[XB1, XSX] F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition $19.61 (Argentine VPN Required) @ Eneba


After cc23 posted the Dirt 5 deal, I went looking for more and found F1 2020 for a great price. For anyone feeling unsure about Eneba, I have now used them twice and it has been a piece of cake. They also take PayPal which gave me some reassurance!

Coping the same instructions below that were listed for Dirt 5 (thanks again cc23). Note that you only need the VPN connection for redeeming the code, you can purchase the game from Eneba using your Australian connection… just make sure you change the region at the top of the page to Argentina.

Price includes processing fee for paying via PayPal, using code HOTUKDEALS on checkout.

In order to redeem the code:

1) Enable Tunnel Bear extension in Google Chrome (or any other VPN application), set region to Argentina and activate.
2) Go to redeem.microsoft.com/ and log in using your MS/Xbox account.
3) Redeem purchased code.

Game will then be in your Xbox console library to download. I had to restart my Xbox for it to pop up.

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