ALDI Ferrex Lawn Mower - 132cc Replacement Parts

I just bought the ALDI lawn mower a couple weeks ago and was ready to use it this weekend. I was checking the air filter and it seems like there is no store selling a similar air filter so I am concerned using it for long term.

I don't experience in servicing a mower so I am wondering if it is that important to have the air filter replaced at all? Would washing it with warm water and dry it out frequently sufficient? If not I am ready to return it as I haven't used it yet and I can return it within 60 days.

I think the engine used for this mower is the DVO130 by Sanli. Please see below the user instruction for the air filter.


User instruction for mower using same engine

Air Filter Photo

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Foam filters are designed for washing, paper filters are intended to be replaced

    • So I should be fine with the foam air filter for long term without replacement? I saw some recommendation that it should be replaced every 3 months or after 25 hours of use.

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        My personal opinion is wash as needed, replace when torn. Can also wrap/stuff a chux type wash cloth over the top as a pre filter, easily replaced without disturbing the factory seal.
        Only take it off if it looks dirty, we are not talking about a performance motor
        Unless you are creating lots of dust, then the air filter will likely stay clean for long durations (airbox design notwithstanding).
        I have a ride on and can sometimes create dust clouds, air filter is only cleaned every couple/few years. its actually a paper type wrapped in foam, so it all got replaced 5/6 years ago, cleaned foam twice since.
        If so desired, oiling the filter after cleaning and thoroughly drying (as in bone dry) will make the dirt stick to the oil and reduce chance of ingress
        I use this
        One of my goto options when given an SCA $10 voucher (also used to be priced a lot less)

        if in doubt, consult a motorcycle type video for air filter maintenance. techniques vary, but I use kero to clean, then soapy water to wash, dry & oil (wear a disposable glove). Can always repeat the kero/soap of not satisfied first time around, just don't wring the foam as it shortens its life, gently squeeze with flat surfaces/palms

      • My old Briggs and Stratton has only had 3 filter changes in over 30 years. Filter gets washed and oiled at ~6months or when she becomes hard to start.

  • From memory there's an Australian contact number for the importers in the instruction paperwork.

    They may be able to advise the availability/compatibility of replacement parts if required.

  • You bought a $179 mower and are worried about the availability of replacement air filters?

    I wish my life was simple enough I had time to worry about such things (seriously)

    The manual you linked shows the engine is: Sanli Engine 1P60F-A

    Google shows these filters for that engine:

    Do they look like they might fit ?