Cat Tower Deluxe $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C & in-Store) @ Kmart


Give your furry friend their own nook to jump, climb, exercise and sleep in by bringing home this deluxe cat tower with multi levels.

Product dimensions: 64cm (L) x 114.5cm (H) x 58cm (W)
Box dimensions: 51cm (L) x 42.4cm (H) x 34.4cm (W)

Product weight: 9.8kgs
Box weight: 10.546kgs

Sturdy cat activity tree with multi level design
Different materials encourage your cat to scratch this rather than your furniture
Bed perch for your pet to sleep in and a hidey hole to spike their curiosity
For your pet's safety, inspect regularly and remove if damaged.

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  • save money, go to shops and get a box, cat will love that more lol

  • Not a bargain just normal price. And have no stock. One week ago, in CH, staff said no stock and checked in their system, there were 4 in stock in North Rocks. Went to North Rocks, but the staff couldn't find any one

  • My cat won't sit on the towers unless they have side railing (?) / little walls.

    It doesn't like the completely flat surfaces like these ones.

    It loves this one for example:

  • We went to our local carpeting place and scabbed from them a super-tall, cardboard tube the carpeting comes on. We glued/staple-gunned an old rug, inside out (the cats like the reverse to claw) to the tube and then attached it to the wall in our vaulted room (at a slight angle to help in later years). We put a shelf at the top. She flies up that thing!

    PS: get good catnip and rub it into the carpet.

    The best!

    • Reminds me of a video of a couple in the US who built runways, tunnels all thru their house for several cats they had. It was impressive !