Westpac Altitude Black 120k Velocity Points (90k 1st Year, 30k 2nd Year), Min 4k Spend, AF - $250 Mastercard + $50 Velocity Fee


I was looking for a credit card with some reward points as I was about to reach the minimum spend of ANZ Frequent Flyer Black and found the Westpac Altitude Velocity points were back.

Same as this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/523410

Not as good as previous ones without annual fees for QFF, but I guess this is the first one with Velocity points back again except Amex?

Westpac Altitude Black 120k Velocity Points (90k 1st Year, 30k 2nd Year), Min 4k Spend

Uncapped points earn rate: 0.75 Velocity Points per dollar spent on eligible purchases
Annual card fee: $250
Annual Altitude Velocity fee: $50
Minimum credit limit: $15,000
Minimum income required: $75,000

Also Westpac Altitude Platinum 60K Velocity points, Min 3K spend, https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/credit-cards/rew...

Uncapped points earn rate: 0.5 Velocity Points per dollar spent on eligible purchases6
Ongoing annual card fee: $150
Ongoing annual Altitude Velocity fee: $50
Minimum credit limit: $6,000
Minimum income required: $30,000

EDIT: Just found out this now applies for Velocity Platinum as well, 75K Velocity points, no first-year annual fee, must log in to apply. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573218

Westpac Altitude Platinum 75K Velocity points, Min 3K spend, must log in and select Velocity Platinum to apply
Earn Velocity Points which will be credited directly into your Velocity Frequent Flyer account.
Earn 75,000 bonus Velocity points when you spend $3,000 or more on eligible purchases† on a new Altitude Platinum credit card within 90 days of new card approval. Plus $0 first year annual card fee. ($150 thereafter)#
Velocity Points earn rate on eligible purchases†, uncapped:6
Westpac Altitude Platinum Mastercard
0.5 points per $1 spent on all eligible purchases.†

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Westpac Altitude credit card: random (5)

20K Qantas points for referrer and 10k Qantas Points for referee if referee has not held a Qantas Points earning Westpac Altitude credit card in the last 12 months

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  • Good to see Velocity points making a comeback

  • Could anyone please explain Altitude points?

    • Just westpac’s reward program.

      Westpac's Altitude Rewards program has a range of redemption options, including gift cards, cash back, with our partner airlines or at our online store. You can also boost your points with selected merchants or airlines to help you redeem sooner.

  • +2 votes

    Velocity now has annual fee?? Wow

    • It's NOT a membership fee, it's a fee to accrue points on the card. Nothing new.

      • Is new because they used to not charge this on any velocity cc. Only Qantas did this extra charge.

        I would not be surprised if velocity did start to have a membership fee moving forward.

  • Terrible bank in my experience lately. 3rd statement and i still dont have my bonus points. Lots of exclusions as to what is eligible for points as well. Oh, an they put a block on my Digital card they encouraged me to use the first time i used it, made me come in store, then spent 2 hrs stuffing about cos noone knew how to resolve. Clowns.

    • Are these different from the other banks exclusions?

      1st statement since exceeding minimum spend, no bonus points.

      • Honestly im not sure, but when i called up to ask why i still dont have points after 3 months they rattled off exclusions like bpay, paypal etc i wasn't really interested in their excuses as i've easily dumped 3k each month on it.

        • All banks, in my experience, do a stellar job when it comes to customer service for reward points. I’m just surprised they didn’t ask you to contact Qantas.

        • You sure paypal is excluded? I haven't seen that before.

          • @gimme: Mate im not sure of anything, but the lady definitely said it to my shock. Im still waiting on a call back to which she said up to 10 days!

            • @Xizor: I suspect (not surprised) they don't know anything about their own T&Cs. The exclusions are pretty standard across all banks (since the govt 'helped' us by legislating against certain fees etc which meant less $$ for the financial institutions and of course they passed it right back to the consumer lol) and I've never heard of Paypal being excluded

              • @gimme: I have the westpac altitude black with no annual fee a couple of months ago (150k altitude points with 4k spend). Not sure if I can convert them to VFF yet. Anyway, I remember reading in the letter of offer that PayPal payments were not considered eligible spends for earning points. But it was in the bonus points t&c's, so not sure if PayPal is excluded from all point earnings, or just the 150k bonus points.

        • Just re - read the T&Cs.

          It's B-Pay …AND Post Bill Pay that are excluded . (Up until now Post Bill Pay was fine).

          So that is a game changer, but I don't see any exclusions for Paypal.

          "You will not earn Points on:
          • all fees and interest charges;
          • Cash Advances;
          • Balance Transfers;
          • transactions made using bill payment services
          such as BPAY or Post Billpay; or
          • Government Related Payments;"

          ** So… is SA WATER government related since it has been privatised??

          • @tunzafun001: Yeah that's what I thought. BPAY/PostBillPay (or similar). The 'or similar' makes me nervous as I have no idea what they deem as similar. I suspect the fact that they don't specifically mention a very common platform like Paypal will not place them in any strong legal standing with the Financial Ombudsman should they choose to exclude it.
            I've never had any issues with Paypal with any other bank before even after PostBillpay restriction came in so I hope WestPac don't play any games with it.

            • @gimme: Yeah, Virgin money wouldn't pay out my bonus points as they said my water bill wasnt an eligible spend. Lodged a case and the Ombudsman over ruled that and I got my points. So there is always that avenue.

    • Agreed. This was my second churn with Westpac, and experienced the same block for the account because I hadn't logged in for a year. Had to go in to a branch, and the staff had no idea what was going on. After being told it was fixed and going home, I had to call them again to have the block lifted.

      I did receive my points in the second statement though… YMMV.

    • I experienced the same block because I used the digital card, to buy a $100 woolies eGift card, before the physical card arrived (yet they say you can use the digital card normally as soon as you're approved). They were completely covid unsafe in the bank branch (touching my ID documents with no sanitizer around, making me talk into their phone which they were just using without a mask, asking me to remove my face mask, and so forth). The whole thing was a pointless frustrating unsafe waste of time that could have been solved with a simple text message: "did you authorise a purchase of $100 woolies gift cards for your personal use? Reply yes or no".

      And then my partner didn't get her lounge passes on a Qantas Westpac card, and it was the most ridiculous faff about trying to get them (they transferred her to Qantas three times!). They violated their own terms & conditions (said it would arrive in 21 days, it did not). In the end she gave up (when they transferred her to Qantas again), then they arrived several weeks after AFTER the card was closed (around 55 days after eligible purchase).


    • Just got my points on the 3rd statement as soon as i hit the spend threshold. Maybe they've improved their system or just got lucky.

  • How much can 90k Velocity points can be sold for?

  • Applied for the qantas version on a fee free promotion, got charged annual fee and yet to receive points.

    Westpac is so disorganised and customer service is terrible

  • Did any of you reading apply for the Platinum deal that was available before?

    It was a Qantas point deal, don’t recall reading Qantas annual service fee ($50) anywhere, however got charged. Wondering if someone else spotted it on their page?

  • Wtf is this velocity annual fee?

    • It's a fee charged by the bank to accrue velocity points. Same with Qantas points cards. Some deals exclude this but a lot of them don't these days.

  • I'm on the lookout for a fee free Qantas deal but this does look decent.

  • get the platinum card free via westpac account instead plus bonus 15k points

  • annual fee kills the deal

  • Hypothetical question.

    If my work salary is $70k, but I also do day trading on the side which consist of $50k profits. How do I reflect my day trading profits to the bank?

  • How is this any good?

    It’s $300 Annual fee for 90,000 points.. or am i missing something here…

    • It’s a deal, just not a great one.

      Lets take redeeming points for gift cards as a scenario.

      With 90k points, you could get $400-500 worth of gift cards, assuming no annual fee. You benefit by - $400-500

      However, with annual fee the benefit comes down to $100-200.

      I’d say, that puts it in the “not worth the effort” basket for most ozbargainers, but there’s still some benefit, just not what we are used to.

      PS - only used 90k points for the example, as the remaining 30k are for the second year.

    • I tend to use it on flights, so generally 90k points
      mean more than $900 for me.

    • I don't think it's great either. But I look at it as an opening gambit, a first offer, and it's great to have velocity rewards cards come back, and I assume the offers will improve with time.

  • The best prestige card on earth and am loving it.

    Status Symbol.

  • They have extended the offer for the Westpac Platinum card with 75k Qantas Points. Ive jumped on it… see how it goes. Going to be slow spending $3000…

  • I've just closed Westpac Altitude Platinum CC collecting Qantas Points. Can I apply to this one and get the bonus Velocity points?

    • Don't think so, must not hold any credit card with them in the past 12 months.

    • Does anyone ever read anything that's NOT posted on Ozbargain LOL
      Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.