[Unobtainable Deal] Free - Kaspersky Small Office Security 2021 License for up to 6 Devices till June 2022 @ Kaspersky

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I've installed and tested the key on both Windows PC and Android device. License is for 513 days.

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are working. With ‘set and forget’ security for 5-25 employees, it protects your Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, as well as your Windows file servers, to secure the files you value most.

Download and apply the key in the OP.

More info -

The license is granted until June 14, 2022 for six personal computers.
Updates to new versions for the entire period of the license.
There is no free technical support.
Personal use only.

Full credit to Chollometro.

Mod 19/1: We have removed the key and expired the deal, as we are unable to verify the origins/legitimacy of the product key. The key/deal post will be reinstated/unexpired, should this change in the future. Whilst the deal is still available at most other deal websites overseas, we were unable to obtain any reliable information about the origins of the deal/product key. Please continue discussion below.

Mod 27/1: Users have reported that they key has been blocked, confirming this deal is not legitimate. The post has been removed as a deal and moved to the forums.

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  • Great find.

    • So many positve votes for this country of origin, I'd like to see how many negative votes if from the other ENEMY State.

  • Is it legal? I bet this key will be black listed soon!

  • Do you guys think it's better than Windows Defender and Win10 built-in Security? Looking for some expert opinion. Just FYI, my office has a strict cloud backup policy and there is no special Antivirus installed apart from the Windows Defender.

    • does your office use anything that screens links before you can click on them?

      • Outlook emails are screened mainly using exchange rules/protections. We are mostly somewhat tech aware so don't download stuff. Also working from home since last year so it's not like we have a network firewall preventing malicious traffic/links from being opened.

    • Apparently nowadays any antivirus if kind of obsolete in 5 minutes, and from what I've been told they will still allow "viruses" from, let's say, the CIA, to go through your computer. It looks like any antivirus is good enough and that the noise important part is safe browsing, as in not downloading any file you find online or clicking on every link. You have other useful tools as well to keep you safe. One is (or used to be, apparently) sandboxie or a windows sandbox when downloading dodgy files.

      • You mean obsolete with signature based tests? Kaspersky is really good at heuristics and zero day virus

      • Techinically when you opened this deal on your computer browser, you downloaded something. Though it is executed in sandbox safety of chrome. Gone are the days when you have to download iloveyou.jpg.exe to get hacked, now just an image or a webpage visit is enough.

        And CIA no longer uses backdoors in AV. Rather, they send will send you a totally legit windows/mac update.

        • Good to know, thanks! I kind of got bored with keeping AVs runnin on my old computers years ago, as they kept running in the background and making things super slow and had extra features i didn't really needed. Besides, they kept warning me when "a friend" downloaded cracks for games and it was just bothersome. When i switched to windows essentials, it was a simpler lighter solution that worked wonders for me.

    • +16 votes

      Win10 Defender is good if you're after the basics such as scanning and live protection. Kaspersky however is going to offer you extras, like many off the shelf security suites this includes password management, advanced adware protection, mobile protection, ransomware detection, data encryption and banking protection. I guess it really depends how much you think you need these extra features.

      For me personally when it comes down to the more sophisticated attacks, such as actively detecting ransomware before it starts encrypting and stopping it, then Defender tends to fall short. In business I use Sophos Intercept X to protect against the more advanced threats and it's been really successful in both real world and lab tests.

      Though I usually use Sophos in conjunction with hardware appliances, but there are free home editions (UTM & XG Firewall) that you can install on a dedicated computer for an extra layer of protection. Even Pi-Hole can help give you an extra layer of protection, though it's not cashback friendly given it blocks ads/tracking.

      • Note to self, come back and do above. Thanks for your comment, need to better myself in this realm.

      • Thanks for the comprehensive reply

        • Not a problem. I will say this though, since the widespread use of Windows 10 I've had a significant decrease in having to deal with infected Windows systems. Win8/7 was always getting plagued with adware/malware, but it seems Win10 + Defender really has improved in a lot of areas.

          I kinda miss using adwcleaner and the classic ComboFix. Those were the days!

        • Another freebie to add that I’ve found useful is VoodooShield to stop any unauthorised programs, scripts etc from running on your PC.

          • @Doowyah: Yep it does application white listing. They do a good job of making themselves look really dodgy. Clearly not UI designers.

    • Look for yourself. Check out real world tests at:

    • How do you know whose answer to believe? Try researching


      Any of the products either company recommend are good for home users. The main thing to look for is they consistently finish in the top runners and get the recommendation. Kaspersky has been doing that since I became aware of the tests many years ago. Microsoft lifted their game in recent years.

    • I am starting to use the protection built into Win 10 at home. There are two other laptops with free Comodo Internet Security. I have used Comodo since they first started and never had an issue.

    • I just retired my Norton subscription and use defender instead.

      The defender does not alwayd detect the virus on the fly. I downloaded certain files from internet. I can use the file for a while then next day when I launch the software the file is quarantined. Norton would have blocked it as soon as the file is downloaded

  • Sharing your own bought keys for free is not a bargain!

  • I want to know…how they got this key, surely it isnt legit as I get no key if going through the download trial steps - unless I have to download and start the trial?

    • Probably a NFR key for resellers/partners. I'm a Sophos partner and get keys with 100 activations, free hardware etc.

    • Just shares my xp here, I bought a key on ebay not long ago. Put it in and it is good for a few months, then BAM wake up one day and key is gone. I heads to ebay in order to find the seller and put in a complain, guess who gone missing.

      So I sucks it up and bought it from a deal here on ozbargain ( from a AU store ).

  • Got a link for site or press release or something about this promo?
    Just concerned that your boss gave you your marching orders and you took his AV code. 🤔😂

  • +2 votes

    This key is all over the net

  • Activated successful on my pixel 5. License valid for 513 days

  • likely to be blacklisted soon, just google this key and you can see it plastered all over the place.

    on the other hand, it's been around since oct 2020 i think, so at the least you would be able to get some mileage until it gets canned.

  • Does Kaspersky clog your computer like a pork lard on your artery? Have a horrible experience using Norton in the past =/

    • depends on whether you install the additional stuff (key vault, browser addons, etc), and whether if you are tech savvy. Kaspersky alerts can be quite annoying if you are not used to it. (just my opinion) But that's dependant on setting.

      i recommend giving it a trial run and see if you like it.

      I keep going back to KIS and been using them for >2 decades.
      was using the enterprise version of symantec and totally avoided Norton since the 90s.

      edit: although i must warn you that, there are some nuances with kaspersky that would normally not be noticed by regular users, but will pissed off a techie. Eg. their way of handling http/https sessions via a proxy, where it can be annoying to disable. (This is my experience with the kis 2016-2020 versions) You do have to google on how to disable it, but its just something that you intentionally wanted that disabled.

    • What's wrong with pork lard, specifically?

    • Recently?

      Norton hasn't been a dog since 2006-2008.

      Not advocating Norton we're stepping away from them for other reasons but clogging computers hasn't been one of them for more than a decade.

      • There was a recent video from Linustechtips that showed Norton having 90% CPU utilisation on a laptop. This caused it to have significant battery drain

  • Keygen?

  • Where did this key come from?

  • It works! Thanks OP

  • A few years ago a Kaspersky upgrade deleted Windows Networking or disabled the ethernet adapter on some peoples' computer. So they lost internet access and couldn't get online to research how to fix it. I just did a search to make sure it was Kaspersky, and the first result was someone a year ago having the problem again, with another Kaspersky update.

    Have they solved this yet? i.e. Do they still require you to uninstall for upgrades, and/or can you uninstall this without it disabling Windows Networking?

    • the funny thing about them is that it happens randomly? I was using those affected versions for at least 8 machines but none of it had those issues. The recent (year 2020/2021)upgrades seems to be seamless if you upgrade via their UI. If you download a new .exe from their site, it seems to trigger a manual uninstall + reinstall process. ymmv.

      i use KIS, so cant share my experience for other variants. I do not use their vpn feature.

    • Work your way through all the antivirus packages. At some point many (probably most) of them have released a poorly tested version that screwed up a lot of machines. I know from experience Norton (too many times), Trend Micro, Bitdefender, Sophos and Eset have at least. It’s pointless to particular single out Kaspersky when they have so much company.

      • Yes I do realise that but you miss my point. I'd like to install this. But will it kill my networking when it's time to upgrade or install a different antivirus? Who knows. It's been a few years and they still haven't solved the problem of: a) disabling ethernet adapters, and: b) needing to uninstall one version before upgrading to the next. Upgrading software shouldn't require that. It should look at the old settings and add those preference to the next version.

        I got stuck this way before. I installed their antivirus, it expired, so I wanted to try a different brand. Then I learned I could lose internet access if I uninstalled it. But the new antivirus demanded I uninstall Kaspersky first. So I was stuck. I had to leave it the way it was with out of date virus definitions. I couldn't risk losing the internet or I'd have to spend hours in a library using their internet to try and fix it.

        It may not be worth the risk to some people given they don't seem to be interested in solving this problem.

        • Maybe you could have created a system restore point before the uninstall in case something went wrong? But I guess AV's clash with system restore and it often fails so there's the risk of that.

          I personally haven't had issues with KIS, I have uninstalled it in the past and redownloaded the .exe off their website with no issues. I think they might have a removal tool as well and a page on their website with steps to follow on how to remove it properly/completely from your system.

          Before using KIS, I used bitdefender for years but it used too much system resources and I also had an issue support couldn't fix where it would throttle my internet speed or randomly start using a lot of bandwidth (it wasn't updating anything so we had no idea what it was doing). It was enough to try out KIS and I've never gone back.

  • That happened back in 1978.

  • Says invalid code for me?

  • this should not be a deal if its just a random leaked key…. it will be blacklisted if it isn't alreay.

  • +10 votes

    I've just activated and downloaded this, and in the software, there are two functions call "Management console" and "Web Policy Management". And when I click on it it says "A single account to manage protection of all your company devices remotely". Now, seeing if there are 100s of people activating using this serial code, wouldn't someone have an access to your laptop?

    • So you're saying OP is trying to create a botnet.. well the OP's display name surely checks out? 😋

    • Hmm that's interesting. I guess it's like how some people sell Office 365 accounts with email on eBay. There's nothing stopping them from snooping on your emails.

      Imagine the thousands of devices someone potentially has access to now.

    • It's not going to just link up automatically because of the same serial code. You'd have to turn it on somewhere in the software on each computer. Otherwise some Chinese spy could get a job with Dan Andrews, copy the serial and send it to Winnie the Xi, and blackmail Dan into selling Victoria out via the Belt & Road Initiati… oh, hang on a minute…

    • where are you viewing these options. I am not been able to see. Thanks

  • Random key.

    • Nice reminder. But I should also add…


      "Over the last couple of years, Kaspersky has worked to rebuild its trust and image with the U.S., including moving all its critical operations, such as its development and legal teams, and its servers, out of Russia and into other countries, including several North American locations. This move places Kaspersky under required third-party regulations and inspections"

      I have been using Kaspersky over 2 years now, and they have been excellent so far. They have stopped all the weird pops up that I've gotten when going on websites.

      Whichever way you choose, stay safe!

    • TBH anything the US gov says not to use, I'm more likely to use myself.

  • Avast is always free

    • Avast used to be good. Feels more like bloatware nowadays.

      • The only product I liked from Avast was their browser cleanup utility that removed the nasties like Kryptik that were a PIA to remove. Even that's turned to shit now and I swear it was after the AVG acquisition.

      • Avast is still one of the best free antivirus software

        • Avast is always way down on antivirus reviews/tests. I stopped using it years ago after I got a free trial of a good one, which after install found about 40 viruses and Trojans Avast was happily sharing my HDD with without a peep!

          • @Faulty P xel: Yeah similar story.

            Had a USB key that was used on a laptop running Avast.

            Upgraded whole house to commercial AV and found that key had a self-replicating worm on it (eschrom? I think).

            Thankfully it got caught before I'd used the key anywhere else.

      • What about Malware Bytes?

        • Still one of the best products on the market and excellent for cleaning infected PCs. Their live detection needs tuning if you plan on doing something dodgy like torrents as it'll block the trackers constantly.

    • And always willing to sell your personal details too. Well they were caught any way. 😜

      Kaspersky also provide a free version.

    • And always crap.

  • Kaspersky and bit defender are really good. Check out the tests on pc security channel on YouTube. They are hands down the best. Not only signature based but heuristics. Windows defender is useful but you don't want a ransomwware to show you who's the boss

  • +11 votes

    Has anyone paid attention to the following:
    "You are not the administrator of this license."
    About the license administrator
    In general terms, a Kaspersky Small Office Security license administrator is a person who owns the license and administers the security of an office from Management Console. Technically, it is a user first added a valid Kaspersky Small Office Security activation code to their Management Console account to register the license or connected an application activated under the license to their account. The license administrator can use the full functionality of Management console whereas other users of the license are not able to

    • +38 votes

      A lot of people don't take Cyber Security seriously, we fall prey to free things. This might also be a type of scam, with the ongoing Cyber Attacks this can also be a sophisticated state-sponsored attacks against the Australians.

      This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvpZrxDWt-E shows what the management console looks like. The license administrator can see all our devices in the management console as soon as we add that activation code.

      So we are sharing the following details with the administrator:
      1. Type of the device we are using
      2. Probably track our location / take mugshots using Find my device / anti theft features and if we have given location permissions.
      3. If we have linked our email account to that license, the administrator can see our Email Address.
      4. The administrator can view our Call logs / Message logs if you have enabled that feature for Kaspersky to scan for phishing links in messages.
      5. The administrator can run remote scans on our system and in turn know what type of applications we are using and also what versions of it.
      6. The administrator can remotely wipe all the data on our device.

      It is really scary to install an application and give it all the permissions without knowing who is administering it.

      Please refrain from using this license and get your own for complete control or be satisfied with the free version.

      • Uninstalled mine after reading this. As the old saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.

        • Good sumup

          Edit: Basically the administrator can wipe your HDD and then send you an email to fake a ransomware attack. If you re using this key you are really making it too easy for them.

      • Thank you for taking the time to write this. Cheers.

      • Luckily I held back from entering the key. I downloaded to software and decided to maybe see what other people think of this key. Now I'm a bit suspicious at the fact I even downloaded and ran the setup file (Reminded me with what happened with CCleaner a few years back).But it should be nothing.

      • You mean like shopback that got hacked and people are still flocking there…

    • What I was wondering about before. Thank you! I went ahead and deleted MyKaspersky account too!

  • How is this version compared to Kasperski Total Security?

  • Update : Key is still working. Thanks for sharing it

  • I have deleted this antivirus, because I am convinced that such licence keys can comprise my data.

  • Please delete this post

  • I suspect this isn't legitimate and is basically software piracy. This post should be deleted.

  • if you are concerned about someone might 'own' the key, you can register this key into my kaspersky account and register your device using username & password.

  • I only use McAfee in recent years because this is the only AV my workplace accept
    (All other AV will be blocked by the enterprise firewall via VPN)

    • I am yet to meet a competent I.T department in any company.

      • They probably look like your profile picture if they use McAfee

      • +1 vote

        Internal IT are always going to be limited somewhat due to budget/internal politics, at least in my experience.

        Luckily being a MSP, I don't have to deal with their politics, just submit a proposal, do the work and get paid.

        Also wouldn't be touching this key with a 10ft pole!

        • second this. this is one of the major reason i noped the hell out of corporate IT work.

          i recalled a couple of decades ago when i first started, a senior gm was wined and dined by a lot of pre-sales people who somehow incidentally are all of the opposite sex and dressed like going to nightclubs.

          soon after, i found myself and my senior engineers all adopting some new bullshit tech … which got canned 2 years later, almost soon after the senior gm left the company.

  • I wonder if this gives the owner of the key code exec on your box

  • I guess it’s ok to post msdn keys and free office keys now ?