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IKEA KLASEN Gas Barbecue $199 (Was $369) @ IKEA (Family Membership Required)


IKEA KLASEN Gas Barbecue $199 (Was $369).
Offer expires on 15/02/2021

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  • I had one of these. Pretty ordinary. There's no hotplate to cook stuff like onions on, there's no side trays to sit food / utensils on and the rubber around the wheels disintegrated after a year or so.

    • thanks that was very helpful comment for me.

    • Wow thanks for your feedback. Its good its from an owner's experience. I am in the market for a cheap bbq for my backyard, not sure what else is worth buying for that amount of budget.

      • Just get a WeberQ.
        Everything else is junk.

      • Weber Kettle, $30 second hand on Gumtree.

      • A Weber kettle, but still you have no hotplate, no side tray. They last forever though, I have one from 1985 having no problems

      • WeberQ is so small, if you have space, just get a standard style bbq. I don't know why people buy WeberQs if they aren't moving it around.

        • They're efficient, they're long lasting, Weber support is meant to be very good, they're compact, they're multi-purpose (get the more advanced one with the higher lid, thermometer, and piezo ignition and they're great for roasts), and yes….. you have the option to throw it in a car and take it anywhere. Unless you're regularly entertaining large groups of people they're fine for most people, and anyone looking at that kind of thing wouldn't be buying some Ikea POS

      • I was in the same boat as you in Dec2018 and was considering weber and cheap barbecues galore brands. I chanced upon a used Morris Haagen BBQ (with side burner and tray) in Facebook marketplace for $80 and got it. Very happy with my purchase so far and it probably can be sold for $100 right now. That being said, I am not too particular about grilling so some people here might not be happy with it. Anyway, my point is that Weber is probably great but it depends on your situation if it is the right buy.