Etymotic Research Studio Reference Precision Matched in-Ear Earphones (ER4SR) $262.31 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


$650 aud locally

Seems to be a similar price to adorama deal, but they don't ship here, so would have to pay forwarding costs etc.

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  • Those don't look comfortable at all.

    • You can replace the tips with foam ones which are far more comfortable (and seal better for me)

    • If you can get used to them, they do provide really really good seal.
      I used to use own EtyKids which were great with these tips. Though the problem for me was the tip would get stuck inside my ears.
      If they didn't do that, I would've bought these in a heartbeat.

    • ER2XR with the grey triple flange is the most comfortable IEM for me. You get used to the deep fit after a few weeks

  • look like alien probes

  • Wonderful, highly respected IEMs. Absolutely love my Etymotics, had several sets over the last 12 years.

    The fit has a small acclimatisation period, but after that you'll wonder how people use anything else.

    Highly recommended.

    • Agree wholeheartedly. I had a pair of the er4p, that lasted about 14 years. Didn’t really feel I could justify the price for another pair so tried a few other brands and then got the 3xr. Wish the 4 had been this cheap then (for the bargain as I can tell the difference with the 3s).

  • Can you sleep with these on? I listen to podcasts/music to fall asleep and I've found the Shure 215's adequate for the task. Now the glue's starting to come apart a bit and I'm just keeping my eye out for possible replacements. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • These stick out quite a bit and they're really not ideal for sleeping if you roll over. Plus, the seal over an extended period can get a bit sweaty.

      I just use my cheap bundled earphones for this task.