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Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7 [Blu-Ray] ~ $32.50 + Delivery @ Amazon UK


This box set features the movies, spanning across 4 Blu-ray discs and a fifth DVD disc of extras (DVD disc is region 2/4 according to a posting at Blu-ray.com):

  • A Nightmare On Elm St
  • Freddy's Revenge
  • Dream Warriors
  • The Dream Master
  • The Dream Child
  • Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
  • Wes Craven's New Nightmare

This is a recent price drop, nearly 10 pounds off the previous normal pricing, and is the lowest price ever. £24.99 minus 20% VAT is £20.83, which converts (via Google) to $32.42 AUD. You'll need to add something else to get over the £25 limit to qualify for free shipping. The same box set is available at JB Hi-Fi for $81.99 at the moment.

All UK Blu-ray discs will work in Australian Blu-ray players, as both countries share the same Blu-ray region code.

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