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Vans Atwood Shoes in Black $29.99 (RRP $99) + Delivery (or Free Pick-up in Store) @ Vans


Available in Black (and Black is classy) and in Men's US shoe sizes 7 - 13.

Stack with Amex Vans Online offer ($15 back for $100 spend) if you will buy several.

The Atwood, a heritage low top style, features double-stitched canvas uppers for durability, metal eyelets, and signature rubber waffle outsoles. A padded tongue and collar, along with vulcanized construction, offer increased comfort.

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  • Are these unisex?

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      No. Only some of these shoes have a doodle.

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        Heh heh. You said doodle.

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    Stack with Amex Vans Online offer ($15 back for $100 spend)

    • Thanks

    • thats buy 7 get 1 free!

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    Can someone comment on whether these are actually good? Don't think I've owned a pair of vans before. Don't love the oversized logo but price is tempting.

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      Yeah good quality shoes. I find them pretty true to size, maybe a tad bigger than usual (I’m a US 11.5 and an 11 is a great fit for me). Slightly narrow fit though. For the price I’d definitely recommend you give them a crack

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      Vans are the most comfortable shoe for me so far. I have wide feet, and they've been one of the few brands that have worked for me.
      Only issue is my dog seems to love the soles more than most shoes, which is strange because she's usually well behaved

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        Yeah, comparing to Converse, Vans are wider which I find personally better. Also given that, it means they've lasted longer than Cons for me, which always break/rip on the sides where the toes bend.

        My current pair of Vans have lasted longer than others. Cons generally only last me like 6months, Vans maybe a year. Just don't wear either while working in a bar tho. That'll destroy them sooner.

    • they're decent shoes, obviously dont compare to higher priced shoes but for the money they're good value

  • Got a pair, thanks OP

  • Genuine question - Doss anyone know if these are good for BMX? Thanks

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      skate shoes tend to work pretty well for bmx, in general. sole looks like it offers the appropriate amount of pedal grip/feel

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        this is going away from the topic but this specific shoe isn't that good for skateboarding, might have the flat sole with good boardfeel but the canvas upper won't last past 3 ollies and won't offer good ankle support (plus not having the insole for shock absorption is bad for your heels)

        i understand where the misconception comes from though because vans had always been marketed as a skate shoe but unless it's suede or the actual vans pro models, it won't last

        back to OP, I'm not familiar with BMX necessities but if you need something that can absorb impact and durable, I'll suggest looking elsewhere. Sorry if I rambled on

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          Thanks for the insightful and honest response - it is greatly appreciated, not to mention that you have saved me $39! Will definitely look at the Skool Pro instead.

          • @DonIsGood: my advice is to buy a pro model first and recycle the insoles on a shoe with a suede upper (goes on sale for ~$50) after you've wrecked the pro model shoe
            i don't have much experience with the nike sb's as they don't go on sale often and they tend to be a bit more pricier

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              @bakemon0: a lot of Nike SBsdon't have much ankle support. i mean, look at the Janoskis. i skate in the Janoski Max which isn't even a proper skate shoe (i don't do tricks so wearing out the upper isn't an issue although the quality isn't that great) but since i walk around as much as i skate in those, i need a shoe that can do both instead of bringing two pairs of shoes with me to a location.

    • No ankle support, but I think you knew that.

      Otherwise these are amazing. They have a very… Tight feel, but in a good way. The Vans I wear (not this one) are as close as I've ever found a shoe to be like wearing none, in that my foot doesn't seem to move inside the shoe at all.
      I feel I'm not explaining myself well

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    Bought 2 pairs. Love these shoes. Been wearing them for years. Thanks OP

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    Are these better than the authentics?
    Also how did you find this shoe? I can't find it in category pages OR search?

    • I came to that page from Google search …

      • Hmm interesting, hopefully is honoured!

  • tnx

  • I have been wearing Vans shoes since long time and I like them. Just order it. Thanks

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    Nice, I needed a new pair of work shoes.

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    Are these good for training? , like for squats

  • Thanks

  • Cheers!

  • Thanks mate !

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    Also have cashback of 2.8% :)

  • Thanks OP, they look fairly similar to the vans 'old skool' I wear for work, grabbed 2 pairs :)

  • Has anyone had an order dispatched message yet?

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      Yes. Ordered on 23/1 and received dispatch email on 25/1.

  • Got mine today. Thanks. Did a click/collect within 1 hour.

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    If anyone can’t get their size in stock anymore, Platypus has them for $39.99 which is still a good deal off RRP.

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