[Unobtainable Deal] Free - Kaspersky Small Office Security 2021 License for up to 6 Devices till June 2022 @ Kaspersky

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I've installed and tested the key on both Windows PC and Android device. License is for 513 days.

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are working. With ‘set and forget’ security for 5-25 employees, it protects your Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, as well as your Windows file servers, to secure the files you value most.

Download and apply the key in the OP.

More info -

The license is granted until June 14, 2022 for six personal computers.
Updates to new versions for the entire period of the license.
There is no free technical support.
Personal use only.

Full credit to Chollometro.

Mod 19/1: We have removed the key and expired the deal, as we are unable to verify the origins/legitimacy of the product key. The key/deal post will be reinstated/unexpired, should this change in the future. Whilst the deal is still available at most other deal websites overseas, we were unable to obtain any reliable information about the origins of the deal/product key. Please continue discussion below.

Mod 27/1: Users have reported that they key has been blocked, confirming this deal is not legitimate. The post has been removed as a deal and moved to the forums.

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  • If it’s invalid you can always try the other best free product around, the JAV.

  • 15 reports already. Hope the mods will take action soon.

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    I have not used antivirus on windows for years since Microsoft beefed up windows defender. For android device I think antivirus app would not stop spyware from stilling your data.

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      So beefed up that it now has ransomware protection… but is disabled by default. LOL! If MS made cars they'd deliver them without a drivers seat… or perhaps with it bolted in facing the back seat is a closer analogy. "You only need to turn it on and it will protect you…" "You only need to unbolt it and turn it around and it's ready to drive."

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    If you google this key, you get some very suspect results. Please no one download this product and use this key, please uninstall this if you have installed it already and downvote this post.

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      Why would you need to uninstall it!? They've downloaded the setup file directly from the original software author/company. Entering a registration code isn't going to change it into malware. What WILL happen if the code is invalid, the software will lock itself the next time it updates. i.e. No more updates, no automatic scanning, etc. Antivirus authors have been doing this for years. So if it's installed and working leave it be. And if it's a pirated code it will soon disable itself at the next update and they'll probably offer you a discount to buy a genuine code (which they also often do). THEN decide if to uninstall it.

  • ok so is this version ok to use or not really or NO lol…???

    also would love to hear any more comments on these…

    Though I usually use Sophos in conjunction with hardware appliances, but there are free home editions (UTM(sophos.com) & XG Firewall(sophos.com)) that you can install on a dedicated computer for an extra layer of protection. Even Pi-Hole(pi-hole.net) can help give you an extra layer of protection, though it's not cashback friendly given it blocks ads/tracking.

    using windows 10… whats the best way to set up security based on the average to intermediate user??? I dont want to have too much running to bottleneck and reduce performance..

    thx i hope this is not too much to ask..

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    I have a few paid licences, but this is most handy. Thanks OP.
    Have found this to be a most reliable Security Solution.

  • I stopped using separate AV programs… Windows Defender is pretty reasonable these days good enough I don't want to bog my PC down with more bloatware

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    I wouldn't consider it a bargain to knowingly give away your sensitive information to a complete stranger for free, especially if you have also installed it on your phone. This key had been floating around the internet for months and even OP isn't the administrator of the key. veyron had made a comment about what the administrator can do with his privileges and it is very scary.

    Even if you don't think too deeply about a key originating from Russian websites its sketchy. It's unlikely to be a groupbuy for Russian users (as Kaspersky Small Office has unlimited registrations), as you can see (e.g. on rutracker) that they have been cracking Kaspersky Anti-Virus (personal use) for years, including the most recent 2021 edition.

    It doesn't even have to be some KGB conspiracy theory. If the Kaspersky Management Console can really read your email address, they can use that to try find a relevant password in databases of website security breaches. Then with that password & email address, if you don't have 2FA enabled, whats to stop them from getting into your PayPal account and such?

    • Does the code cause the software to be altered in some nefarious manner that would make it compromised if compared to a code that a consumer paid for?

      That's what I'd like to know.

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        Giving a stranger remote access to your device is nefarious enough for me even if it is only within the scope of the Kaspersky Management Console.

        In the mangement console as per Kaspersky's tutorial video, the administrator can monitor the activity of all programs that are installed on the PC, add/update applications remotely, as well as scan text messages (if installed on a cellular device) and emails.

        On mobile (under management console> commands) it gets even more sketchy, they can lock & locate remotely, take mugshots with the selfie cam remotely, as well as wiping all data.

        Those are not present, or at least you can switch them off / control them with a consumer product. You can't overwrite license administrator privileges obviously with this key.

        • Thanks for taking the time out to explain. I didn't know the code tied us to an administrator who could oversee everything. I thought it was a code that activated an identical piece of software everyone over the globe uses.

          • @Bunnyburger: It didn't. It was just a code to install the software. You would then have to setup remote access yourself in the program options. Obviously you wouldn't do that, and you probably can't anyway without first knowing the other persons login details TOO. ;-)

  • help my steam game won't load since installing kaspersky i've tried everything in the book

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      Kaspersky is incompatible with some games that include anticheat, or sometimes when it asks for extra permission you have to allow the prompt, for example mic access.

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      Double post sorry, was confused it started a new page. Kaspersky has many useful features, such as when mic or camera is being accessed but I don't really find bank login too useful and Windows Defender is so good nowadays the extra layer of proctection is only need if you go somewhere really seedy on the net.

  • soon there will be a ton of posts in OZB Forum asking cyber security, scams, etc using this software …

  • Stick to malwarebytes free?

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    its concerning that so many still use such bloatware when Windows Defender and Malwarebytes will catch 99% of the viruses. Just use some common sense when browsing

    • This ignores the fact ransomware protection is turned OFF by default in MS WD. I'm also unsure if WD protects against ransomware code embedded in webpages BEFORE being infected. Maybe it can, but I looked at the WD options briefly and it hints that it 'protects' you by creating a cloud backup. If that is correct, I'd rather be protected from being infected in the first place, rather than my HDD being erased and then having to find another computer, internet access, etc to restore a working backup. But again, as I said, maybe it's better than that.

  • -2

    KGB backdoor.

  • Installed and uninstalled within 5 minutes. Too many annoying pop ups..

  • How is this 'deal' still here?
    For a start it's origin is completely unknown, there is no 'deal' here, it is simply a cd-key. This looks a lot like software piracy.
    Secondly, this is a huge security hole for people, the 'owner' of this software user can apparently wipe your HDD with this. Not Good. Don't install and delete this 'deal' please.

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    This is terrible. Please delete this post.

    Why would anyone concerned with security use a pirated key? This is literally worse than not having anything installed at all.

  • Free is free but Kaspersky sucks ass now. I've been using it for 8 years and I'm uninstalling it tonight. I have a year left on my sub and throwing it away because it's that bad.

  • Just use MSE and it will be fine

  • Does anyone know how to delete this license from my account (ie my.kaspersky.com -> Licenses)?

    I added this license to my kaspersky account which also has my existing kaspersky licenses. Now that I have read the warnings above, I want to delete this licence while keeping my existing licenses.

  • Key now been blocked as at 26/1/21.

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    Key is confirmed as not legitimate (Has been blocked)

  • As above, the key is blocked.

    Unfortunately, I kinda wished I learnt it was a random key than an actual deal before downloading. Hopefully, nothing gets left behind with the uninstall.

  • I used this key. It worked for few weeks but it seems the key is now blacklisted. I was presented with a message today that the key is blocked with option to purchase new key.

  • The key has now stopped working.

    "Your key has been blocked
    We're sorry but your license is invalid. To stay protected, please buy a new one. "

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