JBL Link Music Smart Bluetooth Speaker $68 @ Harvey Norman


$69 in most previous deals, best price was $59 from AusPost. HN's RRP of $168 is same as JBL, whereas TGG's regular price seemed to be $105.

Grabbed two myself to replace Google Home Mini's where we wanted better sound. Only bought a Nest Audio last week, at a quick "turn both on and run between the rooms" test, I'd say this is pretty much comparable, with maybe a little less bass.

Also down to $69 at The Good Guys, Target and Catch if you prefer/have vouchers.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Don't forget LatitudePay's $60 - $20 deal

  • LatitudePay‚Äôs offer expires tonight.

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  • I already have two Google Home Max speakers and a Google Nest Hub Max in a 2 bedroom apartment. I don't necessarily need this, but…..

  • Thanks OP. Got 1