iPhone 12 128GB $1379.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco has the iphone 12 for $1379.99

Just had it price beat at officeworks, final price was 1310.99.

Could be the best price so far but I could be wrong. Officeworks refused to price match dicksmith and Kogan due to it being an international import, so this is the next best I guess.

I'd suggest just going in store if its in stock in your area, calling up took forever.

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  • Don't think OW can match Costco due to membership condition

    • Yep, OP you got lucky as its not their policy to price match Costco and membership pricing

      • I tired at JB few weeks ago and they refused due to membership pricing.

        • Oh thats interesting, I was price matched no questions asked. I think because the price was openly displayed on the costco website. Maybe I set off an alarm at officeworks and perhaps they've stopped the price match :/

        • Maybe, you should try tomorrow. I got a price match too.

  • Doesn't officeworks not pricematch costco due to the membership thing?

  • OW may argue that the Costco deal does not comes for free— the membership fee…
    anyone has experience on this?

  • Spoke to them to try buy one on the phone - they don't price match costco at all

  • Why no price match to Kogan or Dick Smith? Didn't they remove the 'local website' etc rule?

    • Because Kogan and dick smith have the iphone clearly labelled on a banner image as an "international import" and so officeworks says it isn't the same product as their local iphones

  • OW price matching really just comes down to who you get. Some are really picky and others are either clueless or don't know any better.
    Don't see this as a deal as 95% of us wont be able to get the price match.

    • Having worked in Customer Service, I can tell you that simply being genuinely nice person and asking politely can make me turn a blind eye for you ;)

  • Yeah- this won’t fly in 98% of Officeworks’.

    Not a deal at all.

  • OP, you had price beat over phone or in store ?

  • isn't 5% off from gift card may come down cheaper?

    • Where can you get the 5% gift cards? I always hear people talking about it but can never seem to find it.

      Also, you'd be 5% off rrp of 1429 in that case. This was 5% off costco price at 1379.99, which is why it's slightly cheaper

  • Can you please share OW receipt? I might give it a try.

  • Costco have a website now that anyone can buy from. Some of the items have member pricing, but plenty (like this) are just for sale to the general public.

    Nvm… I got this mixed up with the ‘login to see member pricing’ tags on the website

  • Just a quick warning an apple employee told me that costco isn’t an authorised retailer of apple so warranty starts from when costco buys it from their supplier and since the warranty with apple has passed a bit already so might be worth the little extra to get from a retailer such as jbhifi with discounted gift cards to make it even cheaper than this price and warranty that starts as soon as you buy it so you can get an extra ~2 months

    • Doesn't warranty starts when you register the device, not when you purchase?

      For warranty claims/repairs, Apple don't ask for invoice, they rely on activation date.

      At least this is my experience with a few iPhones and MacBooks…


      • That is not true, whenever I bought an Apple product the warranty starts from when I bought it as they log the serial number when you purchase it, but since Costco isn’t an authorised retailer they cannot log it into apples system for the warranty but the warranty starts from when they bought it from their supplier. And you are correct about the repairs, they don’t ask the receipt as they can see that it is under warranty when they look on their system and see the place of purchase

    • I did a search in apple website to check for authorised reseller. Costco Lidcombe came up in the search.
      You can go to this link: https://locate.apple.com/au/en/ —-> Sales —-> search for Costco and it will show the Lidcombe address.. 15-21 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australia

      I hope this helps..