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Onex GE300 Office/Gaming Chair $269 (In-Store) | $289.99 Delivered (Online) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just picked up this chair in-store at Auburn Sydney store and put it together. Fantastic quality chair, with lumbar adjustment, seat slide, adjustable head rest.

Online it's $290, but in-store it is $269 with plenty of stock left. Forgot to take a photo in-store.

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


  • Available for the same online price at Officeworks, though with Costco guaranteed satisfaction, it has better "warranty".

  • Has anyone used this chair before?

    What is it like ergonomically?

    • From testing over the last hour, it is a fantastic chair for the price. Very ergonomic and comfortable.

    • I bought one recently to WFH. My work paid for it as long as it was ergonomic and was AFRDI Approved. This chair apparently ticks those boxes but I’m not expert. I find the chair build of a high standard and I’m comfortable in it working 8hrs a day but then again, I don’t generally get back issues either. Temple & Webster have the same chair for the same price and I think offer $20 off your first order:


      In any case, they’ve provided substantial information/specs on the chair.

      • Awesome! I work in the office mostly so I went something for when I work from home / study and game.

        Out of stock from that link, I might get it from Officeworks

    • I've had it for a couple months, I'm happy with it but my biggest and probably only gripe is that the chair backs highest setting still leans back too far for my liking.

    • I recently bought one off Gumtree but it was NIB. I've been quite happy with it. Compared with my Officeworks $300 chair (Washington, I think it's called) this is much better quality. Ugly as hell but you can adjust tension, headrest height and tilt, the seat slides forward to accommodate your hips moving forward or back, and arm height. There's also some lumbar support adjustment.

      I've had it a couple of weeks and am much happier than anything I've had at a similar price. I was getting awful shoulder pain before but that seems to have improved since switching to this chair.

      FWIW I spend a lot of time in my chair because I WFH and then play videogames on the same computer so I sit in it nearly every day, sometimes for around 10 hours a day.

      I'm not sure how this will hold up for the long haul, but so far so good.

  • How does this compare to the Bathurst racing chair?


    I currently have the bathurst one but the material on it is peeling like crazy so I've been searching around for a new chair.

    • I swapped from that chair to this one and it's the best decision I've made, the bathurst was horrible, uncomfortable after it's been warn in, and the peeling material was a nightmare. I've had the GE300 for about 3 months and I'm happy with it.

    • I had one of the more expensive $300 OW chairs and this one is better by miles

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/353302248448

    $209 here but only 2 left in another colour

  • Online price difference is because they include delivery

  • I don't think this has lumbar adjustment

  • Bought the last blue one from eBay

    • Hey mate,
      I ordered a white/ black chair from Ebay on the 7th and ended up having a blue one arrive at my house this morning. If by any chance you recieve/ recieved the colour i ordered i would be willing to trade you. I'm also in Sydney so lmk. :)

  • Thanks OP.. Have been looking at chairs the past week and just sent it.

    For anyone interested.. Found one GE300 - $249 delivered but the seller only has 1 feedback.

    Was considering the below GT-V7-Z instead @ $309. Less pleather on the bottom, generally the first part to tear/fail.. also weighs a bit more?

    Ended up buying a GT07-35 from above seller @ $699. But now out of stock.
    Similar design to a secretlab neuechair. Hope Onex quality is ok. Suppose if retail stores are stocking them they shouldn't be terrible.

    • Thanks for sharing, I got a GT-V7-Z. Current chair is not helping with back/posture and hopefully this might.

  • I don't have this particular ONEX chair but have another one that I also bought from Costco several months ago. They are very comfortable and have been working from home quite comfortably using the chair.

    Highly recommend the ONEX chairs.

  • could anyone give me a review/experience comparing this chair "Office chair" vs " Gaming chair" ? thanks

    E.g this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594752