Office Chair Specifically for Tall People


I'm after office chair recommendations that are comfortable, and perhaps ergonomic - but specifically for tall people.

I'm not even huge, at like 192cm/6ft3.5in. My main issue is short backs, even on 'high back' chairs. Let me explain:

A chair like this, the bracing at the top won't even make halfway up my shoulder blades. So either 80%+ of my back weight is resting on the plastic frame, or I slouch forward a lot and sink into the mesh, while still having some excess pressure from the top bar:

Char like this seems fine in theory, and is cushioned so won't push hard on my back. I would like a higher back though, so I can relax in it if I want to, say playing games etc:

This one here appears to be good for taller people, but seems risky. I have $500+ chair at work I need to swap and the back height seems similar. I'd bet that my shoulders would bump into the headrest, if it's not adjustable height:

Edit: here's office chair, it's $1000+, and it's not good for me:

tl;dr pls recommend me (and others!) some high-back chairs that will suit taller peoples shoulders.


  • I have always used cheap and/or hand-me-down chairs from my brother/mum etc, but a few months ago I bit the bullet and spent the ~$700 or whatever for a secretlab titan. Maybe its because I havent had a good chair before but this thing is solid, the foam is nice and firm and has plenty of adjustments.

    Im 6'8" and probably still too tall for the titan, but I have the head cushion at neck height and I just rest the back of my head on the top of the chair if im leaning back watching youtube or something.

    I dont really have any complaints but I have read that a lot of people dont find it comfortable. I do and am pretty happy with it

  • Herman Miller Aeron Size C

  • I'm still using my Buro Metro after about 5 years. I did have an issue with a spring breaking a little while ago, but Winc (was bought from Staples) organised a replacement part to be sent out immediately.
    I'm about an inch shorter but have the same issue with chairs, and this is great for me for back support. The lower mesh supports my lower back, so my spine doesn't touch the top of the chair back, and my shoulder blades fit within the plastic outer frame/edge. I was just leaning back and the top frame is uncomfortable against my spine, but I have never noticed this before so I'm only doing it to test and I am nearly looking at the ceiling doing it…
    The chair is pretty comfy, but it makes me sit with a better posture (more upright) that previous chairs did, so I don't slouch even when I'm not thinking about it. I prefer the model with arm rests as these adjust to the perfect height to rest on.
    Of course with any chair, I would sit in one first if you can, then go online and get the best deal for it. Even though I would like to try the Ergohuman, I think I would probably go another Buro Metro again if they are still decent quality these days :)

  • For stuff like this buying completely online is a huge hassle and risk.

    Is there anyway you can do 'The Floor Show'? That is:

    Do research online,

    then try your best to find on floor stock of the chairs your interested in, this will be a pia and involve emails and calls all over the place

    print out screenshots of the chairs for sale online with their prices,

    travel to them,

    and sit in them.

    Then if you find the right one you can buy it on the spot, haggle with your online price evidence, or just go home and order online.

  • have you tried ergohuman? you didn't mention budget so there's also hm embody

  • If your on a fairly tight budget the IKEA Markus is good for something around $200-250. The arm rests sucks so don't bother and since your fairly tall compared to the average person the head rest should be ok for your height as it is not really adjustable. Or go into IKEA n give them try.

    For something like $400-500 I used Krost Furniture, I used to have their Future II which I got on sale but have upgraded since then to a Steelcase Leap V2

    For $600-800 Ergo Human are decent chairs.

    Or going higher $800-1k try Steelcase(we have a few in the Office and I've upgraded myself to one which I got 2nd hand for half the RRP). Check Steelcase out via AKI Environments Office Chairs Melb

  • I'm 6"4. Get yourself a high back gaming chair. That's what I did. You can get decent ones from about $250 but a good one around $600.

    Gaming chairs are basically super ergonomic office chairs aimed at gamers (who wont spend as much money as businesses for the chairs, so you get more bang for your buck at the same price point with gaming chairs).

  • Secret lab titan xl

  • check out ikea markus