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20% off Select eufy Products (e.g. Video Doorbell 2K Wireless with Homebase 2 $279, G10 Hybrid RoboVac $379) @ JB Hi-Fi


It is time to stock up discounted gift cards to get your add-ons or new security systems :)

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  • Any recommended Eufy products?

    • The door bell is very very good.

      • Agree. Have the wired 2k doorbell. It's not smartest eg. Smart enough to detect people buy not smart enough to tell you who it is.

        It's also gives off some false alerts, eg. Car tyres, trees.

        But on the plus side has no subscription due to it saving video to it's built in sd card.

        Video doorbell was still money well spent.

        • Can you please help me with this dilemma…
          Own the home, access to an electrician:
          - home base wireless; or
          - wired?

      • do you have any delays, and if so how bad? Mine is quite bad… the quality is great but the video and audio lag kills it for me. Not sure if it's my setting that is causing it but other people are experiencing the same issue…

        Also, if anyone is wondering and wants to know about the battery life - I am using the battery powered one as well and get about 1-2 months before needing to recharge with medium sensitivity and high quality.

        • My one is pretty good. There a small delay but not enough for me to be too concerned about.
          It may have something to do with how quick your internet connection is.

          • @Tsapena: is your model battery or hard wire? saw reviews battery powered always have delay due to it needing to "wake up" and even if you hard wire a battery model it still has delay since it's designed that way….

            have NBN 50 and mesh system and speed test shows it's quite quick…hmmm

    • cameras are great too and easy to use :)

    • The smart lock is also very good

    • I have these floodlights with the cam! They are super bright!! Love them. Just hope they last

    • The alarm system seems pretty solid.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for the keypad and motion sensor to go on sale.

  • I dont know if i should get this doorbell or ring. I like how they will replace it if it gets stolen :)

  • Eufy Doorbell or hikvision intercom?

    • Eufy doorbell for sure as I have it, much better than the forever-loading-Ring doorbell that I used to have, my friend has one of the telecom, the quality not too good.

  • Officeworks just dropped a bunch of their prices down to a few cents below this offer now FYI

  • Yep I was deciding between the ring & eufy, very glad I went with the eufy. Has helped me with some issues living next to a school with the doorbell motion sensor recording.
    A question….to use the motion sensor add on, do you need a security cam as part of the setup, or can you just set when to activate the sensor via the app & homebase? TIA

  • Thanks op. Got a couple thanks.
    Extra 3% with ShopBack voucher

  • Thanks OP, in need of the little vacuum for the car and extra cam for the garage, both on sale, cheers.

  • Hey guys, have been doing research but still have Qs in case anyone can help!

    Tossing up between the doorbell cam and the 2C Security Camera. Both come with homebase, but obv doorbell cam comes with one camera and the 2C comes with two. Looks like there's also a built in mic and speaker for the security cam so wondering if anyone has feedback?

    Cost of doorbell + homebase plus addon single security camera > the 2C Security Cameras so I'm unsure which to get?