      • Don't go back to that store again!

      • Not really the right answer. Kayano's are built for pronation movements; Nimbus are built for neutral movements. - good image on that page to show the difference quickly.

        Using the wrong shoe will likely result in an injury - especially if you are running a reasonable amount.

        • What I found interesting is that if though I have pronation issues and use the Kayano my feet keeps tilting getting sprains. But if I wear neutral shoes then I don't get them.

          • @PeeDee: Is this attributed to the type of shoes or the activity/level of fitness you are at?

            Do you have flat feet or do you have a natural arch in your foot?

            • @adzyau: It's for running and attributed to the type of shoe. I have flat feet so I found it strange that the Kayano which is ideal for flat feet types just puts me more risk of sprains. I know cause I bought a neutral shoe and I had no sprains.

    • Kayanos are a stability shoe for over overpronators and Nimbus is a neutral shoe. They are essentially different versions of the same model and should be treated as such. For some reason everyone gets Kayanos because of name/hype thinking they're the best but potentially the Nimbus might be more suitable for them.

    • I've ran marathons in both the nimbus and the Kayano.

      The nimbus is a "nuteral" shoe while the Kayano offers a much more guided feed, a fair bit more support and structure particularly around the heel area.

      Both shoes are great for long distance work and it really depends on your feet and how you like your shoe to feel. I prefer the Kayano personally but there is no right or wrong answer.

    • I've worn kayanos for years. Scored some nimbus cheap, $70, so gave them a go. Gave me sore feet. Fine for me working and walking around but they are different shoes to the kayano.
      I was expecting the outcome but at that price I had to give them a go.

  • I've been having problems with ingrown toe nails.

    My Dr recommended me to use shoes with bigger toe box.

    Are these perfect for this situation?

  • Ordered one with cash back. Got US Size 9 instead of my size which is 8.5. Needed a new shoe as I spend around 5-8 hours walking in my job.

    • Also no 3.5mm or Bluetooth very hard speaker to connect to

    • I go through a pair of Kayanos every year only used for running. When I get my new pair the old pair turns into MTB shoes. A pair that I still have from 7-8 years ago the Kayano 21 is way more durable than the current version and I use it every week on the bike. The mesh has been made lighter and lighter, you wouldn't take them down to the park and kick the footy around regularly etc.

  • FYI at DFO Essendon fields my better half bought the Womens Nimbus for $150 last week. If you are looking at Asics for your little ones they are far cheaper at DFO than anywhere else at the mo.

  • For those who want to get 2E or 4E wide shoes, another choice is to goto and they have 2E in Nimbus 23 ( $220) and 4E in Nimbus 22($168). Use coupon SUNSUPER15 to get further 15% off.

  • I never order shoes online unless I have tried the exact model and size in a store first.

    Size and fit vary across brands and styles.

  • Good price but I got Kayano for under $150 from JimKiddSports last year.

  • The Nimbus 23 seems OOS. Kayano 27 is available for 199. 95

  • I have flat feet more so on my right foot than my left. I have pain when walking on inside/side of both knees. I expect I have over pronation of both feet when walking. anyone suggest a good shoe model for this please.

    • Honestly, I would at least go to athletes foot st a minimum and use their camera / scanner system to see if you over / under pronate or are neutral. Or you can do thé wet foot test. The Kayano’s for me hurt my feet as they are way too supportive in the arches as I am very neutral. But everyone is different.

      Also defo see the doctor for a physio referral (bulk billed) and see if you have any hip, knee, ankle weakness or issues there and get them sorted. Speaking from experience I have a bad knee due to my hip alignment, wrong shoes and doing silly squats and exercises for years without getting my body all aligned and balanced (and now paying the price in my late 30s).