Selling Preowned Item with Amazon Invoice

Couple of months ago I got a vacuum cleaner robot from an Amazon deal.
After using a few times I realised that it’s not my thing and too lazy to return to Amazon. So just wanted to sell the item while the warranty is still valid.

In order to pass the warranty to the new buyer, looks like I need to handover the invoice as well. But the problem is, Amazon invoice has personal details on it. Like full name, phone number and home address. Is there a way to pass the Amazon invoice to the buyer without revealing my details? Like asking amazon for a modified invoice?



  • The way Amazon deals with warranty is have you return the item for refund. This has to be done through your account so having the invoice is worthless and no, they're not going to issue you a modified invoice.

  • So too lazy to return back to Amazon, and too lazy to ask Amazon for a modified invoice?

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    Go to your order on Amazon, click Share Gift Receipt, get a printable receipt that can be used for returns/warranty but doesn't have price and other details

  • So you want to bother and sell it and deal with lowballers and time wasters and probably sell it at a loss but are too lazy to literally just go to a post office and return it and get your full money back. Wow just wow

    • It likely doesn’t even need to be returned to a post office, you can often get a parcelpoint return label and return at a local shop.