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OnePlus Buds Z Wireless Earphones $69 + Shipping/ Free with Kogan First @ Kogan


Pretty good deal if you're part of the Oneplus Ecosystem or just want some decent buds for a good price. These Z model buds have had much better feedback over the original Oneplus Buds and this is the first time I've seen them for under $100.

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  • oh, are these the ones that were confiscated by US customs cus they thought it was fake replica airpods ? lol

  • I got these from aliexpress during the black friday sales and for the price these are great. Sound quality is good and the battery is about as advertised but pretty average but they do have some issues that are still yet to be resolved such as playback automatically pausing randomly because of the hit or miss in ear detection and lack of touch control customisation. One of my favourite features on these is that you can hold down on the earbud for 3 seconds to quickly switch to another device.

    • Any issues pairing with non-oneplus devices? My Lypertek Tevis can be a real pain at times to pair and now the batteries have degraded significantly I'm considering these.

      • I personally have a oneplus device but haven't had issues with connecting it to other devices and you can officially customise the settings with the HeyMelody app on any smartphone. Battery indicator showing the individual bud and case battery only shows up natively on Oneplus devices though (I think) and can only be seen through the same HeyMelody app.

      • I've got a pixel and it connects fine! Like rain mentioned, the random pauses can get annoying at times.