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RENPHO Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes $119.99 Shipped ($30 off) @ AC GREEN Amazon AU


Deepest tissue massage gun.
Best gift for your family and friend.
Easy to use & portable case.
Super quiet & powerful massage gun.
Long battery life.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I got the RENPHO eye massager and I love it. This brand has pretty good stuff. Highly recommended.

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      I physically cringed picturing one of these to massage your eyes..

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    I have one of these. Can confirm it's good. There are cheaper brands but they aren't as well made.

  • +42

    For sensitive body meat relaxation You son of a bitch, I'm in.

    • +23

      Same here! When are you free?

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    Hey OP, any deals on the mini version that charges via USB-C?

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    The reviews appear over the top positive and very questionable.

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      This company have promos for new products asking people to leave positive reviews in exchange for full refunds. I got an email for this one and the foot massager, as I’ve used their scales before (both broke).

      • +8

        So they buy positive reviews. Dodgy af

        • And very much against terms of service

        • Not strictly - they ask people to buy the product, then offer a full refund if they provide a review…

          Of course the participants in the promo are under the assumption that they’ll only get the refund if they provide a positive review.

    • +1

      I learned a long time ago that 99% of reviews are worthless. Unless you're on a specific hobby/enthusiast site (like this one) with regular and familiar users and moderation and voting etc that regulates reputation then you may as well ignore them.

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        I always read the negative reviews. If the negative reviews are concerning, then don't buy. For this though, there's one DOA, one person complaining it's bad for those with small hands and they got the wrong charger (but it was replaced), one person it made them itchy (weird), one had a broken charger and one is just a general complaint about massage guns (in which case, why did they buy it?)

        For me, there's nothing there putting me off buying it.

        Well, except that the deal has expired.

        • +2

          The potential issue there is that someone, a competitor, troll, or unreasonable customer targets a business with a bunch of negative reviews. Or could even be that the business went through a bad patch and that stays with them for life ruining any chance to redeem themselves.
          I find the whole review concept without validation or reputation corrupt. It promotes bad behaviour (both ways ie bribing good reviews too)

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    My wife is an athlete apparently

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      whats the difference between this 2 models?

    • +1

      thats the mini. not the same. only 5 speeds.

      • +1

        I think it’s the upgraded version with USB-C charging. It’s compact and just as powerful

        • but this one charges via USB-C also?

          • @mrshorty: No, there is an adapter included for charging. I think the type-c version is a bit better so you can charge it anywhere even with battery pack.

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      Deal on this would be good.

  • Deep tissue or just a placebo ? Saw a different brand in coles last week for under $90 .

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    I love Renpho. I have mini massage gun, chair massager, and expecting delivery of eye massager tomorrow. The mini massage gun is excellent. I wish I could justify upgrade to this unit. But people might start to think I'm obsessed haha

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    hey OP - about - thanks for the deal - about to order (and thanks for the heads up).
    any chance we could get a ripper deal on the foot massager (the one with remote) as well? (it's been a while since the last one!)

    • Yes please good deal on the foot massager please op

  • Ordered one, thanks

  • Do I need one, does it help with aches and pains?

  • +2

    My first gun stopped charging after it's 3rd time plugged in. The replacement has only been charged twice. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • +2

      I think this gun not design for wet environment

      • +2

        Learned this the hard way.

  • For massaging (not deep tissue) foot, is it better to get this one or a dedicated foot massager? Partner is having pain in the heels more often than not.
    Have no experience with these.

    • +1

      Does the partner often wear footwear that would cause this or do something strenuous? I don't know if these are suited to feet

      • No she doesn't. She has tried both heels (of different heights) and flats. Could be genetic as her mother used to had these as well. A massage seems to help a bit. So, thought of trying either this or a dedicated foot massager.

        • +1

          Both heels and flats seem pretty hard on the feet. But if massage helps, you could try find a$40 massage gun and see if it helps

        • Yeah, will probably try that first and see how it goes.

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            @AMelbournian: Look up plantar fasciitis and get her to see if she has the symptoms for this condition. If so totally treatable with exercises and RICE (Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation) and mild anti-inflamatories like ibuprofen.

            • @AEKaBeer: Thank you. I had a quick read and (in my non-medical opinion) the symptoms of plantar fasciitis seems to be consistent with what she experience. I'll convince her to consult a podiatrist.

              • +1

                @AMelbournian: I found physio to be better (tried both), but her mileage may vary.

                • +1

                  @AEKaBeer: Will probably talk to our GP first and get a recommendation as well.
                  Thanks for all the insights!

    • +4

      Someone recommended I go to an podiatrist for my foot pain (something I'd never considered doing), Turned out I have had flat feet and needed orthodics for most of my life.

      Best $150 I've ever spent to have that consult. I recommend your wife do the same if she hasn't already! Life changer.

      • Have been telling her this for ages now. She seems to like my massage than having orthotics LOL.
        But, it's time to force this a little bit more for her own good.

  • +18

    This will be the perfect gift for my athletic step sis thanks OP. Wish me luck.

    • +13

      Why…the luck..? There’s something sus going on here and I do not like it.

      • -4

        Agree. Some of these comments seem overly positive and a bit fake and dodgy to me.

        • +7

          The joke went way over your head haha

        • +6

          The overly positive comments are a bit of a laugh towards this device being used for “other” massage purposes.

          The “luck” comment above.. just spend three seconds on any adult video website and you’ll find “step sister” or “step mom” in about 70% of the video titles.

          I’m sure you can put the two together to figure out why that, and other, comments are not what you’re used to

    • +2

      Can confirm, my step sis got stuck in the washing machine and this was perfect for getting her off.

  • thanks OP.

  • I know it’s different product but does anyone have any comments/ experience for:
    Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with … https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B076HWNCP5/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb...

  • +1

    Purchased mine for 60$ during eBay plus 50$ off
    works fine for me

    • +1

      Is this good? $60 now. Is it a knock off? Buying for my mum.

      • The are over 20 massage gun brands available in the market at the moment. Renpho brand has been trustworthy in my opinion, I bought a few Renpho massaging devices and they've been great so far.

      • So far no issues and very useful for my back pain. Battery lasts for 1hr

  • This or homedics ?

  • I’ve got one and it’s good. The battery lasts for ages between charges.

  • What warranty does this have?

  • OP, Any chance on having a deal on Renpho foot massager?

  • +4

    How is this different from the 100 other brands selling them on Instagram?
    I bought the Hydratherapy one for the same price and it doesn't massage at all, it's more like a rattle gun

  • I bought this one for my wife for Christmas. "Best present ever" is a pretty glowing recommendation.

  • Thanks OP. Bought.

  • +1

    Mine stopped working 1 year after i bought it.

  • +1

    This looks exactly the same as the eBay ones that can be had for less then $70, just different colour scheme. Seems odd this deal has so many +'s on here.

    • link?

      • Just search massage gun. I think LCD is one of the brand names

    • +4

      You can't look at massage guns at face value, it's the internals that matter. You can go ahead and buy a $40 gun but I can guarantee it won't measure up to premium ones. You need to consider:

      • Battery life
      • Power settings
      • Noise levels
      • Amplitude (head travel) / RPM
      • Stall force - this is how much pressure you can apply before it stops
      • +2

        OzBargain, mate. If it looks similar, it's identical. If it breaks, they all suck. They're the rules.

      • +1

        So how does this one rank against the cheapo ones. Is it premium?

        • +1

          Renpho is an estalished brand, I don't have experience with this gun massager but their products are generally of good quality.

  • I bought a similar one off eBay for $60. Works well.

  • +2

    Got this one recently (disclaimer: got it for free) and it’s genuinely good. Tried other ones in the $80-$100 range and this is definitely faster and seems to have a better travel range. The lowest speed isn’t that slow, though, if you feel like you want a mild experience.

  • i thought ebay's BFCM sale had a much cheaper option.

  • +2

    Can't tell if the majority of upvotes are for this specific product or partially due to comments….

    Guess I'll bite the bullet and purchase

    • +1

      Same, there are so many in this price bracket and under that it's difficult to tell them apart

      • +1

        They're all the same shit. Grabbed one on Aliexpress recently for about $65 delivered. (Was on sale apparently from $80~).
        Bloody thing on top speed is insane and powerful. If this one is more powerful, I wouldn't want it anyway.
        I'm betting they're all made in the same factory with different branding.

        • Thanks, do you like the one you got or is it not that practical?

          • @donkcat: It's pretty good.. (Worth it for $60~)
            Use it a lot of my quads/knees. (Especially after a decent ride)

  • +3

    How does this compare to the offering by Hitachi?

    • need more "in-depth" reviews….

  • how to gwt 30 dollars off?

    • Coupon MWZ65CZP

  • Anyone know how this compares with the costco one?

    • costco has one!?
      i bet it won't be cheap

  • +1

    Oh come on, how could you say its "Deepest tissue massage gun"… yours is 10mm vs theragun's 16mm

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