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[Switch] Urban Flow $2.25 (90% off, RRP $22.50) @ Nintendo eShop


A very decent (although not flawless) Switch game for a no brainer price.

The Winter Edition Bundle is also on sale but at 80% off.

First post, be savage!

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  • If I get this it'll be for two people to play together. It supports that, but is it interesting and engaging enough?
    How quickly do you blow through the levels?

    • hmm

      I only played it as a co-op game and it was somewhat occupying. Haven’t finished it but definitely got ..I want to say 5 hours play in so far, and an enjoyable 5 hours at that.

      Some of the things preventing the game being amazing arise from an inconsistent difficulty curve, the reusing of levels with only minor tweaks, the lack of thematic ‘worlds’ but at less than the price of half a coffee it’ll be more than satisfying!

      My local couch co-op partner is always chasing that Overcooked feeling and this didn’t quite hit the mark but it was sufficiently distracting.

      Hope all that helps

      • Thanks mate, appreciate the writeup.
        We got a good run out of Death Squared but found it to be disappointingly short and I wanted to make sure this wouldn't be a repeat of that. It also had a rollercoaster style difficulty curve.

        We keep the Overcooked for 3 to 4 player situations!

  • This game is great fun. Huge recommendation, especially at this price.

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    First post, be savage!

    That’s the way 👍 😁