Virco A435a Lite Desktop with AMD Ryzen 3 3100 & RX570 8GB $850 + On The Top Deals + Shipping @ Virco Computer


Morning OzBargainers,

Virco proudly announces back to school deal: Virco A435a Lite Desktop PC. The PC has the basic requirement for the school kids to use for learning, homework, or even some lite gaming.

The spec of the system as follows:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4 Core Socket AM4 3.6GHz CPU Processor
  • MEMORY: Kingston/Crucial 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory (CL22)
  • STORAGE: Kingston/Crucial 240GB 2.5" SATA III SSD
  • GRAPHIC CARD: Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 570 8GB Video Card
  • PSU: Gigabyte GP-P650B 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
  • CASE: Deepcool MACUBE 110 Tempered Glass Mini Tower Micro-ATX Case with 2 Extra Fan

The system has been supported by one of our suppliers, that’s why we can offer such a great price, however due to the nature of the sponsorship, we are not allowed to swap CPU/Mainboard/Graphic Card and the Case of this build.

For those who worry about the case of Deepcool Macube 110 being warm as a toaster, we have also installed two extra fans at the front panel to ensure the cooling and the air flow of the system. For those who have ordered Deepcool Macube 110 or Thermaltake S100 from us previously, please kindly contact us through email [email protected], we will also post two extra fans for you to install into your system.

In addition to the system mentioned above, we also offer an “on the top” deal which bundles with the system.

On the top:
  • HP Deskjet 2130 all in one printer. Feature with Print, Scan, and the Copy. $20. Limit to one per bundle.
  • A further 20% off the mark price for any monitor we have available in our website: (Please proceed with the checkout first, we will manually edit the 20% for you after) (Limit to one per bundle)
  • If you have purchased All the above (Computer/Printer/Monitor), we will chuck one set of Logitech wireless keyboard mouse for you to complete the set.
Welcome to 2021.

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  • PCPartPicker List excl. fans:

    Different GPU but entered the price of a Sapphire Pulse RX 570

    $779.44 excl. shipping.

    Pretty decent deal

  • CPU/Mainboard/Graphic Card and the Case of this build.


    • +1 vote

      pretty much everything is lock in, only RAM & SSD can be upgrade.

      but again, its a great deal, for basic workstation home computer should be plenty enough.


    What year are we in? So confused…

  • Is your "on the top" offer available to those who bought other comps from you recently?


      Only for this system, and have to purchase all in one go.

      Support by our supplier.

  • Back to School

    I'd hate to be the kid that has to lug this thing to school and back. :p

    • On the contrary, if you can swindle your parents into insisting you need a GPU for homework… All the more to you :)

      • +5 votes

        lols, We actually have few kids come to our shop, draging their parents, and tell them they need RTX3060Ti or above for their powerpoint presentation… smart kids~


          Do you then recommend the 3090? I mean you want a PowerPoint presentation to be smooth right?

  • I don't really need a PC to game on (haven't gamed in a long time). I mainly use my PC for online shopping, to remote in to my work PC if I need to work from home and serving media files to my TV.

    I know this is a bit overkill for my needs but i'm not sure if I get something a little cheaper (such as the Techfast Budget Gaming/Home PC Ryzen 3 3100 RX 570), whether it will be a significant down grade


      I guessing you are talking about

      compare with the above system, the difference is that this PC get you better chipset on the motherboard (A320 vs B450), additional 8GB of RAM (16GB of RAM for this system), stronger Power Supply (550W vs 650W 80+ Bronze) for stability of the system plus better upgrade capacity.

      We recon it is worth while for you to spend a little bit more for the above mention difference.

      • yes that is the one I was refering to - however, there is a $200 discount coupon code currently on offer for that machine


          guess they also have the support from suppliers.

          either way, you can decide if you like to purchase from Techfast or Virco.

          • @virco: Unless otherwise specified, Techfast use third-tier branded parts for their motherboard, GPU & PSU. That's neither a 'good' nor 'bad' thing but it's the main differentiator between your budget deal and theirs.

    • Hey mate, for your use case you'd be better off with a laptop. One of those $700 Lenovo models in recent deals would be perfect.

      * Your power consumption will be a small fraction using a laptop vs a desktop
      * You won't need to run your airconditioner to offset the heat of your computer
      * Portability adds valuable use options for home office and general shopping/ media
      * Laptops include a Windows licence
      * Laptops have a built in monitor, keyboard and WiFi
      * Resale on laptops is significantly better than desktops

      Even if you want to do some light gaming, grab yourself one of those Dell 1060 Ti models which come up for about $800 from time to time.

      Desktop PCs are 'cool' now for some reason, I'm guessing it's because of Reddit and Henry Cavill, but unless you have a particular need for a desktop PC a laptop is going to be more generally useful and bring you more general happiness for less money.

      • Aircon to offset your PC? Wtf? You think a budget PC is heating up a room?

        Windows can be bad for next to nothing

        Laptop Keyboards, Mice, Monitors suck compared to seperate components.

        Laptops always cost more for the same performance.

        PC's have been cool forever. Gaming is and always had been big. It's just getting even bigger.

        • Thankyou. It's always nice to hear from r/pcmasterrace unironically.

          • @jcon: You mean, hearing someone else's opinions.

            After all, you only think PCs are popular because of Cavill doing his build…

            Yet, well, components have been going increasingly well for years.

            You only need to look at GPU availability to understand.

            Your aircon comment was ludicrous.

      • Hi jcon - thanks for the reply. The issue with a laptop idea is that I have about 10TB worth of school media files that are currently in my Desktop PC. Also aren't desktops still better value for money?

        • Storage is easily solved with getting rid of things you don't really need (10TB of school media sounds like a lot) and using external storage. For about $30 you can buy an external drive caddy for your hard drives, all you have to do is pop a few screws and hey presto you've got all your files in external drives - it's very easy.

          If you've already got a desktop PC then the real question is, why can't you keep using that? Upgrading to the new shiny thing is fun, but it's expensive and a lot of the time it's unnecessary. Once you know what's wrong with your current setup, then you've worked out some of what is important when you upgrade.

          Then consider some of the other things you'd like to do - for instance, your grocery shop from the kitchen counter, or watch a movie in bed. If you don't need the raw power of a desktop PC, convenience means you can get a lot more usage - i.e. value - out of your computer.

          Desktops aren't better value for money, the just do different things better. For the same $850 you can buy a laptop that'll be as good as, or better than, this desktop PC for the things you want to use it for unless you want to play games or edit video files.

          Ignore the 'you'll break it' or 'it won't last as long' nonsense. Good laptops (i.e. pretty much any brand except Acer) last a decade if you look after the power cable and don't spill beer on the keyboard.

      • +3 votes

        sometime we recommend customer to get laptop as well, for the very similar reason above

        • Power adaptor using for laptop is around 45W to 90W, which is way smaller than normal PC 450W~600W, power consumption hense so much better. Considering a small fridge is running at 300W, a desktop PC is normally running at two fridge's power consumption.
        • Portability is definitly a plus for a notebook, or even a cheap tablet can do the job. Even if sometime you like to have bigger monitor to watch movie or something, just plug with external monitor or to TV would do the job.

        The main reason for people buying PC Desktop instead of notebook probably is because:
        - It last longer, desktop component are not as easy to break, easier for upgrade later on, and less chance to actually get damage with. We fix a lot of laptop at shop due to accidentally water spill or drop of the laptop or step on it, or the dog eat it… ?! (lots of weird thing happen to the laptop), while Desktop is one big chunk machine just sit there, don't even need to turn it off, if you want to use it, give a small touch of the mouse, it turn back on from the sleep mode, fast and reliable. If water spill, it normally happen to your keyboard, not entire machine.
        - We fix a lot of screen panel for laptop, due to people accidentally step on it, or close the lid with a pen still sitting on the laptop keyboard, or simply fall out from the bag. The screen repair cost is around $150 or above, if you don't fix the screen, normally means the laptop can't be use anymore unless you plug it with external monitor.
        -Resale value is hard to determine, for us who running the computer shop for last two decade we still like to sell desktop rather than notebook, simply because we can disassemble whatever parts with the desktop, and make another frankenstein machine, while if a laptop is old, the only thing you can really resale is the RAM and the storage (if you dare to sell your personal storage device to anyone on the net)
        -for working from home people, desktop would be nice because of dual screen or triple screen capability. Simple, straight forward. Don't need to get a Type C docking station for laptop which cost you more than $250 to find a three monitor docking.
        - and …. and….got few more reason… but I guess I am carry away way too much.

        Another good idea is for you to get a cheap NUC.

        We do also sell NUC…er… ASUS version of NUC, ASUS Vivo MiniPC. It has all the benefit of both laptop and desktop, the only thing it can't do is to play game.
        It is roughly the palm size of PC. We probably would release online soon for it.

        Thank you for reading…..I think I write too much…

        • Just because a PC has a 600w PSU it doesn't mean it's coming anywhere near that figure.

          No one is maxing a GPU and CPU together, for sustained time. Unless it's some 10yo hardware trying to play Cyberpunk.

          I have an 850w with a 3080. I wouldn't be using anywhere near that for any length of time.

          I get a laptop uses less, but 100w is an old light globe or a, room full of downlights etc etc. Not the end of the world.

  • Hard pass, having dealt with cases like that I don't want to have to deal with it again at any price.