Office Chair for Home Office Budget $300

Hi all,

Looking for recommendations for a comfortable home office chair for under $300

This chair will be in a semi-high traffic area, so it needs to look somewhat ''nice'' (which is subjective)

What does everyone have at home currently?


  • I bought 2 of these ONEX GE300 for our home office and got them yesterday.

    They're very comfortable so far and much better than the Office Works Bathurst Racing chair I had previously, especially with build quality.

  • I have this, but in black.

    It's good. I've been having back problems recently but I don't with this chair. Some people like arm wrests but I feel like they aren't good for me personally. End up leaning on them.

  • I was in similar boat with OP in searching for good (and ergonomic) office chair since I have been working from home for almost a year.

    After a lot of research on quality vs value, as well as trying different chairs at office work and buying one online without trying them (more on this later), this is what I end up with Markus IKEA

    I bought the $229 one. The $329 one seems to have better material and more posh leather-like looks.

    For me this is 10 out of 10! I dont think I will ever buy other brand of chair for this price range. Having said that everyone is different with their posture and sitting habit and every chair feels different. So it is best to go in a shop and try it out yourself before buying them.

    Some prefer this IKEA chair over Markus as it is more adjustable than MARKUS.

    I would warn against purchasing chair online without trying them. I did once (purchasing chair online) before I got this Markus chair. I ended up returning them as the chair was not as wide as I would like it to be and it is a little bit faulty (rust and discoloration on the metal, chair not well balanced, among other issues, etc). I later read bad review about this online company, who sold me the chair, where they have a lot of complaints and returns.

    Hope it helps, all the best!

  • I get your requirements but it's hard to find a good chair that is aesthetically pleasing within your budget. I ended up with a good 2nd hand chair back in March and never expected it to get used this much (working from home ever since). I went for a narrow desk and 2nd hand iMac so my little 'office' still looks nice, despite the bulky office chair (which is super comfortable).