[iOS] Free - Boximize Note-Taking App (Was $14.99) @ Apple App Store


** Featured by Apple as best new productivity app **

Boximize is a structured note taking app that brings you the power of a database and the simplicity and usability of a note taking app.

Boximize helps you become more organized and productive by bringing your important information together in one place and filing them as structured notes.

■ So, what exactly is Boximize?

If you like the simplicity of note taking apps, then Boximize is a note taking app where the note isn’t just a blank page instead the note is a fully customizable form containing fields, making inputting your data faster, easier and less prone to errors. Your data also becomes sortable, searchable and more organized. Thus bringing the power of personal databases to your notes.

If you like the power and flexibility of personal databases, then Boximize is a powerful personal database designed to bring you the simplicity, beauty and efficiency of note-taking apps.

Basically, Boximize brings you the best of both worlds, the simplicity of note taking apps and the customizability of personal databases.

■ And how do people use Boximize?

People use Boximize to save, organize and find everything that is of importance to them. Boximize comes with a predefined set of 27 templates that help users to instantly start organizing their data. Moreover, users can always customize the templates by adding or removing fields or even a new template from scratch.

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  • 3.5/5
    Last update 9mo ago

  • Default note app gang

  • Good C&P from the app description itself LOL.

  • I use Standard Notes, it's a bare bone note keeping app with full encryption and cloud sync(Optional)
    Might not be for everyone but it's nice for those who are privacy focused

    • I dropped the default Notes app years ago due to too many terrible sync errors. I'd note a hell of information on my phone (eg. while in transit) only to have it deleted or overwritten for good by my laptop once I opened Notes on it. And the other way round.

      Does that still happen?

      Also my mac is running a two year old system due to software compatibility and my iphone runs the newest. There used to be compatibility issues between Notes because of that difference, and situations like this makes Notes unreliable to me beyond petty shopping lists. I use Simple Note instead and I tried Notion - logs me out too often, however.

      • Standard Notes is a private company, you could give it a try if you are privacy focused, it's not a feature heavy app but I haven't notice any lost note so far

  • This sounds good for business use but otherwise unnecessary for personal use. I use the default built in iOS app which can attach photos and things. It does the job fine.

  • I use Bear app, sync pretty well so I can take notes in Mac or iPhone. Plus hashtags is the best feature.

    Not free, but worth the price.