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Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter 7e (Paperback) $13.97 + Delivery ($3.90) (RRP $80+) @ Amazon US


Actually a great deal for the paperback version.
GAMSAT coming up maybe it’s a good buy for you if you considered the eBook/ Kindle version for $80+

Sorry if no ones interested but thought ‘just maybe’

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    upvote just because

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    I didn't like the chapter about atoms, seemed like they made up everything

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    Nice find. That is a very good price for a mainstream text.

    • Picked up a copy. Thanks!

      • There is an entire set of 7. They are an interesting read

    • Those books are a decade old, so only worth 95c

      • Still current in university

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    I believe this is a loose leaf version not paperback.

    • loose leaf?

      • I think it means it doesn't have any binding.i think just loose sheets with holes so you can put it in a binder folder

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    The description makes it sound like high school chemistry level at best. I guess that's good if you didn't do high school chem or need a recap.

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    I approve this post.

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      I approve your approval, of this post.

      • I approve OP’s approval of the approval of their post

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          The above post in which you approved my approval, of your initial approval, is approve by me, the OP

          (It’s been a long day gardening)

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    I need a real life walter white to teach me chemistry.

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