[Preorder] Australia Post Limited Edition Monopoly Game $29.95 Delivered (RRP $49.95) @ Australia Post


*Online pre-orders will be dispatched from the product release date. The product will be released in April 2021, release date is subject to change.

What is the same?

  • The object of the game and the rules.
  • Property cards: all the values are the same as the corresponding properties in classic MONOPOLY.
  • The four corner squares remain unchanged, as does the road to victory: whoever is left when all the other players have gone bankrupt wins the game.

What is different?

  • The gameboard: the action on the board is the same, but you are buying locations and services from Australia Post.
  • Travel spaces are now GPOs from Australia Post.
  • Chance cards have been renamed Letterbox Luck and Community Chest cards are now Stamp Archives.
  • Houses and hotels have been renamed postboxes and post offices.
  • Utilities have become Parcel Lockers and Mail Redistribution Centre.
  • Tax spaces are now called Bank At Post and Transport Tax.
  • This game has 4 bespoke tokens: Australia Post Truck, Express Post Van, PMG Car and Post Box.
  • And 2 other tokens: Plane and Push Bike.

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  • Can I get delivered through Sendle?

  • +31 votes

    Winner gets a Cartier Watch as a bonus

  • Is it April 1 already?

    Do not pass go. Do not collect your parcel. It's lost.

  • It takes 3-5 business days to setup the board despite it being right next to you

  • I predict this going for clearance at $5 by June.

  • Advance to Go. Collect a Cartier.

  • Chance cards have been renamed Letterbox Luck

    Whoa, like IRL. You get all the delivery texts and emails, then somebody draws from Letterbox Luck and your parcel is redirected randomly across the board so you'll never receive it.

    I have to play that game each time a seller sends via Aus Post.

  • Whats with all the hate to the national postal service??

    • +11 votes

      Because it is poor and expensive and doesn't deliver?

      • It isn't really expensive. The way the model operates is that people in the city pay extra to subsidise deliveries to people who live in the country. Just remember theres heaps of communities where the only way to get to them to deliver a letter is by a 2 hour plane trip. There would be no postal service for half of Australia if it weren't for this model!

        And I think they are doing a great job delivering everything around the country.

        • They're certainly doing a great job in most cases, but all those other cases make the service largely unreliable.

          And since there's no real competitor with such reach and within the price range, it's just frustrating having to use Aus Post.

          • @pizzaguy: In my opinion, all of these couriers can get stuffed. They love delivering to densely populated urban areas but as soon as its rural, they leave the dirty work to AusPost. What sort of useless competition is that? The government should regulated this industry and hand the monopoly for all postal services back to AusPost.

        • And I think they are doing a great job delivering everything around the country.

          Live in an area where the delivery contractor is a crap and you'll see the other reality.

          And that's not even including the times stuff takes the scenic route around the country's distribution centres before reaching the last leg person.

    • You must be new here.

    • Seems you haven't had your weekly dosage of: "we tried to deliver but couldn't find the address/nobody was home despite WFH/we didn't really, please make a trip to your local PO exactly during your working hours" yet.

    • It might have something to do with so many successive corrupt-incompetent CEOs and their shenanigans.

      Even amongst postal geeks like myself, there are mixed feelings. And who else buys stamps anymore?

    • Would take AusPost any day over Fastway/Aramex or Couriers Please… 🤢

  • The Chance Card determines if your package gets delivered or if a ‘we missed you pick up your item from your local Post Office whose opening hours are like it’s 1950 because the franchise owners are stuck in the past card’.

  • +13 votes

    "sorry we tried to deliver when you're home but too lazy to ring the bell so go to post office after my shift ends at 4pm, to collect the package, so I can get extra early mark off"

    Chance card

  • You have come second place in a mail delivery contest

    Collect $10

  • +3 votes

    Your parcel was delayed by customs

    Pay a fine of $100 to bank

  • +2 votes

    Your package surface has Corona virus you neglected to wipe it clean

    Pay everyone $50

  • A new parcel has been delivered

    Collect $50

  • Chance Card: Your parcel has been delivered…but is still on board with driver…your package will be delivered within 24hrs to 14 days.

  • I wonder who in Australia Post came up with this idea.

    Boss: "How are we going to make a profit?"
    Employee: "How about we make (and sell) our own Australia Post version of Monopoly?"

    • Or maybe it was —

      Boss: "We need to be a monopoly. Sendle/FedEx/DHL and all these other companies are putting us out of business!"
      Employee: "Boss said we need build a monopoly set."

  • And I thought Fortnite Monopoly was bad……

  • Chance Card:
    knock knock
    "We tried contacting you! Proceed straight to the Post Office by 5pm, do not pass GO"

  • You've been caught buying Cartier watches as 'thank you' gifts. Pay everyone $100.

  • +2 votes

    Will they lob this over the fence?

  • Comes with the box pre-dented.

  • I'm just here for the AusPost jokes.

  • look, i just want a copy of edna krabopoly…

  • -Tax spaces are now called Bank At Post and Transport Tax

    Is this a hint that you get screwed using bank at post?

  • But will it ever arrive?

  • Sender: "I've sent the parcel on Aus Post Express with signature required."
    Aus Post: "Guess what madafaka"

  • @HardcoreDBZ thank you legend

  • The one time I had to nip out the parcel guy didn't leave my parcel he left a card. It took 3 days for the parcel to be delivered to our post office as he no longer drops them at the end of his shift he takes it back to base and it then gets delivered to the post office. Yes I called and asked if I could pick it up from base or if it could be re-delivered but no it had to be delivered to the post office.

  • I hope they send the internal guy from whatever division who they can't figure out that has stolen 30% of my standard mail to jail .
    In the end stopping me from sending anything that is not tracked .
    Sample 100 + .

  • @HardcoreDBZ do you work for them?