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  • Better deal with the banana boats. Nivea can be found at same price in chemist warehouse.

  • I bought woolies branded 50+ sunscreen yesterday for $4 or something.

    Is there really anything different between the brands of the sunscreen? I remember Banana boat were in trouble a few years ago because theirs gave people burns.

    • How many mls?

      I bought a gold one (Coles or Woolies) works fine, but stings the eyes way more if you get any in there accidentally (eg rubbing your hands or arms near/on your eye).

      • One litre for $8.50

        Seems better value than paying $17 for the NIVEA one. Both are SPF 50+

        • i think others stay on a bit better in water and are less greasy

          personally i just use the woolies one cause i will be very liberal with it which is probably better for my skin

          • @pHyR3: This.

            Too few know how to use sunscreen. I was one.

            Volume and frequency. It needs to be really slathered on, and reapplied every two hours.

            And then it doesn't give you licence to have your skin continuously baked all day. Skin cover (full brim hat, long sleeves, pants) and breaks in the shade.

            We live on a desert continent with no ozone layer, with many of us having northern European lineage and fair skin, the rates of skin carcinomas and premature deaths have been outstanding in Australia historically.

            And, you can spend hundreds on anti-ageing creams, but the most effective is habitual use of $10 sunscreen.

      • Nivea, Banana Boat, Le Tan etc all sting your eyes just as much as supermarket brands IME. I find that the the sensitive one from Coles is better than any of the big brands.

        That said, I seem to have developed an extreme sensitivity to sunscreen in my eyes, so I now only use a mineral sunscreen on my face for swimming.

        • Perhaps try wearing sun glasses instead of applying UV block directly to the retinas!

          • @Smol Cat: How do you swim with sun glasses?
            Sun screen sips into your eyes from face unless you are thinking he is pumping it direct over his retinas.

    • I haven't touched banana boat since I got decently burnt after an hour or so in the sun about 9 years ago.

      Family left with serious burns after using Woolworths sunscreen.

      I hope you saw this news

    • Depends, I would have thought actual sun protection would be much the same but my kids and wife have pretty sensitive skin and get a rash with everything except neutrogena but my good with the el cheapies so comes down to personal preferences.

    • @snowdragon same experience as TEERSX - El Cheapo Coles and Woolies, stink the eyes 👀 like hell after rubbing the eyes. I am very tolerant, imagine they go into kids eyes. Someone should really ban those products.

      Yes, there were something about the spray few years back. Need to apply as per DFU otherwise can still get burn. I stop buying spray,

    • Yes There are differences but the difference that is most noticeable is probably just how the sunscreen applies, you know whether its greasy etc

      Other differences are sunscreen filters - some people are anti chemical and only want zinc and titanium based sunscreens, or there are some newer sunscreen filters which aren't in standard supermarket sunscreen, which don't degrade with sun exposure and can make other ingredients last longer - like this Nivea one has 0.005% bemotrizonol which will stabilise the other filters and make it last longer

      There are also some differences in protection - Of course every sunscreen needs to meet the claim on the label, but for UVA protection, it is only required to be 1/3 of the SPF. La roche posay's flagship sunscreen has a UVA protection of 47 on SPF 50+, which is way better than the standard most sunscreens are following.

  • You are pretty safe going with the no-name supermarket brands. Australian standards for this stuff is very high. The main benefit for the fancy brands would be things like sensitivity with certain skin types.

  • Anyone know of or can recommend a non-staining sunscreen? I believe there is a specific ingredient that helps cause the staining on clothing.

    I've read that 'Calypso Once a Day' sunscreen is one to get but it doesn't appear to be available in Aus and is also only SPF30.

    There was also meant to be a Nivea branded one that specifically mentioned being non-staining but I've never seen it locally.

    • The ingredient is avobenzone/butyl methoxydibenzylmethane (usually this long name on sunscreen bottles) - it attracts iron or something and so when you wash your clothes it picks up all the iron in the water and rusts, turning yellow or even brown depending on how hard your water is

      I had some luck using lemon juice + sun on these stains but it was an annoying process with a few repeats (some places say lemon juice + salt or using special rust cleaners). It's the most popular UVA filter though so it's in like 99% of sunscreens other than zinc sunscreens if you want to look like a ghost

      Sunsense ultra/sports/junior doesn't have this filter it uses a mix of other UVA protecting filters

  • 1Litre @Priceline Pharmacy for $5.99 and it allows click and collect.

  • Note the cancer council now recommends against spray on sunscreens as it is very easy to under dose.

    • I second this. I got sunburnt recently due to spray. May just be my fault but im suffering right now due to it :(

  • Given the discussion so far thought I'd throw in my 2 cents as I do find the generic ones less appealing for other reasons. I am no expert on the chemical composition or properties of different sunscreens but can give a regular water dwelling perspective. I love banana boat as it's thick and non greasy. As a surfer it's really frustrating having slippery hands and knees when trying to grip a board. Also as just swimming I don't like the oil slick you seem to give off in the water with less viscose sunscreens. Also doesn't seem to stain clothing like the others (though this may just be that being thicker its less likely to get onto clothing). Antidotally the ones that are water use specific seem to last longer and don't give off the oil slick but hard to find real data. I would prefer the transparent zink oxide as it has all these properties and is actually a physical UVA and UVB blocker but it's too expensive to use every day.
    Also for what it's worth the zink also doesnt have the heavy duty chemical composition if that's something you take into consideration.

  • The woolworths brand is absolute junk. I am burning from the sun after only a few hours.

  • Not seeing discount anymore. Out of stock or regular price.