Buying an iPhone 11 off Facebook Marketplace?

Hey guys,

Want your genuine advice, i am wanting to buy an iPhone 11 off someone on the Facebook marketplace - price is $750 which seems a bit to good.

It’s sealed and can search the serial number, when I do it says

“Please activate your device
We’re unable to display coverage details because your device hasn’t been registered. Please contact your Apple product retailer or your wireless carrier to register this device”

Nothing stated in regards to warranty, when I asked the seller if there is an invoice, they said they might still have some, then came back and said they don’t have it anymore.

Should I avoid this purchase for the sake of saving $100? I know it’s probably a stupid question but have never brought an Apple product privately before.

Any help is appreciated, cheers for your time!


  • Never buy "sealed" iPhones off not official retailers. There are countless and clever ways they repackage refurbished iPhones

    • And this isn't even a paranoid worst case scenario, it's rediculously common and most people don't even realize they have got a refurbished phone on their hands

      • Thanks for the advice! Have been trying to search other people that have been in similar situations and have read about this happening, thanks heaps.

        • No worries - couple things to consider, someone generally isn't going to scam you if they have a very active and public profile. Like if their profile picture is a young man or woman having a drink they are probably being legitimate. Sounds crazy to write/say out loud, but I've stuck to that and had success.

          Wouldn't do a bargain deal with someone for that amount of money if their profile picture is a picture of a car.

    • Even worse there might be a rock in the sealed box. No iPhone for you 😒

    • Also if it's sealed it could be stolen and Apple could have remotely deactivated the phone's ability to be set up. tbh though I would buy a sealed phone probably. But there's nothing like getting a knew phone and knowing that each scratch and integrity break of the glass is due to your own stupidity. Glass can lose its integrity after being dropped from a large height and not show signs of breaking, but it's now primed to crack at a smaller drop. Also the only poo-fingers I want touching my phone are my own.

  • Only with receipt. check if face id works.

  • make sure you don't see windows 97 screen when you open the phone

  • Please don’t do it. You will get burned. Just like many before you.

  • price is $750 which seems a bit to good

    If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

    More chance of it being a scam than not.

  • Should I avoid this purchase for the sake of saving $100?

    Where can you get a new iPhone 11 for $850?

    A "proper" refurbished is $950 at Greengadget and Frank Mobile so I would be on a brand new for $850.

  • soon we will see another post " help, scammed from facebook buying iphone 11 "

    • You obviously didn’t read the post properly mate, I just wanted advice, shouldn’t just assume I’d be stupid enough to go and buy it.

  • OP posted too much details: iphone model, media and price.
    someone here will search and offerred $780 and bought the phone away …..

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    for the sake of saving $100?


  • Seems odd they would buy a $1000 phone and have kept no trace of the purchase. Most places send you stuff via email. And then suddenly after dropping $1000 you want to make a loss of $250.

    So maybe a chance of that.

    Otherwise they are selling it for drugs, converting stolen identity or credit cards into cash (which may result in the phone being locked but if it is brand new and never registered I think very hard).

    Seems risky…

  • Have bought heaps off gumtree used and new sealed, got a ip12 128gb for $900 before Xmas, flipped it same day for $1320. My wife is using a Xr I got 18 months ago new for $600.
    Only buy with cash face to face.