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Baseus QC3.0 2m Cables (USB, USB-C & Lightning) 4 for $19.96 ($4.99 Each) Delivered @ Shopping Square


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Type-C to USB

Type-C to Type-C

Lightning to USB for iPhone/iPad

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  • More interesting that you can mix and match.
    full list: https://www.shoppingsquare.com.au/category.php?mode=promotio...

    Buy ANY 4 or more Promotional Items for $19.95 with FREE Shipping

    But there are better deals on Amazon if you have prime and just want one type.

  • Thanks OP!

    the Apple Lightning cable is only 1.5A at 2m,
    the USB-A to USB-C is only at 5V/2A Max (the shorter variants are 9V/2A Max)

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      So they're advertising a quick charge cable that doesn't quick charge? I thought QC on these cables was governed by the devices on each end, not the cable itself.

      • The resistance of the power wires still matters. For 3A over 2 metres, you'd need a larger wire-gauge.
        I would not expect to get the fastest charge over such a long cable.

        Perhaps the QC3 spec requires lower cable impedance at 9V?

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    Lightning cables don't mention anything about being MFI certified. I'm avoiding just on that premise.