Outdoor under Cover Marri Table & Benches - Issue with Supplier & Product

Hey Fellow Oz'ers! :-)

Would be grateful for anyone's input on this….

Basically I bought a Marri Picnic Table with bench's for my outdoor alfresco which has been converted to a bar area. I purchased a Marri Table and told the company I bought this from multiple times it was for an outdoor undercover area and within the first 3 months of purchase the wood has expanded has massive gaps, sharp edges and in many area's to put it bluntly look's awful and is dangerous for kids.

I spoke to an independent adviser and they advised me that they should have said this type of timber wasn't suitable for an outside undercover area when I told them what my intentions for the table were and if it got repaired this will happen again and again and I will always have this issue as the timber isn't suitable to be outside.

There was nothing noted on my receipts or still nothing on their website about that this wood shouldn't be outside regardless if undercover or not.

I've asked them for a full refund or to replace with a wood of same standard or higher that's suitable for an outdoor undercover area and I have two person's that were with me when the purchase and pick up was made that heard me saying it was for outdoor undercover to the person at the company "verbally".

Table is only 3 months old and I paid a reasonable amount and wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation??

I've they don't refund I'm thinking of taking it to a small claims court due to the amount paid.

Any feedback would be gratefully received for anyone been in a similar situation.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond :-)

Here's the images of the table