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Kit Kat Green Tea (Matcha) Sharepack - $4.80 @ Woolworths


You've grabbed your Shin Ramyun and Lee Kum Lee soy sauce, seems like Woolies has green tea flavour Kit Kats on special too!

I usually get the funky flavour kit Kats from Asian supermarket for double the price, so this is a bargain if your local Woolworths stocks it (click 'check stock in our stores')

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    Shame we cant get the so many flavours of kitkat in japan

    • Try local Asian stores, eBay and Hello Japan Shop for exotic Kit Kats. (There are also subscription services like Tokyo Treat.) I'm a big fan of apple pie and rum n raisin.

    • I bought and tried all of them in japan and not all of them are great.

      • You must be a serious KitKat addict to try a couple of hundred flavours

        • First time in japan, thought i might challenge myself. My best flavours were black tea, cream cheese (toasted edition) and some type of tangy raspberry flavor. Worst were the wasabi and sake flavor.

    • My friend got me the sake flavoured one on her way back from Japan years ago but I kept thinking I’ll save it for a special occasion. When the time rolled around, it had expired for over a year :(

  • "Produced in Malaysia". I'd probably prefer the Japanese ones.

  • https://www.kitkat.com.au/our-boutiques

    Are you in Sydney or Melb?

  • :O yay, this stuff is great :)

  • For everyone knocking this, taste it before you knock it.

    It looked like shit to me too until I tried it. It's quite nice and you can't really notice the aftertaste.

  • They need to bring Kit Kat Apple. I had a stockpile of Shinshu Apple and it was amazing.

    • The best flavour I've ever had was 'Pumpkin pie'. It was a limited edition for halloween.
      While travelling around Japan, it was a MUST to buy Kit Kat that was only available to that specific region.

      • I still have some of that left. Honestly it was like the sweet potato… terrible 😓

      • My favourite is creme brûlée. The instructions tell you to microwave it for 10 seconds and the top of the kitkat gets a little burnt. Quintessential Japanese.

    • That was good, though I'm loving the kitkat studio for when they had 3 new flaavours each week, $6 a set of 4 fingers back in those days.

  • i prefer the wasabi ones.

  • Had some yesterday, probably one of the best tasting kit kats ive ever had outside japan. I hope they bring in more flavors.

  • The green tea ones that are made in Japan are really good. Not sure how good the malaysian ones are…. I don't think it'll taste that good.

    • I imagine the differentiator one can taste would be sweetness. Did a taste test of tim tams produced in Malaysia and Australia once; Malaysia one was less creamier and much, much sweeter.

    • Not as good as the Japanese made, Malaysian ones are too sweet and not as bitter, and feel softer too.

  • the official kitkat au site also has Hokkaido Melon mascarpone

    and Chocolatory Special Edition Sake

    half price at $4 but will probably melt into a gooey mess when it arrives. Might be good for valentines day.

    • Not bad although those are just 67g, half the size of the green tea ones here.

    • Yay! Thanks. Will pick up a few tomorrow.

      Btw they don't deliver more than 10km from the shop.
      But when they do it's excellent, insulated with cold water in a cooler bag.

  • Damn I was just at woolies

  • I actually really like this flavour.

  • Hey guys, just fyi if you go to Chatswood Coles they have a section called 'Coles local' and theres a NEW HUGE SELECTION OF ASIAN SNACKS AND STUFF
    they have 'Adult Taste' Matcha and Houjicha Kitkats packs (around $8 ish - abit pricey but less pricey then flying to japan for them) (they are less sweeter and have a higher level of match and houjicha flavour compared to the non-'Adult taste' one.

    Its Crazy I love it sm and they have Korean Pepperos and other stuff too

    they also have the fridge mochi (overhyped and overpriced but still cool)
    and a Plant Milk coffee Machine

    • Coles Chatswood Westfield or Chatswood Chase?

    • For those Matcha and Houjicha flavour, you could try Daiso if there is one close to you. I got mine from them(Westfield Doncaster-Melbourne) for $6.80.

    • Don't eat the fridge mochi!! No one know where it came from… we asked a couples times. Likely china. Get the $$ ones from the market instead, locally made. Even rice workshop is from china.

    • At Wentworth Point near Rhodes there's also a asian mart called Zetciti which sells quite a large array of weird and wonderful asian snacks.

      The downside is that all the Japanese imported stuff is very expensive.

  • So many yuck comments explains how boring the Aussies are. This explains lack of varieties in here compare to other countries :(

    • You can't really expect a very refined palate from people eating minute steak and spuds their entire lives.

    • Umm at least here in Melbourne I think we have one of the most diverse population and cuisine in the world. Of course a lot of people on Ozb could be stereotyped as VB loving vegemite sandwich eaters but there are tons of people out there who love food and stuff from other cultures. And to counteract your statement, I think Japanese foods and stuff seems to be one of the more popular ones in Australia.

      • To be honest, I actually think most people on Ozbargain are of Asian descent, but live or are born in Australia, but still deride Australians and Australian culture. Go figure.

    • mate, that's uncalled for, there are Australians of various different ethnic backgrounds enjoying this. why perpetuate stereotype?

    • Some people I know who have tasted and not enjoyed, say because it is white chocolate-based and too sweet for their palate. No need to bring nationality into it.

      • Well I'm comparing we ('Oz'Bargain) as Aussies vs other countries, perhaps I'm using the wrong context but the point is.

        There are tons of food that I don't like, but I dont go and comment yuck. Sounds bid childish to me, grow up and expand the food palate or move on.

        I grow up eating same boring food every day, now we have so many flavours and varieties, who would've thought bat soup is a thing if you make it correctly?.

  • Now I can eat chocolate and do something good for my body. It's a win win.

  • Amazing $35 a kilo is a bargain when they regularly go 50% off .
    But its nothing new people not knowing what a bargain is here !

    • Please tell me where green tea kit Kat is regularly 50% off? Dissing people for not knowing a bargain when you don't even realize the difference between kit Kat imported from overseas versus local kit Kat..

      • I know its a new product so they are getting first try suckers at this stage before it joins the rest of there lines .
        I know its hard to read companies motives !

        • It's not in the chocolate section at my woolies, its in the 'Foreign foods' aisle

        • More likely that it is a special release for Lunar New Year.

          They did the same thing last year with a special edition mandarin flavour Kit Kat share bag at Woolies for LNY.

  • Wish they would bring these to Brisbane I loved these and the wasabi ones when I was in japan

  • Green tea to Asian taste is what vanilla is to western taste. So standard.

  • anyone know when the deal's finishing? i need one for Sunday

  • I loved those crazy KitKat stores in Tokyo

    Every flavour under the sun - with Melon with Mascarpone Cheese and Creme Brulee being my favourites

  • This is great, I love macha. I drink macha every day, snack on macha pocky, eat macha iced cream for a treat and now can have macha kit cat too. I firmly believe macha is one of the key reasons why I’m late 30’s and have managed to keep the grey hairs away (one of nature’s most powerful anti oxidants)

  • Happy to see these things finally going mainstream…moreso.

    I'm looking forward to the day when we see Royce on OzB. Here's hoping.

  • This should be on SamuraiBargain also

  • The best flavour to me when I was in JP and tried every possible flavour (i think?) was Grape.

  • Heading to Woolies today!

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    Upvoting for the funny description. Can you put together my shopping list?

  • I get a 404 on the page link.