NBA Swingman Jersey - Los Angeles Lakers Shaq $99.95 (Was $179.95) + Shipping @ Culture Kings


Significant discount on this swingman jersey. I haven't seen many jerseys from current players let alone retired players go on sale very often, especially in decent sizes.

Sizes M, L and XL left.

$5 for shipping or $100 spend for free shipping. I added this for $2 to qualify for free shipping.

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  • Honestly buy all my Jerseys from DHgate, sure they are likely fakes but for $20 they are super HQ fakes.

    • Likely fakes? Haha

    • 100% fakes lol. Each to their own

    • Tough crowd… I guess people think Shaquille O'Neal doesn't get paid enough and by buying from DHgate poor ole Shaq has to go hungry.

      FWIW some of the dhagte stuff is made better than the proper stuff. That being said, I picked up my Shaq jersey from Kmart in 97 for $1.

    • +2 votes

      I have a legit and fake copy of the same Jersey, cannot tell you which one is which - so sure pay $100 plus for the real thing.

      Just putting it out there as an option on a bargain site.

      • Any seller in particular? Not sure how to look for the high quality ones (and the pics don't have any branding aside from the team logos)

        • I've bought in Bali and from AE and the quality was definitely not the same .
          I was surprised how good the quality actually was but when compared to his genuine one it was not as good . An enthusiast could probably tell the difference at a glance , no one else would .
          End of the day my son outgrows them long before they ever get ratty .

    • Picked up any sneakers? Did they work out good?

  • There will be some Brooklyn Nets jerseys going cheaply soon.

    • Too early to tell. Recall the LeBron heat era were 9-8 at the start

      • They need all 3 superstars to hit 40 points+ just to compete with the mid pack teams. In the finals that won't happen games in a row. Kyrie and/or Harden will go missing. Any injury and they are cooked. I admit that trade was one of the best things to happen in professional sport, but in a schadenfraude way. Will be interesting to see what they do with the Dinwiddie money.

  • Can see why its on sale - thats one ugly print

  • Giannis jersey on sale @ nike for $70.99 if anyone's interested

  • If you have Suncorp/AAMI, you can get 15% off Culture Kings gift cards.

  • Shaq was stone cold to Donavan Mitchell in an interview recently telling him he "didn't have what it takes to go to the next level" just after he broke the NBA record for fastest to 600 3s. I wouldn't be surprised if there's backlash from this and discounts on his gear.

    • Utah's first 10 minutes against GSW just then ended the match in the first quarter. Imagine playing Steph Curry and dominating with threes.

    • The way he was talking I think he was trying to deliberately antagonise him to do a MJ and go next level to prove him wrong, but the way he executed just came across as disrespectful

    • Shaq and Chuck say stupid shit all the time…I highly doubt this discounted jersey has anything to do with that interview in the slightest, and almost entirely to do with this jersey being an ugly pos.

  • This reminds me, SG-1 Bluray set is now out.