Any Reviews On Mantic Clutch Kit

Need your feedback or experiences please, should I look at this or Exedy?


  • Both are good brands, I really can't see you having issues with either.

    • Some ppl are saying mantic aren't any good these days

  • Haven't heard of Mantic to be honest, I usually go Exedy or OE

    • Looking at exedy OEM $400

  • Anybody

    • Google broken?

      • I’m not an expert but I think it’s his clutch that is broken, or at least worn…

  • I'm after first hand experiences

    • -2

      Yeah, on this thing called "the internet" there will be many. There are literally YouTube videos reviewing them. You are asking on a bargain forum.

  • Ring up some performance shops .
    Unless you car is putting out serious power I would just stick to the next step up from standard in the exedy range you don't need to break anything especially if you launch the rex alot

  • I installed one of these about 6 months ago. If you’re used to a traditional clutch it can be a big adjustment being an organic clutch ie you’ll need higher revs than what you’re use to and you can’t just be lazy and drop the clutch on lower gear transitions unless your want to jerk around like a learner driver

    They also wear quicker so you’re not going to get as long as your OEM

    • Okay I'll stick to exedy OEM

    • The clutch op is linked is a standard clutch with higher clamping force. You may be referring to a ceramic puck clutch, which is a pain.

      • Is it good or bad

        • It's a clutch. It will have a heavier pedal. Apart from that, unless you are making 500hp, it will work. Probably just an exedy heavy duty painted red.

      • It’s not a standard clutch it has a completely different pressure plate to an OEM. if you’ve ever driven with one you would understand they don’t feel anything like an OEM clutch.

        • -1

          It has higher clamping load. I've driven with plenty of different clutches. It still has a full face organic clutch disc, so will be as progressive as a standard, just with higher pedal effort.

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