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BWS 20% Cashback ($25 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Just spotted a Facebook ad, that must have been published early, advertising 20% cashback at BWS. Starts at 10am AEDT on Friday going by this banner

Special Terms

During the 14 hour promotional period, 20% cashback for BWS is capped at $25 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 10am to 11:59pm AEDT 22/01/21.

  • BWS online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards or Everyday Rewards will be ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on non-alcoholic products and champagne (sparkling wine is eligible).
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • Cashback is eligible on app transactions. Ensure you download the BWS app, then return and click through Cashrewards before transacting.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • If items are not viewable when searching, ensure you first set your store location within the BWS website.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4037)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Good spotting! Any cap on the 25% cahsback that you saw?

  • +6 votes

    stil waiting on my BWS cashback from previous offer

    • Same and I'm sure if there was any consistency with users, this should get negged too.

      Both CR and SB have been hit and miss on occasions for no particular reason.

    • Mine wasn’t tracked too. I contacted cash rewards and provided receipt, and Cashback was added quickly.

  • The BWS teaser is on the CR App: Your weekend's about to get better. Starts Friday 10:00am AEDT

  • Excellent!

  • BWS on either cashback platform hasn't been tracking well for me

  • So do you have to use the app or is desktop okay?

    • Same question. By just reading the terms I assume desktop is ok but…

    • There's a $2 delivery > $100 offer from if you use the CR App if you're inclined.

      I've just also found out that BWS system tracks your cart if you have logged in, so I used the desktop to do my picking, then went through the CR app to go to the BWS app and logged in and it pulled out my cart straightaway for checkout with $8 delivery discount.

      • Hmmm maybe I’ll get the BWS app. CR app is forcing the BWS shop link to open in a browser and I’m worried my ad blockers will cause issues.

    • in case anyone else is wondering, i just ordered on desktop and got it so it works that way, you dont HAVE to use the app.

      • Are you saying you got the $2 dollar delivery just by using the browser clickthru from cashrewards to BWS?

        • no, not the delivery. I got $12 cashback on a couple of bottles of vodka click and collect. So the cashback works on desktop is what im saying.

  • For those having tracking issues, have you tried using the CR app? I used to have heaps of tracking issues, but now rarely have them since I started using the app when making my purchases

  • Stack with points boost offer "Collect 2000 points on $100 spend" via WOW Rewards, effectively saving you another $10
    Note: possibly a targeted offer in app

    • "BWS online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards or Everyday Rewards will be ineligible for cashback."

      Will you still be eligible? Not sure what "ER" is meant to mean. Does inputing your ER make it ineligible?

      • I assume that's related to how you can redeem your Everyday Rewards points against your purchase - ie. 2000 points nets you $10 'credit' you can use at Woolies

      • ER means Everyday Rewards, i.e. points accumulated through shopping at Woolworths stores.

        So adding your ER number to the online purchase should be OK as you're simply adding it in to collect the points. Paying for the purchase using ER points, however, would make the CR cashback claim invalid.

        That's how I am reading it at least.

    • Mines spend $50 get 2000 bonus points

    • Mine's 120 :(

  • Might restock on a couple of items I picked up earlier this week:

    Coopers XPA Cans 375mL $63

    Balter Captain Sensible Cans 375mL $50

  • Anyone else can't search for anything on the BWS mobile website? Zzzzzz

  • Will redemption of brand bucks make cashback ineligible? Assuming/Hoping it would just reduce the total the cashback is applied to?

    • Pretty sure you can only redeem them through the bws app, which would void Cashback anyway

      • True. Silly question - thanks

        • Actually it says in the email that you can go through the app, must be a new feature! Might need a rep to confirm if you can redeem brand bucks and freebies

          Cashback is eligible on app transactions. Ensure you download the BWS app, then return and click through Cashrewards before transacting.

  • Any suggestions for beer? Whisky? Thanks.

  • Merry Christmas and a merry new year 🍻🍻🍺🍺🥃🥃🍷🍷🥂🥂

  • Thanks - total brain-fart today when I missed Dan Murphy's cashback. I was pissed sober and annoyed

  • So effectively the more i drink the more i save , is there any cap on the spend

  • Great!

  • Tracked.

  • Thanks, OP. Perfect timing for the long weekend!

  • Regarding Whiskey, Dan Murphy's seem to have better prices. But they are often 'out of stock'.

  • This was great (and I maxxed out the cashback which is nice) but was a bit frustrating as I couldn't figure out how to follow instructions (not detailed enough!) on how to 'click through the app and cashwards before transacting'.

    In the end I gave up and did it through the web browser and missed out on the $2 delivery offer but my logic was better to pay $10 delivery and get $25 back then to save $8 and miss out on ($25-$10).

    Yes, this stacks with the targeted (boosted ER) offer of spend $100+ on delivery and get 2000 points!

    So for the smarter folks (than me!) you could stack 3 offers:

    • $10 (2000 points) via ER delivery / boost offer
    • $25 cashback from CR
    • $2 delivery (save $8)

    and of course if you pick something that's discounted anyway (I grabbed a couple of cases of Northern - original lager was $60/case but 2 for $92.. ) that helps too..

  • I wish I'd waited for this instead of dealing with Liquorland's (profanity)

  • Ridiculous prices!!! So disappointing

    • +2 votes

      Yeah I tend to agree. Most stuff is expensive here unless on special.
      It's too much trouble and somewhat hit and miss with CR these days (for me at least). Will grab what I need fron Dans for a few $$ more and not worry about chasing $25 cashback from here. Submitting claims is painful and if rejected end up paying a lot more than had I just saved all the kerfuffle and bought at Dans to begin with :-)

    • Agreed. Berrie Estates Dry White Cask 5L is $21 on BWS, $16.8 after cashback, Dan Murphys has it for $15.99, cheaper without cashback.

  • Probably a super silly question but is click and collect still eligible for cashback, or is it delivery only?

  • Watch out … Theres issues with tracking with BWS. Its been 1 week still no update on my purchases… Its BS

    • yea with my luck I've been submitting disputes left right and centre, for pizzahut, AliExpress, groupon. no adblocker and clicked through directly too :/

  • stacks with $10 off for first purchase over $50. bought a bottle of gin for $53, minus $10 off, cash back $10.6. ended up $32.4 for the bottle. thanks for the good deal. getting drunk af now. thanks CR and SB for sponsoring my alcoholism.

    • are you sure it stacks? does the coupon count as one accepted by CR?

      I have the same offer but i'm a little bit wary

      • it does for me. received tracking email after 15 mins.

        • hmm and can I confirm how you did the bws app + cashrewards?

          did you install the app, then click through on cashrewards and then click on the app option when it suggests it?

          • @p1723: i just used google chrome on my android phone. i went to bws, then to cw, then add my gin to cart, then back to cw just to be sure, then completed the transaction.

        • The final proof will be in 95 days when the cashback is approved.

          Unless someone has already done this and had it approved?

          • @robinCTS: yeah, literally all of my cashrewards balance is "pending". it's more of a psychological game i think, to increase consummerism. especially considering all the terms and conditions that they bury under a wall of text too.
            its like buying insurance, you' never really know what you're gonna get unless you spend a lot of time reading the terms, and aint nobody got time for that.
            i'm still happy though, maybe because i'm drunk haha

            • @levqchi: I've had half of mine approved already. (Only because I've spent up big on grog over these last couple of months!)

              As far as the $10 first purchase bonus goes, this is all up to BWS, and has nothing to do with Cashrewards. If BWS decides that the $10 off can't be stacked with cashback (which in my option is very bad form) and refuse the cashback in 95 days, then you're out of luck.

  • Can anyone get the “exclusive member price” on 4 Pines Pacific to apply? It’s advertised at $52/$55 but is showing $64/$68 in cart. I’ve added member EDR number to my account.

    Edit: Logged in with a different account and it’s worked <shrug>

    Edit: I’ve added a pickup store in VIC and it’s back to full price. Maybe it’s state specific.

    Edit: Appears to be at least available in NSW (home state of 4 pines).

    • Their website is f'd:

      • If I try to log in with my VPN set to a Hong Kong server, it drops into this generic error page instead of telling me why. (Plus there's no excuse for not letting logins from another country. If they're trying to stops hackers, it's a big fail as a half-smart hacker will simply use a VPN with an AU address.)
      • I get the same issue here in WA. $55 exclusive member price, but it's $67 in the cart.

      BWS's account email policy sucks snowballs. (So does their customer service.)

      The custom, store-specific email address I use triggers their security alert1. (Fair enough—apparently it's similar in style to those used by spammers/hackers.) This results in my orders being cancelled automatically within minutes of receiving the order confirmation email containing the message "Heads up, your order has been randomly selected for a security check & may be delayed. You will receive a text message shortly when your order is ready." with no call/text/email follow up, just a cancellation email.

      However, following numerous calls to their support staff, after eventually being told the truth about the email address, they said that I had to change it for further orders to be guaranteed to go through even though they'd essentially confirmed who I was and that I was a genuine customer. Screw you! I use a custom email address so that if they stuff up and get breeched I'm not impacted (other than to create a new custom email address). That's my "security protocol"!

      Before that, though, there was a lot of BS. For example I was given the explanation "your password needs to be the same as the password you use for your bank account"—WTF? This ended up with me talking to my bank's fraud department as BWS seemed to be implying that they could verify the email address I supplied them against the one for my bank account!! Took a lot of to and fro between contacting BWS and my bank to finally isolated the issue.

      1. It's a little more complicated than that, including the fact that I'd previously had multiple orders rejected—WTF? Basically rejected for the same reason. It took 3 rejections before I'd eliminated everything from my end and decided to call their Customer Support. 

    • Not in my near bws either. I reckon they Jack the price again mine showing the same $64/$68 in cart.

      Instead end up getting stone wood and fifty lashes for $99 including delivery 😂

      James Squire
      One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale Bottles 345mL
      1 x
      $54.00 $54.00
      Stone & Wood
      Pacific Ale 330mL
      1 x
      $78.00 $78.00

      = 134 -$25-$10 (cash reward and 2000 wow points)

      =$ 99

      Happy with the purchase. Australian day sorted ..😂

      • = 134 -$25-$10 (cash reward and 2000 wow points)

        I think your order is ineligible for cashback due to following in the terms.

        BWS online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards or Everyday Rewards will be ineligible for cashback.

        • Actually scratch that, think I misunderstood that you were partially paying with rewards dollars but remembered now that some people had the 2000 bonus points offer which is more likely what you meant.

          • @tbone74: Yeah mate, I received $10 or 2000 wow points that was ongoing offer from bws mostly targeted by bws and cash back been tracked in 5 min of purchase so should be all right mate cheers !!

  • got a case of beer and pay by Paypal , I hope I get my cash back!

  • What happens when the store gives you a refund for being 'out of stock'? Do you get cashback on the remaining amount or does it invalidate cashback entirely?

  • What a rip! Purchased 2 great northern 30 packs included team discount 5% and only have 1 of them having cash back. Not 20% that is for sure. Value did not come over $25 limit. Cashrewards are going south like the other mob!

    • Let me guess:

      Two transactions (why?) and you didn't start over from the Cashrewards site for the second one?

  • You guessed wrong buddy:
    1 transaction only (2 items on 1 transaction) receipt clearlly shows it and I have already picked them up. Clearly I was only given 20% off one item , not 2. Cashrewards issue not mine.

    • Now that's very weird!

      Not sure who's issue it is between Cashrewards and BWS, but my guess would be BWS.

      What was the amount that the cashback was based on and what was the cashback value? Were they $63 and $12.60 respectively?

  • What's the minimum order value for click and collect?