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[PC, XB1, SUBS] Control, Injustice 2, Desperados 3, Torchlight 3, Yakuza Collection, The Medium, Cyber Shadow, on Xbox Gamepass


Was checking Xbox Game pass PC new games and found that Control is now available on Xbox Game pass PC.
Hope this helps a few people that has plans to buy this game (like me)
Have a great Friday!

confirmed list of Xbox Game Pass games coming to consoles in January:

Control (PC Only, added Jan 21)
Injustice 2 (added 7th January, 2021)
Football PES 2021 (added 7th January, 2021)
The Little Acre (Console, added 7th January, 2021)
Torchlight 3 (added 14th January, 2021) (Note: Console Only)
Desperados 3 (Android, Console, PC added 21st January, 2021)
Donut County (Android, Console, PC, added 21st January, 2021)
Yakuza Remastered Collection: Yakuza 3-5 Remastered (Android, Console, PC, added January 28th, 2021)
Cyber Shadow (Android, Console, and PC, added January 26th, 2021)
The Medium (PC, Console, added January 28th, 2021)
Outer Wilds (Android, added January 21)

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