This was posted 10 years 6 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Console - $168


For those that missed out when it was $158, it's now back for $10 more - $168.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    $c#3W u harvey. ur ripping me off $10 :p

    now does any one know of a xbox+kinect deal for around ~$250 before cashback? really looking for harvey to do one of those deals. :D

      • It says in small print "This promotion cannot be used together with any coupon / voucher discount"

        That wouldn't include the $50 cashback would it?

        • the $50 cash-back is from Microsoft. but im still not sure if u r eligible to claim the $50 if u buy from them

        • The $50 cash back from Microsoft is for a "Kinect" xbox deal.

        • yes and if u look above rss123 has linked to an xbox+kinect deal

        • .

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    If I could get a 'good' batch I would be all over it :)

    • whats this good batch bad batch?

      • All slims manufactured before August 2011 is hackable

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          some how i know that that was the reason. is this a hardware hack or something easier? and does live work after the hack?

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          not true, ive seen a June xbox not hackable due to its amp rating wasnt 10.83amp but 9.86amp. it was also missing the HANA chip which has now been incorporated with some other part of the mobo. google for more details.

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        • Wouldn't x360key or X360dock work?

  • xobx 360 with ultimate cable, wired ps3 media server, foxtel = outstanding!!

  • I'm having a hard time deciding to either purchase this right now or wait for the boxing day specials.

    Its slightly stingy of them to increase the deal $10…

    • Its harvey norman. Its RORS, Rip off and rude staff as my uncle Benny says.

  • Once you hack/flash your xbox and use live. Your account would be banned along with your ip address. Source:Happened to my mate haha.

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      what, ip too? how ridiculous. Especially if u have a dynamic ip and u get some1 elses ip that has been banned or if u r on a shared network.

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      They won't ban your ip, they'll want you to buy another one…

    • They don't IP ban and its also useless to IP ban is Aus.

    • I dunno about hacking the 360 or how XBL bans work really, but woundn't they ban the console's MAC address?

      • Exactly. Otherwise you can mask your IP or obtain a new one. They actually rape your console through the individual ID #(mac address).

  • Does the $50 cashback offer apply to this as well? Or is it only for Kinect Bundles?

    • Kinect bundles only

  • Oh please when are the PS3's going on sale!!!!!! I can't take it anymore, each day the Xbox 360 goes on sale i beat my self with a stick for missing the 199 PS3!!!!! Already have two 360's one more deal and i'll prob buy another one out of insanity!!!!! haven't PSN'd for months and its killing me need to stick with 3.55. Anyone else on the edge for a PS Vita!!! why are we getting jacked at 450 for a 3G?? They're 299 in US!!!!!!!! and than Uncharted Golden Abyss 120 on top???

    • this is the reason i bought the xbox, ps3 is at a wall atm, now im free with the xbox.

      • i hear you had such high hopes for this holiday season with PS3 cant believe they dont even seem to care about competing

    • mate Sony has really disappointed me. They are letting Microsoft win the market over with their cheap xbox prices, by not really developing the move and letting the kinect win.

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        i know man, 2011 looked like the year of PS3, not because the media was saying it but KZ3,MotorStorm Apocalypse, SOCOM inFAMOUS 2, Resistance 3 bunch of others along with those MGS remasters and of course who can forget Uncharted, i agree some did disappoint but i loved the fact that PS3 seemed on a perfect path but now its almost clear Sony seems to have lost its competitive-ness, doesn't at all feel like they are trying to gain anything, but you are right nothing has really come from Move maybe too much focus on the Vita? But to be fair Kinect is pretty useless, was considering picking one up but after i visited my sister and Kinct-d for the first time, apart from the Forza driving witch gets super tiring after a while and its walk around the room show off car feature, Kinect's just as useless for now!! Later bro

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      Maybe this may tempt you -

      On-topic - Grab an official 250GB HDD for $100 from Dick Smith (or eBay for unofficial ones, which can cost ~$70) and you've got yourself a great bargain.

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    Does anyone have any feedback on Foxtel through the 360? You need unlimited broadband account I guess to use it?

    • no u dont. its around 800mb/hr on the highest resolution. Its pretty decent. Its not full HD but slightly less than 720 id say. So if u watched 5hr/day that 120gb/month. Just get TPG 200gb — $49/month

      If you do however watch TV 5hr/day may be you need to go out more often. :p

    • Unmetered if you're on Telstra…though that has it's own pitfalls be assured :(

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