Lack of Standing Desk choices to buy

I look on alibaba and see a hundred different types of standing desks for under $200 usd.

I feel like there are so few options available in Australia? A lot of which are Australian made?

Is there not a desire for companies to buy them off alibaba and sell them for under $400-500 AUD here?


  • There are plenty of options in Australia, what do you mean?

  • Ikea idasen for the win, they do have $400 models but they're really unstable

    • Now that thing really sucks. $800 and you don't even get buttons that save positions. So you need to manually hold down the button to get to your desired position and you need to manually adjust it every single time rather than press a button and it does it automatically (a feature on desks that cost half of this price).

      That is a dealbreaker.

      • It can be synced to an the ikea app or something like that for that feature

        • And that is insanely crap as well. Want to put the desk up? Instead of pressing one button that instantly puts it to the desired size; go and find your phone, unlock it, locate the desk app and open it, proceed to wait for it to load and then make the change and then turn your phone off again.

  • Why not just buy one on Alibaba you're happy with? After shipping, exchange rate, etc. it would cost ~ what you're looking to pay.

    There isn't a large enough market here for companies to bother.

  • This spreadsheet will help you :)

    I'm currently using this one and it's been one of the best investments of my life

  • Literally saw this ad on my other screen

    Not sure how good they are but prices looked sub $200aud

  • lol what are you talking about there are heaps of standing desk options for cheap, just recently there was a post here for mytopia electric standing desks for $319 delivered.
    Officeworks and Kogan reguarly have them from $399 and plenty of furniture places too.

    • Thanks, will take a look.

      post here for mytopia electric standing desks

      I don't see any ozbargain submissions/posts on it.

    • I can also vouch for the mytopia dual motor standing desk (max load 120kg). I got the frame only for $319 and screwed in my existing desktop with wood screws and it looks and works great. Just note that if you go down this route you will need to go to bunnings to get wood or chipboard screws of a suitable length (depending on the thickness of your desktop) to attach the desktop, as the kit doesn't come with any wood screws. make sure you measure the length accurately and account for the thickness of the frame bracket and motor bracket when buying screws.

  • I use this one with an IKEA desktop. Super sturdy when raised, not wobbly like IKEA/OfficeWorks ones. A bit expensive, but got it on sale years ago:

  • I bought an electric frame online and bought and Ikea top 1860mm long.
    The frame controls has memory function.

    Costed me around $600 delivered all up

    I installed it myself. Very solid and looks great.

    There are plenty better options rather than Officeworks