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Oz Remote Smart Blinds $349.99, Oz Wi-Fi $279.99 and Soma Smart Shades 2 $449.99 Delivered @ Oz Smart Things


Hey Guys,

We have just dropped our price on all our smart blind 3 packs for a limited time only!

Oz Remote Smart Blinds (RF 433mhz, Battery +Solar) : $349.99 with Free Shipping
Oz Smart Wifi Blinds (Wifi, Plug in power supply) $279.99 + Shipping
Soma Smart Shades 3 Pack (Bluetooth, Battery + Solar) : $449.99 with Free Shipping


Controlling your shades with just a slide on your smartphone is definitely a cool thing but this is just a start.

You can set different triggers, wake up to natural light, save energy on cooling and heating.

You can even automate your window shades when you're on holiday to make it look like you never left.

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  • How do yours compare to this identical item for half the price?

    AU $20.23 42% Off | WiFi Tuya DIY Smart Motorized Chain Roller Blinds Shade Shutter Drive Electric Curtain Motor Smart Home Alexa Google Control

  • Misleading title. 3 pack smart shades 2 is $449.99 on special not $299.

    • In the title, it says free shipping over $299

      • Probably better to put prices of items in title vs free shipping threshold

        • I put the prices in the description as there are 3 different products that we are offering the discount. That title was suggested by OzBargin so I went with their recommendation

          • @Oz Smart Things: Do we really want this to be the new trend on ozb? 85in OLED with free shipping over $500. Where is the price in title? As stated earlier, misleading.

            Is the bargain the free shipping or the actal item?

          • @Oz Smart Things: Yes it's like the 'up to 90% off sale' pitch it doesn't leave a great impression with the ozb crowd. price in title, choose one product and put the rest in links in description

  • Somas look much better than the Oz/Ali ones, but geez that price…

  • Is there anything like this for outdoor blinds? A motor seems to add around $500 per outdoor blind, which seems ridiculous.

  • I've got two of the Soma blind motors here and they're absolute rubbish. Both strain to lift an 1100mm wide roman blind which has very little resistance when opening by hand. The motors keep going offline which requires plugging into power, resetting them and then reconfiguring.
    I've contacted Oz Smart Things support via email, WhatsApp and have had no response. Seriously crap support despite purchasing from them multiple times.

    • Really that bad? I was thinking of using it for my 1700mm wide blind with 2500mm drop. Currently using Brunt Blind Engine but considering the Soma because of its solar appeal.

      • YMMV, but I have two 1100 wide x 2100 drop romans and I have not had much luck with these.
        It's a real shame as they aren't exactly cheap and when the seller won't respond to emails to WhatsApp (one of their advertised support methods) it tells me it's not isolated.

  • The remote version looks the most interesting for me because it is battery operated and so I don’t need a power source near the blinds….. BUT it looks like I have to also buy the Broadlink RM4 Pro for another $60 (plus delivery??) if I really want to automate these.

    Ideally what I want is for the 3 blinds we have to lower when the sun starts coming into the living room - and to raise when the windows are in shade again. A time schedule will do if I can’t have a sunlight sensor, but that means on top of the $349 I need another $59.99, so I would be up for $410.

    I like what it does but it seems a lot????

  • So these "Smart Blinds" don't actually included any blinds?
    Bluetooth is good, but 433MHz RF in 2021 is a bit archaic. (only one-way I believe, so software cannot tell the blind position?)

    The Ikea Fyrtur come complete for $200-$250, so you know they will work reliably. And Zigbee, so work off battery unlike wifi.


  • I bought the Soma 3 Pack from these guys less that 2 years ago and it was probably my worst purchase of the past few years… 2 are already dead and have been replaced with much cheaper Kogan models that haven't skipped a beat. Even before they ended up in the bin I was having to reset & reconfigure them every few months so both deaths came as a bit of relief really. Oddly, I've never had a single problem with the 3rd motor ¯_(ツ)_/¯