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Free McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Chips 750g at Woolworths


This Australia Day say no to inferior chips and say yes to McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips.


Fill in your details below to claim your free bag of McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips.

Be quick! Only 10,000 vouchers available. Voucher is valid from 20th January, 2021 until 9th February, 2021.

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    My email arrived after a couple of hours so there is still some hope for those who haven't got the email yet

    • Thanks

  • Came back after unsuccessful attempt earlier. All gone.

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    We're sorry, 10,000 people got here before you to trade in their soggy and bland chips.

    • +3

      Not quite; 10,000 people have claimed a voucher.
      The next step is for those 10,000 people to find Woolworths stores with stock to honour the voucher.

  • Looks like its exhausted now.

  • +1

    With 7730 clicks, and some owning up to multiple vouchers…
    No wonder it didn't last long.
    Seems we Ozbargained most of the 10,000!

    • I clicked 4 times but only filled in the form once.

      • Clicked once, but tried about 20 times for 1 voucher.

  • +1

    Expired straight after I successfully submitted it. Cheers OP 👍

  • -1

    Went to Woolworths and the fking code isn’t recognised. Spoke to a few “helpful” assistants and they got no fking clue. Walked out with no chips. Macain got our details for nothing.

    • Maybe wait a day or so

      • It says Jan 20th. Should’ve been active since midnight.

    • Same happened last time. Code was not accepted. Went to service desk - they said it showed the code had already been used!

    • +1

      Did you get the right packet
      Last promotion had a slight similar packet

      'Crispy' and the 'extra crispy' with the almost identical packaging

  • I am so proud of this community

  • +1

    Finally got the voucher after 2 hours

  • +1

    Mine came in 3 hours later

  • +1

    Any one have luck redeeming in store?

    Barcode would not scan or when entered manually, comes back with error.

    Manger has no idea about promotion, she says normally promotions are linked to woolies rewards card (which the promotion is not linked to, no way to link it).

    Gonna have to try another day.

    • +1

      That’s exactly what happened last time, should be working tomorrow but usually someone will post on here once they start working.

    • +1

      Last time there were 2 promotions - this one & Rewards. Staff were very confused.

      • But specifically the McCain one took 1 day to activate on their system.

    • i just claimed a pack and it scanned fine. just make sure you have the exact right pack as there are a few varieties.
      when i hit 'pay' or whatever it is the total was $0 and it spat me out a receipt

      • careful of the salvia germies

    • Just miss swipe . Not like your stealing but make sure you use the barcode another day to contradict that lol .

  • I need fries today to feed a family. McCain should fix their voucher in the Woolworths system ASAP.

    • +4

      Could always pay $4 for a pack & get the free one another day😉

      • +1

        Well … True… How could I forget about this option…

        • +3

          It's not the Ozbargain way!

  • Thought they would have learned from last time when the codes weren’t working on the first day or two

  • +1

    Got my email a few hours later. Thanks OP :)

  • +8

    Got barcode a while later. Happened to be on way to Woolworths. Last time they didn’t have stock. But this time they had about 10bags. Barcode went through no issue. Happy days

  • Mine just arrived. Was in junk mail. Thanks OP.

  • -2

    Code never arrived. Good I used a disposable email address.

    • it took 2 hours for my code to arive.

      • I gave up after 4-5 hrs.

        Good I used a disposable email address.

  • +2


    10,000 people got here before you to trade in their soggy and bland chips. You can find the McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips down the freezer aisle in Woolworths

  • This is not a good promotion, i think its easy to abuse the promotion

  • +1

    No issues claiming. Proof: https://ibb.co/qySQpDr

  • +1

    So, for self-checkout purposes, do you scan the packet then the code, or do you just scan the code and chuck the packet in the bagging area?

    Someone save me from awkwardly having to call over the assistant haha.

    • +1

      Scan the bag first if the barcode doesn't scan for the vouchers section.. have the lady come type the code in manually and the McCain offer will pop up

  • Just have them put the code in manually worked for me and my mates barcode no issues

  • +3

    Redeemed with no issues.

    1. go to self checkout
    2. scan chips (be sure to get the right one)
    3. scan barcode
    4. screen will say:
      MCCAIN'S… $4.00
      VOUCHER … ($4.00)

    PAY NOW $4.00 (green button)

    1. press the button anyway, despite it saying $4.00 but all it will do is spit out a receipt
    2. done
    • Yup this worked.

      Barcode in the email scanned fine from the phone screen.

    • Ditto.

      Yes, just be sure u have the right one: read the full name: McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips.

      Yes that's it. The pay button will still show $4.00 jut proceed and u don't have to pay anything.

  • +1

    My email with barcode came through eventually. Yay! Chippies! (if in stock)

  • +1

    Thanks OP voucher finally came through. I reckon I must have been one of the last. My partner was 10 seconds behind and he got the exhausted message!

  • +1

    Woot got the barcode thanks OP … woolies here I come ………

  • +2

    Got a voucher after 2 hours and claimed!!

  • +1

    Got mine! Scanner didn't recognise the barcode, but it worked when they typed it into the terminal

  • +1

    received code and claimed chips in woollies, all good. ta.

  • +1

    Myself and BigMac2000 got lucky this afternoon and found some in stock at our local Woolies. Last time all of the nearby stores were sold out.

  • Woot plenty of stock and claimed \o/ \o/ \o/

    Thanks ……

  • Claimed successfully. Scanned barcode under the Woolworths Rewards scanner at the checkout which didn't work so they had to manually type it in.

    • +2

      I just scanned it on the main scanner (like a product) after scanning the chips and it came up as McCain Offer and it took $4 off

  • +1

    Thanks OP clamied yesterday

  • does this only work on the steakcut ones? or is the same flavour and brand but wedges or shoestring also okay? or Steakcut but other flavour

    Couldnt find any today will try another store tomorrow

    • Has to be the steakcut ones AFAIK.

    • has to be exactly the steakcut as it's shown on the promo page.

  • +1

    Got two from two codes. Cheers!

    • +1

      thanks yeah i just got two, didnt want to be too greedy

    • In one order?

      • I did seperate transactions at self serve I just assumed it was 1 per person

  • +1

    Got my two packets today, cheers OP. Woolies didn’t even bother having the price on them

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