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Refer-a-Friend - $20 for Both Referrer and Referred ($20 Purchase Required within 90 Days) @ Cashrewards


Just saw this ad on Facebook.

Do your mates (and yourself) a favour this weekend and refer them to Cashrewards. When they make their first eligible purchase of $20 or more, you’ll both get a $20 bonus! 💰 Quick, this offer ends Monday 25 January 09.59am AEDT.

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Referral: random (4076)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • FYI I refered a friend a few weeks ago and they purchased something for $20.xx. It only tracked at $18.xx because of the GST. No referral credit given for me or them. Is that correct? TA?

    • That's correct, it excludes GST.

      Some stores don't report gst, such as Australian products in ebay in which case an even $20 have been ok.

      • Yeah but the $20 minimum spend for a referral doesn’t say that. It’s false advertising. Because I introduced them to Cashrewards, they spend the $20 and got nothing for it.

        • I agree. The reality is the overwhelming majority of purchases of $20 will not be eligible for the $20 bonus because of this clause.

          It would be regarded as deceptive and misleading conduct under ACL.

          Have you tried emailing them?

    • That's correct I placed an order for $20 at chemistwarehouse only tracked ~$19. Ended up cancelling and reordering….

      • I had to do the same thing. Initially I thought THE 1st order had to be $20. But in your case it’s any order that hits the $20 mark within 90 days. Is that correct?

        • Yes doesn't have to be first order as long as you make any purchase of $20 within 90 days you will be eligible.

  • The link and the app is only showing $10 each. Is there a link which says $20?

  • How will Cashrewards detect folks who try to game this promotion by creating a duplicate account for themselves, and then going on to make a $20 qualifying purchase using the second account?

    That's an easy $40+ for buying an item of $20 value (excl GST).

    • You need a valid mobile number to verify and create an account, so you can't exactly just keep creating them.

  • I referred two friends back in Sep and they both said that they have done qualifying purchases but both didn't get referral bonus. They had to contact CR and were given reason that they didn't meet terms and conditions, no specific reason given. Then they both emailed again and one of them got bonus credits approved. No explanation just bonus was approved. I don't know the details of my friends' purchase so if I say anything wrong I apologise. But I kind of thinking what kind of practice is this. I am sure there are more people who are in the same boat. I am curious to find out. And I am referring any friends anymore.

  • RIP. I referred someone a couple of days before this started.