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Ravensburger Disney Mickey through The Years 40,320pc Jigsaw Puzzle $596.09 Delivered @ Amazon AU


If you were contemplating buying this puzzle, it's been reduced by 10% since it was originally posted… Further discounts if you pay with discounted gift cards.

Also extra 6% cashback with Shopback or cashrewards.

Told my partner I would propose to her of she finished this puzzle… Which she laughed and walked away. Guess not then…

Mod Update 20/1: Price has dropped to $596.09 Delivered

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  • saw this sample in costco sometime back, this thing is huge when you finish the puzzle. 7meters by 2 meters don't seem like a lot of space taken up until you see it in person.

  • imaging losing a piece …

    • imagine it coming with 40,319 pieces instead! lol!

      • Haha you can get replacement pieces, but trying to describe it to ravensburger would be almost impossible…… They require the following information:
        (1) Details of the barcode number shown printed on the side of the box lid?
        (2) In which puzzle quadrant (A, B, C, D) is the missing piece?
        (3) Details of the corresponding control number found printed on the plastic bag?
        (4) Grid reference for the missing piece? Top/Bottom - Left/Right (e.g. 3 down 8 across)
        (5) Images highlighting area surrounding the missing piece (close up and from overall)
        (6) Your name and full postal address, including county and postcode.

        • most places will not send a replacement piece, but instead a replacement puzzle - the cut is usually unique enough to each instance, that the replacement is unlikely to fit properly.

          If you have copied the above, this is more likely just to prove you have the original.

          Update - just for my own interest, I checked https://www.ravensburger.org/uk/service/faqs/index.html - 9000+ piece puzzles they will try to provide a replacement part. For 9000- puzzles, my comment stands.

      • Imagine it coming with 40,321 instead.. pretty sure that would be it for me sanity wise.

  • Bought my first Ravensburger today @$29, I thought that was expensive 😊

  • Off topic sorry but does any one know why the Kmart cheap puzzles are on clearance? They were selling well, I bought a couple for $2 each; finished them went back for more, but can't find any as they have reduced them to $1 and sold out.

    I would have thought with covid raging, they would have held their price, if not increase them

  • LMAO, marriage based on puzzle completion ability should be a thing going forward. You should tell your partner that marriage is now contingent on their ability to complete this !

  • Yes … fun …

  • you'd think for this kinda money that you'd get something more than 10 smaller puzzles stitched together

  • Now $547.02

  • Presently 511.67, ~$100cheaper than when OP first posted