Fossil Sport (Grey or Pink) & Fossil Q Explorist HR Gen 4 (Gunmetal Grey) $148 ea @ Harvey Norman


Fossil Q Explorist HR Gen 4

Fossil Sport Pink

I personally returned my laggy and fast-draining Misfit Vapor 2 that I got from JB Hi Fi in July last year and paid an extra $49 to get a Fossil Sport, and I'm much happier with the purchase. Sport is very light on the wrist and minimal, though obviously not as flashy as the Misfit. Both watches were in stock in several places (listed online, so store stock may vary) over Brisbane, but I got mine from the Mt Gravatt Westfield HN store which had quite a lot in the cabinet.

As far as specs go, it's important to note that the Explorist is physically much larger and the Sport has the Wear 3100 chipset which is supposed to have much better battery and performance. It's only 512mb ram so there's definitely still performance issues but it's a noticeable step up from my Misfit. I have only had it a day so I can't comment on the battery but I'm quite sure it will be enough to get through at least a day (which the Vapor never did). Also the Sport is one of those most popular (if not the most) Wear OS watches available.

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  • Not sure about Sport but Explorist Gen 4 battery life sucks. With most things turned off and hardly using it apart from looking at the time, it still doesn't last a day (bought less than a year before). Very poor from Fossil

    • Maybe because it's wear 2100, not the never (but now old) 3100 on the sport?

    • I have the explorist, and I'm only just getting away with using it. I need to charge at night before bed and in the morning when I wake up (as I use it for sleep tracking) and since I've been using wear cast for podcasts I would say half the time I go to use it I realise my battery is too low to start or low enough that one or two podcasts runs it down. For a watch that does a lot, if you try to do a lot with it you won't be satisfied with the battery. I am waiting for a gen 5 deal so I can send this one back to be honest.

      • Send back as in replace with a Gen5? Does Fossil accept it? I am fed up with mine but can't just throw away a $150 item.

    • I really wanted to pull the trigger on this one, but it looks like the 2100 and the battery life kills it :/

      Thanks for the info.

      Edit: Just read the info about the sport having the 3100, and after checking a review I grabbed one. Thanks OP!

  • I went from a Pebble to the misfit. It crapped out towards the end of the warranty period but I was so over it I couldn't be bothered going through the process to get it fixed.

    • the pebbles were great watches, lasted at least a work week and everything they purported to do they did (althought I heard reports the heart rate monitors weren't great, I didn't have a HR model)

      • I really badly want to get an old one again. I had two and they are way way more reliable than wear os. I personally don't mind the loss of features for being better at what it did right and for the exceptional battery life.

  • NFC / Google pay ?

  • im confused so which one has better chip and battery life?
    explo got NFC but sport not?

  • Stay away from both, having owned both personally.

    Yes, 512MB RAM is not enough to cut it but what makes it even worse is the choppiness and tearing of the animations.

    Which is down to Fossil using a 45Hz refresh rate screen on Gen 4 Fossil's, rather than the old 60Hz.

    Save up and wait for Gen 5 to go on sale which it sometimes does for 220/250 AUD odd.

    • From the reviews it seemed ok.

      i havent had a wear os watch before though. Maybe i should be expecting more? maybe it runs worse now sue to 2 years of os updates?

      I was looking from something to play music from on runs without a phone. Was going waiting to find a deal on a huawei gt2 but this looked pretty tempting.

      Maybe i should have just bitten the gamin 245 music deal posed a week or so ago.

      • It runs better with the updates than it did out of the box for me.

        • Placebo. Lots of folks say that.

          True what you're saying that it runs better than Sd2100 watches but marginally so.

          Noone utilised the co-processor on the 3100 to get better battery life, except Suunto on their Suunto 7 (which I am using ATM)

          • @adrianhughes1998: I can honestly say it is at least for me SIGNIFICANTLY better than my Misfit Vapor 2.

            • @MrSammyMcG: Yes, owned the Vapor 2 too myself and sold that because it's just like the Explorist, a tearing hair out of my skull experience. All because of the poor optimisation by Fossil, 45Hz screen and low RAM. The original Vapor too is a hilarious experience with the twitchy scrolling touch bezel. Hands down the worst WearOS watch I've ever owned & used.

              Either way, folks gonna be waiting for ages for setup and installing apps on either Sport or Gen 4's. And when the watch does lock up, it's even worse.

              Which is why the vast majority of buyers should skip and just go Gen 5. Or Ticwatch for example who does optimisation (and doesn't use a 45hz screen) better.

      • Probably other options out there.

        Honestly, if you're not getting a WearOS watch with at least 1Gb ram, you'll tear your hair out.

  • Whilst these watches aren't as smooth as a Gen 5 with 1GB RAM, you should find that reducing animation times (developer options), turning off 'raise to wake' and enabling always on should help with battery and responsiveness.