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[VIC, TAS, NSW] Standard eVouchers $8.50, Gold Class eVouchers $25, Gold Class Meal Combo eVouchers $50 @ Village Cinemas


We want to say a big thank you to all our customers for continuing to support cinema, and for a limited time we're offering discounted eVouchers to welcome you back to the movies.

Enjoy discount $8.50 standard eVouchers, $25 Gold Class eVouchers, and $50 Gold Class Meal Combo eVouchers.*

Hurry, this offer is available online for a strictly limited time only.

Vouchers redeemable from February 1 until March 3, 2021.

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    Vouchers redeemable from February 1 until March 3, 2021

    Too restrictive, no thanks…

  • We used a couple of ours to go see Wonder Woman; we did need to top up for the cinema type we went to. Probably best if people find the film they want to see then get the vouchers.

  • $20 for the AAMI Lucky Club Gold Class Vouchers. A better deal if you're after cheap Gold Class tickets.

    Note: $20 online Gold Class tickets available Monday to Wednesday. Booking fees apply to Village Cinema Gold Class and Event Cinema Gold Class tickets purchased through AAMI Lucky Club offer.

  • If only there were any good movies coming until April.

    Also, Village cinemas extended our voucher validity by 45 days (in lieu of 8 months that cinemas shut in VIC….sigh)

  • Village Cinemas Family and Friends Sale. How much will it cost me to buy a new Dad, a sister and 2 reliable friends? Thank you.

  • A big thank you? Here is the email reply from customer service asking if my vouchers could be extended as the cinema had been closed for so long.

    "Unfortunately your gift product purchase cannot be refunded or exchanged and can only be used as per the terms and conditions stated on it.

    To avoid confusion, the terms and conditions were listed on our online gift shop prior to purchase. If you are unable to use the product yourself within the validity period, we would suggest perhaps giving them to someone who can.

    I do apologise for any frustration this may cause, in no way do we intend to personally upset our customers, we must adhere to our policy and communicate correct and honest information to our customers, even if it is a response that may not result in the outcome our customers had hoped for"

    More like a big F you. Right back at ya.

    • Can’t see why? I purchased tickets right before the covid came and kept extending them until now (used them a couple weeks ago) they had 3mth expiry, but they extended for over 8 or so months…I thought they were very fair with me
      The cinemas were actually had shut doors though and I did threaten to lodge complaint to ombudsman ☺️
      1 mth expiry is pretty piss poor when they are promoting looking after their patrons

  • Welcome us back to movies and only give validity a little over a month to use? Probably crap movies during those period. And if happens to have lock down and you also won't extend validity, no thanks.

  • thanks, happy to watch some of those movies over the next month

  • Most movies recently have been released direct to streaming services. Would rather sit in the comfort of by own home with uber eats than a grubby village cinema

  • Good for getting CoVID

  • It’s amazing that despite all that’s happened, the best response cinemas can do is a dollar or two off a ticket.

    No changes to expiration date of ticket (which is an easy win — removes any lingering risk or doubt for majority of folks).

    No taking the time to make improvements to cinemas while closed (be it sound, vision, seating comfort).

    No further accomodation for environmental protection (UV air sterilisation, seating arrangements with Perspex dividers, etc).

    Literally they have done no investment nor shown any care for the audience, even if it was a token concern for the gravity of the new situation we are all in.

    What a greedy, selfish, stupid, short-term focused attitude.

  • yea.. pretty shitty…normally they have 3 month expiry, so they actually reduced it.. + They had previously said they were going to 12 mth expiry because of the covid..

  • With most people staying away from enclosed space such as a cinema, offering $8.50 ticket that is valid for a month sounds like a fail promo. I wonder whether they will go broke soon.

  • The cinema is dead, no new real good major / well known blockbuster Hollywood release coming up (due mostly to COVID) pushing the time frames of these releases to later in the year.

    You are better off spending the money on streaming services. One month time frame for a prepaid ticket is a poor marketing strategy. Sounds like their desperate for dollaroos, since they can't guarantee good movie releases will be available.