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EKO 55" 4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Assistant $529 @ BIG W

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Bought one today, after seeing an expired deal for $20 more.
Great TV for the price, the android interface is actually not laggy and fit to use one of the apps for IPTV.
Managed to put it in my hatchback flat without issue.

Details as followed:
Experience outstanding entertainment with the New Android 10.0 EKO TV. Blockbuster movies and TV shows. Streaming apps and multiplayer games. Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your living room. With a range of content you'll be free to explore on Google Play Store. With a Bluetooth Remote allowing you to operate it from anywhere in the room.

Product Features:

4K Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range)
New Android TV 10.0 OS - All the content that you love, exactly how you want it. Welcome to a smarter way to watch.
Google Play Store - With the Google Play Store for Android TV, whatever you're into, there's an app you're sure to love.
Android TV comes with your Google Assistant built in. Just press the Google Assist button on your remote control to quickly find the latest blockbuster or check the score of the big game.
Chromecast Built-In - With Android TV, you can quickly cast photos, videos, music and other content that you love from your favourite device straight to your TV.
NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME VIDEO AND YOUTUBE Pre-installed for your viewing pleasure.
NETFLIX and YOUTUBE buttons on remote for easy access.
1.07 Billion Colours
Dimensions - With stand: 1235.7 (w) × 273.9 (d) × 789.9 (h) mm
Dimensions - Without stand: 1235.7 (w) × 91.6 (d) × 724.2 (h) mm

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  • -4

    "Managed to put it in my hatchback flat without issue." this is really bad for the screen. It places it under a great deal of stress and you risk cracking it.

    • +1

      Chill TV, just crack open a cold one

    • +6

      Not completely true, you shouldn't have the lcd face down, face up is generally fine.

      • Why? Your laptop screen is down most of the time

        • +2

          It's pretty unlikely to happen, but if as large LCD is transported face down with case and and other internal components on it it can increase the chance of damage to the LCD. In a laptop it isn't an issue due to the weight difference.

          Like I said unlikely but if you're transporting flat it's worth reducing any risk of damage.

          • -2

            @miowmiow: Actually gravity would minimise the risk of screen contact assuming the box had space around the tv. In this scenario face up would be more dangerous as anything touching the screen would be sliding from side to side as braked and corners.

          • +1

            @miowmiow: When I bought my 60 inch LG from Hardly Normal several months ago, I had no option in my car but to lay it flat. The guy at the delivery dock said they aren't allowed to help me load it flat in case it breaks during the drive home. If I was to place it upright, then they would help me.

            • +3

              @khrome: Gets a big weird as it gets bigger, but a lot of the panic and procedure was due to plasma panels back on the day which should never been transported laying down.
              LCD/Led and oled should be fine, but for extra support always lay it on its back, very unlikely to break.

              If you don't know which way is which… Which should be on the box… The packing foam should still offer decent support though it's not worth the risk.

              I doubt any retail company would be allowed to assist with a flat loading regardless, procedures being generalized for a TV

    • +4

      I think this was a "back in the day" type deal which 30kg Plasmas etc. I've haven't heard the same advice in years

      • 100%. But procedures aren't technology based, so plasma having glass became a basic 'can't assist laying any TV flat' rule.

        .. I miss plasma. Imagine how cheap they would be today if people didn't panic so much about early issues.

    • +3

      Not so much anymore. It used to be a big no no with CRTs & plasma TVs as it would put pressure on the glass panel. LCD/LEDs are just meshes. I'm not aware of any that come without the foam corner protectors and a plastic sheet to keep stuff off the screen. As long as they don't pierce the box or put the remote in loose against the screen then the risk is insignificant.

      For anyone curious this also applies to fridges. You never used to be able to transport them other than standing up unless you gave them hours before turning on. The refrigerant these days means you can lie it down and switch it on. But you should still leave it empty for a few hours to cool it faster.

    • In its original packaging it is well supported and will be fine.

  • How is it? I've been reading reviews here and there about this brand's TV and it seems the picture quality is surprisingly good. Might pull the trigger tomorrow

    • +2

      Not sure it's the same, I got the 58 inch (stats look more like this, though it was superior to the 55 in store) and so far it's been fantastic.

      Only had to restart it once when the YouTube app want displaying video.

      Pictures quality is honestly amazing at this price, and I haven't had any remote issues.

      Every con so far…

      1. Edges have a bit of an excess glow - about a half cm edge spend the entire screen that is more obvious during dark scenes. It's slight, but I do notice it.

      2. Remote feels flimsy, and the entire back detaches to add batteries. The beach of the remote hasn't, but will break.

      3. Sound is below average, quite noticeable for voices.

      4. The TV can be turned on via Google home, but not turned off. I think the TV lacks both abilities, but the built in Android on standby can wake it.

      5. Console lag is acceptable but very slightly worse than most big brand TVs. Game mode doesn't have a noticeable effect.

      I think that's it. Best $498 I've spent in a long time.

      Edit: might be different, I have the Qled model it seems

      • Amazing man, thanks for sharing. I did find my TV with Chromecast fail to turn off via Google Home even when CEC is enabled. Very likely a Google's issue

  • +1

    Was the expired '$20 more deal' the same model as this, or the QLED model? eg this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581676

    The models are confusing. From what I can tell there's three?:
    * 55" Frameless QLED (https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-55-frameless-qled-4k-ult…) previous deals at $549
    * 55" Smart UHD https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-55-smart-uhd-led-tv-with… previous deals $379
    * 55" 4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Assistant (https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-55-4k-ultra-hd-android-t…) i which is this one, I can't see previous deals for…

    Been looking for a cheap 55" 4K for a while and have been thinking of going the EKO but just couldn't find one near me when a deal was posted.

    • Qled is the best one

      • That's what I mean. QLED is better and only $20 more. The closest to this in the past didn't have the assistant but was $379.

        So is the assistant worth $150? Or am I missing something?

    • I didn't see 55 inch as a Qled option. Got a 58 inch Qled in previous deal.

  • Is this TV good for a PS5? I got a team benefits discount so i can get the TV for $472.

    • Got the Qled version recently, probably not much different.

      Haven't managed to get a PS5, but have tried my PS4, and soccer the TV doesn't support any features that would benefit the PS5 I think it's valid.

      The TV has slightly more noticeable lag than my Samsung or any previous big brand TV. Much better than any other unknown brand TV though.

      Everything is playable, though if you were playing a FPS I think you would notice it enough to have an effect on gameplay. Game mode doesn't help.

      Again though, it's very slight, but I feel it's noticeable

  • Can anyone advise the refresh rate? Thank you

  • How does this compare to the Aldi Braun 58" for 669? is QLED worth the extra $$$


  • I did a video of the menus and startup of the 65" version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LvUS1Pqpf8

  • My parents bought the 65" version and very happy with this TV. Sideloading apk is a bit of workaround but it worked out well at the end. PQ is very good and android TV OS is very responsive. Happy with the purchase.

    • What is the audio like out of the TV speakers?

      • +1

        Ass. Haha.

        It's noticeably below average I would say, especially with voices.

      • You need a sound bar for good audio just like any TV these days.

  • The 58" frameless QLED tv is $20 more ($549), I'd get that instead. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-58-frameless-qled-4k-ult…

    • I couldn't find stock locally for that.

      • Plenty of stocks around Brisbane. Not sure about other states/cities.

        • Which stores/suburbs in Brisbane have stock?

          • @Logical: Mount Ommaney, Redbank plains, Brookside

  • +1

    Bought the 58" QLED Android TV for $549 the other day. I'm a bit confused with all the different models too as the 55" QLED 4K Android TV seems to be $599 which is more expensive.

    • Qled is better. I think they'll be getting rid of these

  • Sorry for asking a newbie question, but I clicked the link but there is no option for delivery or pick up. So how can I buy this TV? Do I have to get to a BigW store? And how do I know which store that has stock. Thank you.

  • +1

    Hitachi, EKO, Aldi & others are all basically the same & are all rebadged panels made and assembled I think in turkey by the same company. The quality varying from ok to not alas if you know what to look for. Mostly subpar motion and back end user options. What’s worse is lack of updates to address issues.

    I looked at the hitachi @jb and it’s a good tv let down by seriously mediocre OS and motion processing. Sad, as a 75” was $1300 with free delivery & setup! After seeing it side by side, I had to say, hard pass! Motion was crap, the user options missing! No ability to tweak means I can’t fix it’s problems, it’s backup means no chance it will ever be fixed. Another thing is, it varies so much between models, year and stock it’s impossible to say you’re going to be one of the lucky ones or not!

    • Got the 58 Qled from the previous deal.
      Motion is excellent and Android has been flawless minus one YouTube restart hiccup.
      Does seem too good so far for the price (498 after discount) so maybe I did get lucky?
      Audio is ass

      • LUCKY YOU!

        And thats it, its a lottery, so make sure you can RETURN an bad one and then decide if your going to roll the dice or UPGRADE but you win the lottery for builds, well lucky you, Im envious!

        In jbhifi he wouldnt let me try to UPGRADE it to see if one was available or possible as for all i know its like my old TLC that took a days hacking to fix and then has behaved ever since but not out of the box thats for sure!

  • +1

    IMO this deal is an insufficient quantities, most WA stores dont have it or few that do are low stock, prob display model.. not sure on other states

    Possibly i am going blind, i dont actually see this as being on sale, its their normal price?

    • Yea, I am not sure how to check for stock too.

    • I just went to Midland Big W and they had 3 boxes on display in the aisle if that helps

  • I purchased the 58 inch frameless for $545. Early days but very happy with it, replaces a 4 year old Aldi TV. The in-store prices don't match the prices on display, this was on display for $1,099. Using for gaming and streaming, yet to plug an aerial into it.

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