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[PS4] Persona 5 $14.99 @ PlayStation Store


Cheapest I've seen this game for. I think it's free for those who have a PS5 with PlayStation Plus. Good price for those still on PS4.

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  • Currently included in ps plus member, shown on my ps5 though.

    • Yeah this is the list I have found for free titles for PS5 users with PS Plus:
      Playstation Exclusives:
      Days Gone
      Detroit: Become Human
      God of War
      Infamous Second Son
      Ratchet and Clank
      The Last Guardian
      The Last of Us Remastered
      Until Dawn
      Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
      Other titles:
      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Battlefield 1
      Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Zombies Chronicles Edition
      Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
      Fallout 4
      Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
      Monster Hunter: World
      Mortal Kombat X
      Persona 5
      Resident Evil 7

    • Sorry I'm new to PS5 and want to know if the PS5 PS+ membership is different from PS4's.

      I own a PS4 atm with no plus membership and has a PS5 incoming.

      Will this suffice and get me the access to all those PS4 titles on PS5?


      • Yes.
        You just missed out on 25% off though

        • Bummer…. :(

          I wonder if those free games listed above by Mr Haj will stay if I decide to wait and join PS+ when it goes on sale again?

          • @mg_k: They should do, but no guarantee.

            Could always sign up for a week, month, or whatever is cheapest (not sure if they do free trials anymore) once you get your PS5 and add them to your library then. They will remain in your PS Plus library forever (but only playable when you have an active membership).

    • Don't they just include in PS+ in the PS5's launch month only?

      I thought those games were only included in November 2020.

    • Yeah but not purchasable for PS4 owners so sad. If it's on ps plus ps4….

      • PS4 owner can get those once they login to a friend's PS5 and add the games to the library.

        • I thought you can only register one account against one PS5? Do you mean you just need to Logon to a PS5 then it thinks you own the console??

          • @neonlight: just like PS4, you can have 20 accounts on the PS5. Just login to the PS5 then go the PS Plus collection, add the games to library and then it will show up on PS4 library as well.

  • Good deal! Good for the collection :)

  • +14 votes

    Personal 5 Royal Edition or nothingggg

    • yeah sony hit the scrooge button there….

    • Please explain the difference? I just bought the Standard Edition :(

      • +4 votes

        It's basically an enhanced edition of Persona 5, additional characters & confidants, locations and more story. Would absolutely recommend it :)


      • There's more content but the core gameplay and most of the main plot is the same (except the endings). I think you will have just as much fun with P5. You can always get Royal afterwards if you enjoyed it enough :)

      • Royal also is more optimised so the loading time is considerably faster.

      • As mentioned in the other comments, Royal included extra content, but was also optimised for PS4 Pro, i.e runs at native 4K and has faster load times, the regular version does not. And sadly, there's no way to purchase that extra content or upgrade, it's a completely separate game (I had also bought it right before Royal was announced and was pretty annoyed!)

    • Tycoon for the win!

    • There's no way they will include that Royal edition. Altus won't make anything if it's on Ps Plus….

      Besides this might be the last good persona we get due to director leaving

  • Just an FYI for anyone curious, the Royal Edition is PS4 Pro enhanced with higher resolution but this version is not.

    • This. I totally understand locking new content behind a pay wall, but withholding the Pro resolution enhancements was a really shit move. Especially since it requires a repurchase not a DLC upgrade.

      • Still hoping this/Royal eventually gets released on PC. P5 Strikers doing well on PC may finally push them to do this.

      • Persona 5 is basically a ps3 game just ported over to ps4.
        Also released in Japan before the Pro even came out

        • There are lots of games that were ported to PS4 or released before the Pro release and given Pro patches. Atlus are notoriously stingy, though.

  • Great deal but get the royal edition!

  • Any reason to get this when royal is available?

  • I bought it on the store black friday 2019 for $25 so the price doesn't drop much over time

  • I've had this for a while but never played it because all the P5 fans say you should play P5R instead because of the improvements it makes, but I'm not buying it again for that price so just never touched it.

  • Almost got this thinking it was Royal. Close call, dick move Sony

  • Love this bloody game. I don't usually like jrpgs as I find their storylines and narration to be too drawn out. But p5 has great characters and mature story arcs.

    But I'd still skip this to buy p5r. It's worth the extra $35 for all the quality of life upgrades and 4k.

    Playing p5 is as close to a Japanese holiday that we will get for awhile, sadly :(

    • When P5 was released here in 2017 I played it on release. And went to Tokyo the month after. The exact same district central Shibuya…

      That was pure awesomeness. Also witness attack on titan at Tokyo Skytree