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30% off Movies & TV Shows on Blu-Ray, 4K & DVDs @ JB Hi-Fi


Per catalogue received in mail today. Also 15% off various cameras, 20% off various home security, 25% off HP/Lenovo Chromebooks, 20% off LIFX/nanoleaf, 15% off TCL TVs above 65" and 40% off WIRED Sony headphones (see catalogue below).

This happens so often there's really no point buying movies from JB any other time but this is a great opportunity to pick up the new LOTR 4K Blu-rays which is now in-stock again online and in (presumably) most stores.

Full catalogue for those interested.

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  • I'm waiting for the buy one get one free deal to come back.

  • I'm waiting for the lotr set with the extras to come out. I know their game. I already own 4 sets of dvds because of this. I wont be the loser this time!

  • Is this Skylines movie worth the time to watch??

    edit: looks like it's got nothing to do with Nissan Skylines.

    • Can confirm it does not show any RB25/26, VQ35-37, or VR38 action. If it's like the Beyond Skylines movie… steer clear. (Really stupid aliens which can be killed by humans apparently)

      Edit: oh God they made a trilogy of these movies. Who watches these?!

      • Lovers of Japanese cars who watch them by mistake?

      • I watched them…..because you just peaked my curiosity…. they basically used their own weapons against them….but yeah, I would think an advance civilisation hell bent on conquering earth would at least have a planet buster kind of weapon than decide to roll out their ground troops to clean up earth…maybe they need the planet for its minerals intact which is why they didnt bother with a planet buster? Oh yeah thats right, now I remember, they wanted to re-populate their species because their species were dwindling to extinction and apparently humans are most compatible to make their alien babies out of….

        • I'm sorry you had to go through that.I like my sci-fi but find it interesting that a species which can travel light-years and are probably tens of thousands if not millions of years more evolved in their math/physics & probably psych/philosophy etc…. still fail to us humans. Ofcourse they would have:
          1) advanced imaging systems which would show humans vs other objects (we have them now)
          2) robotics or organic devices, slaves etc to do the grunt work of rounding up the humanids
          3) a kill switch to disable own devices if captured… i mean seriously
          4) more advancements in cloaking & protection vs what we have.
          I can go on & on…. but it's so annoying when I see movies like this.

          Instead, they make them out to be juvenile aged (in grey matter) aliens who can't succeed against the might of humans. Ugh… anyway, I am a sci-fi nut but really this is more for 15yr olds who like COD. (Like expecting someone who believes in flat-earth to somehow comprehend astrophysics… or expecting a Trump supporter to understand decency).

          • @khomeini: It's cool - I felt like in the mood of watching something and didnt feel like doing anything else anyways so it wasn't like forced down my throat or anything like that kind of thing.

            I'm guessing you've also watched it too since you've detailed some unrealistic expectations of this extraterrestrial race? Hahahaha….

            So what science fiction film has all those realistic expectations you speak of? Or none at present?

  • As far as collections go, 6 movies for $19 isn't all that bad https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/x-men-complete-collection...

  • Brilliant! I had a $50 gift card so got the Harry Potter Complete Collection in 4K for $60. I’ve only seen the HP movies on Binge, so looking forward to seeing and hearing them in better quality. Thanks OP.